Dragons: Hell: Meet the Spectrums

Decembre 16th, 2009

Private Dwayne Spectrum had been working on the script he was given--he was taking this part had been given to perform just as seriously as all the others out there. I mean, this was a toy companies mascot that he would acting on a daily variety show. He scribbled out this line--he could not present it as believable to be the mascot. He writes in his own suggestion. There we go! It fit the character, and he could deliver that believably.

Private Dwayne Spectrum was a strong man. One of his acting gigs required a certain amount of strength and technique... mostly so that the other person would not be too horribly injured. It also allowed for some much more showy time stuff as he did the... well... it was an improv night every time he went into the ring. Usually with a large amount of nonverbal cues on how the improv scene would continue. Dwayne had learned a lot on how to make an audience love you, or hate you--just by judging who they are. Depending on if you were being the good guy or the bad guy in that current improv scene would react differently to the people who cheered and booed you. Generally trying to enhance your "good guy" or "bad guy" status.

Some people act like this gig was completely scripted prior to the whole season. At best they only had a guideline to go by. A suggested idea on to continue. This can an would change based on what the audience seemed to want--or more importantly... what we wanted to make the audience want. Most of the actors in these improv gigs generally learned how to read the audience fairly well--and then act upon it.

Dwayne was in "his" overalls. He found it best that in order to play a character... well... he needed to be the character. He needed to get inside the head space that the character existed in. He had pretty much hand selected his tool belt--mostly carpentry tools. They generally were there based on the effect that the audience would get from it--rather than how useful they would be.

Dwayne pulls up the hammer--this was maybe the only decent tool on his belt. He pulls up the spanner on the belt. Why in the distorted world he would be carrying around a specific spanner really was beyond him. While this had its uses, carrying a specific gauge of spanner on the belt really only worked so far.

Dwayne goes back to the script--he would need to use the spanner more than the hammer in this stuff.

The video phone rings. Dwayne puts his pencil down. He gets up and looks at it--it was coming from Richtog Vale. Well--Krystal and Stoenn were both in the Cyren Region. Dwayne kind of quietly hoped it was Krystal--that girl needed a good talking to. Dwayne was not stupid--he knew what she was doing with Rocket Logistics. The confirmation code was Krystal--but it was an old one... one from when she was still a young child. Dwayne shrugs and accepts it.

There was a frat boy, "uh--Private Spectrum... uh... we kind of have an issue here". He then put a small girl, who was the spitting image of Krystal in front of the video phone, who waves a little shyly. Like a child who had been caught where she should not have been.


The young girl floated all over--looking for a door that would open and let her in. She did not want to go to Rocket Logistics. It either meant working against her... well were they her friends. She seemed kind of unsure on this. She was not Krystal, despite looking like her. So she really could not claim that the friends were really hers. It just did not seem right. Either she worked against people she cared about, or she would be recycled.

The girl floats up to a frat house. She knew the symbols that it read--and it reminded her of a comedy that she... no... Krystal watched a little while ago. Generally an over the top type depiction of frat behavior. She tried the door--it opened, and she floated in. Somebody shouted, "uh--who is there?"

A lanky man jumps out in front of her and says, "I got thee ninja!"

He tilts his head, "wait... how did you get in here?"

"Uh--I guess I am kind of lost... can you help me."

Another guy--mildly overweight--comes out, "by the Great Axe of Kuokamungra! Whose breasts are more massive and perky than even mine! We are out of cheetos--so we will need to get some before we run the--a little girl?" He did a double take as well.

The lanky guy looks over, "yeah, the door seemed to let her in."

The larger man crouches down, "uh--where are your parents?"

The little girl, a little confused--she was uncertain if Krystal's parents were her parents as well... she somehow felt she was robbing Krystal's family in this. "uh--parents? I do not have any..."

The larger man looks at him--noted that she looked sad... but having some psionic ability knew that she seemed a little uncertain if she was able to still call two parents her parents, "okay--tell me about the people who use to be your parents?"

The lanky guy taking the queue replies, "oh! They got to be worse than mine--as well, she is here. I mean, mine could not cook worth crap. I mean, Piso has shown me a few things with cheese and broccoli that well--I have been secretly giving the recipe out behind his back (if you want, I could let you know all about it). I mean, and the whole candy for breakfast dispute with my parents? Well growing up I use to stealthfully put chocolate chips in the pancake and waffle batter--they had no idea I did this. I had won that one, hands down."

The girl giggles but shakes her head, "no--well it is different. I am not certain they would really want me as a child."

The larger man looks more than little shock--as if the girl was some horrid criminal, "oooh! An exile... well, we should probably know what the nature of your crime is. I mean--we cannot house a horrible criminal in our house. Possibly turn--"

The lanky guy looks over, "look at you! Mr. Somehow-Has-a-Level-20-Chaotic-Evil-Paladin due to in-character monkeying! I am certain that whatever the crime, we can house her here! I mean--we may be the last refugee that such a criminal may have!"

The girl giggles a little than looks down, "well you can try... but..." she sobs... then recites Krystal's father's number from memory--giving the last confirmation number that she could think of for him.

The lanky man was writing it down and looked at the larger man--who went running off to his dorm. Cheering for some odd reason.

The lanky man looks down at the girl, "We will call Private Spectrum--figure out this mess"


Dwayne started yelling for Minerval to come down. Minerval who had been working on her baking--as she had the day off, and this was just a little relaxing. Especially the smells of the food in the kitchen. Dwayne seemed to have been rather frantic about something--Minveral somehow knew it was important that she goes down there.

She gets to the tv phone--Dwayne had it on the main screen.. it was Krystal--who was a small child... and floating. Minerval had some issue breathing.

Dwayne asked, "okay... so you are saying, this girl came to your frat... and you figured she was a runaway... and she gave both my number and Krystal's confirmation number from when she was six? Uh--we will get somebody over there to pick her up... is there anything I can do to thank you."

Minerval was fighting tears back--she had always wanted another girl. Various situations made it harder. What, with their working on making certain Krystal got all the schooling she needed--and that Stoenn could get to the point of running his business. Their two kids were wonderful that she kind of used that as a good reason as to why she could take comfort into this... and... now... they had another bundle of joy.

An overweight frat boy--in full war paint, who was jumping around the background pushes the other over, "we want life time front row tickets to _every_ match out there! KA! N! TO! KA! N! TO! KA! N! TO!"

The lanky man pushes the overweight frat boy aside, "uh--despite what my overweight lummox of a friend here said... I think the main reason we did this was we would have felt pretty horrible if we found we could have helped, failed to, and some hiker found her a week from now."

Dwayne just nods, "how about this--whenever you desire to, you can use the Spectrum Family Box Suite at any future matches."

The overweight frat boy comes over, "You rule!" and flips the horns with both hands.

Dwayne got the information he needed on the matter, lets them know what to look out for, and Minerval just hugs Dwayne tightly.

The End

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