Dragons: Hell: I Want to Take You to a Gay Bar

Decembre 15th, 2009

Stoenn was out for a morning jog. He kind of noted how beautiful the Cyren Region was--now that he had actually been here for a while. There was a nice grocery store nearby that had some rather interesting items in its selection. He comes up next to the lake that he loved on his route. It seemed to have a large amount of life in it and around it. But wait...

Stoenn jogs up to a girl--red hair, levitating, and taking Saline Samples, "Krystal--is that you?"

The girl turns--the suit was a body suit. One that Krystal had drawn for him years ago, stating that it belonged to Rocket Logistics. The legal and marketing teams could not confirm it had ever existed outside the mind of Stoenn's sister. She looks at him--her eyes looked different. Her skin--while it looked similar, her hair also seemed off. I dunno--he imagined that her pattern of freckles may have changed last he saw her. She looked at him, her voice, also slightly different, "oh hi--Stoenn, how are you?"

Stoenn admitted this seemed rather weird, he asks, "where is Roy and Fujitsu?"

Stoenn, deciding that the girl, if it was a copy of Krystal would be smart enough to give a decent answer, no matter how odd it was pulls out a device that he found in his room a few days ago. He had to clean up the leaves in his room--it seemed no matter where he went, no matter want time of the year, leaves would end up in his room. It was just a little irritating to keep his room tidy. It seemed to match schematics for a Rocket Logistics Rf Id type reader. He swipes it onto the floating girls arm--it read, "Daemon private #382"

He looks over, "you--you are not Krystal are you?" He then mutters under his breath, "the show I was headed to tonight suddenly will need to require relieve a lot more stress"

The girl--apparently heard this, and answers--with a giggle, "oh right--your friend is in that show. What was the stage name again? He seems to change it regularly."

Stoenn looks at the girl, "neither you, or any of your sisters are to come to that show!"

Stoenn heads off to the club that the show was to be held at. The Bouncer, a large man, who enjoyed the shows as much as anybody else--just was there for some of the really big shows, that would inevitably get out of hand, looks down at Stoenn, "uh--your friend is not here yet. Are you here to help? I mean--we would love some of your help setting up."

Stoenn looks at the Bouncer as he goes in, "none of my sisters are to be allowed entrance into the club tonight."

The Bouncer tilts his head, "but you only have one sister--unless you have joined a drag family without me knowing it. Which I would."

Stoenn, not looking at the Bouncer simple says, "you remember all of those nightmares Krystal had after the Kanto Incident? Remember the things I said she would shout and yell in the dream, and pretend to have no idea about when she woke up? Well--it is all happening. Every last damn bloody one of them."

Stoenn enters the club. He knew what would occur--well some of it. He would need to handle some resources on the matter to help this... well, I guess Team Temporal.

The End

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