Decembre 14th, 2009

Jezibelle was with Lady Kiss in the room next to the glorious Deamon Army growing room. It truly was a wonderful miracle of Lady Kiss. Jezibelle looked over at Lady Kiss. She started to be floating lower--her hand on her head. "What is wrong, Milady?"

Lady Kiss just shook her head, "I dunno why--but... I am just feeling faint. Today has been a long day. Let us retire to our room."

Jezibelle helps Lady Kiss to her room--it had been a long day. At least milady had helped her with her issues in life. She can only be excepted to help her.


Mewvander looked over--"hmm--Doctor seems a little faint. But then.. that is why I am here."

They had started their escape plan--they were now in some of the shut down spots of the Complex. While they would not have to deal with Team Panashiba... but there were other dangers here. While a large amount of this place was illusions, it did not make them any less dangerous. Here were mostly the dangers that moved in and grew after Team Panashiba left and Team Panashiba generally knew they could not get them out. Mewvander generally did her best to not get to this spot in time--but well, it was still likely. Even if this reflection was distorted there were some details still there that can and would happen.

Mewvander props the good Doctor onto his shoulder--she thanks him... admitting to not know why she felt so faint. Mewvander noted that whatever Daebi was doing it seemed to be affecting the good Doctor quite a bit. At least Daebi knew to put Mewvander here prior.


Wehc watched in much amazement--this was the sort of thing that would be shown on cable pay per view. Jiroid--Jiratina... whatever, yelled at Wehc, "as long as you follow... her... you will just be another of Team Temporal's pets. With Roy being her favourite"

Deabi gives a shocked face, "at least I can take care of my pets--your Jezibelle will not live for more than a year!"

Jiratina shouts, "hah! Will she?! I take that as a threat! Miss I wanna play the hero of time!"

Deabi looks over at Wehc, "this is how she operates--she gives some sign of hope. But will only provide it if you do exactly as she says--even then, the saying, 'sometimes wishes do not come true', gets thrown around quite often. The same is more than likely to occur with Jezibelle."

Jiratina turns to Wehc, "you heard her! She just threatened the life of a person! A person I care about! How can you follow such a person. I will do what I can to make certain that everybody I care about lives the most happy and pleasant life they have ever had!"

Wehc continues to write down more, "I do not follow Team Temporal--I only observe. Just like I observe--well, I am guessing you are on Rocket Logistics' side. Now then--why not just tell me your stories?"

Deabi sneers, "yeah, she will only give it if you follow it her way."

Jiratina snidely says, "your just jealous because I am the only one capable of granting Wehc's greatest desires--that is, for a complete story."

Deabi says, only slightly under her breath, "photocopy of a photocopy..."

Jiratina looks over and shouts, "you bitch!" before launching her attack on Deabi.

The End

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