Dragons: Hell: The Daemon Army

Decembre 12th, 2009

Leader adjusted his UV shift sun glasses. He really did not like how "Lady Kiss" had commandeered his science department. It just irked him that this rather incomplete attempted duplicate of a rather bright girl could command it like that. I mean, most of Rocket Logistics R&D knew fully well that anything the Daemon Gamete added to science, was not originally hers. Then the bloody Anet Construct is made, waltzes in and takes over the place. To somehow recover from this, Leader suggest that the Daemon Army be made.

"Origin!", He swears under his breath, "did that ever backfire on me."

Leader considered for a moment about Perhaps playing all those practical jokes on Doctor Landar really did not serve him as well as it should have. I mean a few in jest right.

Leader lead his new leader, the Anet Construct, AKA Lady Kiss AKA Daetwo AKA *shudder*... no, even referring to her as the Anet Construct was better than the new last name she had taken up. Well Leader lead his new begrudgingly leader to the room that they were to unveil this to Daetwo. Daetwo was already fully aware of this--she mostly just wanted to see the unveiling of the completed specimens. Daetwo mostly wanted to greet them. He supposed in some way to imprint herself and Jezibelle onto them somehow. Leader never new why he had to stay out of it--I mean, he was head of the Rocket Logistics R&D department for some time.

Leader gets to the door, and punches in the keycode onto the wall. specifically all in the middle row with the numbers adjacent with each other in the code. He admit, he could at least savour in a small amount of petty revenge at this point. It was not much--but at least this small act of rebellion would make him feel much better every time he punched it in.

The door slides open, and the Anut Construct leads Jezibelle into the warehouse room. Leader, goes into the security room--quietly hoping something goes wrong, and he can seal the doors. Let the Gods sort it all out. Leader needed to calm down--concentrate on the still spot in all of his body. The still spot would always be there.

Leader watched on the Tv screen. The refresh rate was horrible, and it was somewhat static filled. Leader really lamented that if something did go wrong, he would not have a decent original tape of the entire mess.

The Anut Construct floats over to a podium that she had commanded be used here. Leader admitting it was cheesy--but the political element was noted. The Anut Construct did a large amount on the psychology of the people she made use of. Jezibelle was a good example of this. In any other situation, Leader would have respected such a relationship--but the other actions of the Anut Construct made him wonder about how legit it was.

Jezibelle was sitting is a chair next to the Anut Construct. She was wearing the Team Rocket Psionics division gear. Leader really did not enjoy hearing about that memo. Referring to a part of the Rocket Logistics he knew being referred to as Team Rocket just kind of irked him a little.

The cameras did not give a good view. They had rigged up the faculty quickly. It was not entirely the best construction. Many pipes, wires and such did not have the appropriate panels over them. The floors and walk ways were covered with anaconda like snakes of coiled lengths of wires and tubbing. Leader at least suggested to have rat ways for these. Leader detested the whole Anaconda type idea in server rooms. That is wires with lives of their own on the ground, zigzagging back and forth into a rather tangled mess.

There was a long aisle of tubs. Which many stacks of them, and walks ways for each of them. A few tubes were empty. As their DNA had to be ejected due to issues on the project. In some cases it was recycled. In some cases it was disposed. Leader, really did not care how anymore. This mess had irritated him just slightly.

Maybe if the Anut Construct did not desire to have so much power. Maybe, if the Anut Construct could just to those who have had more experience--hear their advice a little more.

Leader was starting to sound like his father. And likely his grand father--and the father before him. Leader relaxed a little on... well... Mistress Void--she had to figure this stuff out herself it seemed. Leader could respect that. Everybody needs to make mistakes--heh... Leader did a few things oddly as a kid as well.

The tubes with the Daemon army in them released a large amount of steam and started draining. The shoddy construction seemed to have a lot of leaks--with the growth fluid pooling onto the floor blow and going down the drain. Leader admitted, like a large amount of Mistress Voids shows, there was a large amount of cinematic elements to it.

The Daemon Army each started to open their eyes. Each at their own pace. The started to climb out of their pods. Some just opening the glass, some simply phasing through ghost like, other simply shattered the glass psionically. A few found out that punching the glass only resulted in a broken fist. They all float around, looking at each other. Leader kind of imagined a form a pack mentality being made. The look around, and see Mistress Void standing on the stage, with her First Pet, Jezibelle sitting next to her.

"Daemon Army! Welcome to Rocket Logistics Reasearch and Development Department. As you are aware, you were ran through a series of drills to better know your part in making a better future. I have been given the honour to lead this wonderful Daemon Army of great and wonderful people. I must admit, I will do my best to try to lead you, in a kind and effective manner. The Daemon Army works to bring freedom, justice and righteousness to a world that none exists!"

One or two started cheering--then a few more... eventually there was a large applause to this.

"You are my--no, our! Wonderful Daemon Army. You were each hand selected based on the elements that you provide onto this glorious cause that we serve!"

The cheering begins to start.

Leader motions to open the bay doors behind this warehouse. A division of the already made R&D department had been commandeered for the Daemon Army. A large amount of technological devices his scientists would have loved to just look at--and touch in their wildest fantasies was given to the Daemon Army. Mistress Void motions, in a gentle manner to look behind them, "behold, the cause that you have all striven for has provided. Use these wonderful providings from the kind Rocket Logistics to help bring us further to the righteous freedom we have so long demanded!"

The Daemon Army then heads to the science area--some ran. Others when slowly--shuffling there. Others floated up higher and looked around. Some just slacked off and stuck around the cloning chamber. Chatting with each other--usually remarking on the cloning vats. All the memories they had in there.There was a fair amount of chatter--generally agreeing how awesome it was that they made it this far. Many where glad. Some were just more eager to do more for their cause.

Jezibelle jumps into Mistress Void's embrace and they both floated backwards through the wall behind them. 

The End

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