Dragons: Hell: A 1980s Porno

Decembre 12th, 2009


The scientist at the terminal prints something off onto a rather odd looking paper. Krystal surmised that it was heat sensitive--to make recycling it easier as the text could be frozen off. He then head over to the official looking scientist. He looks up, "ah--you have been transfered Gaiden #452--truly decent suites, sector alpha-9-5."

The official scientist pulls out a small remote like device. Very few buttons on it--it was much like a form of car starter. He points it at Krystal, "it is good that Silph Corp allowed us the rights to use this."

Krystal tilted her head for a bit, letting out a, "wha?"--before a large amount of typeless pain goes surging through her body--causing her to black out and collapse in a heap on the cold floor.

Krsytal's head was all misty and black. She pondered if there were any Invisible Shiny Rapidashes nearby. She opens her eyes--she is kneeling on the bottom of some manner of tube. She shakes her head. "Okay--this is a little weird..."

"Ah, Doctor, so you too have been volunteered into this sector."

Krystal turns over to look at the pod next to her. She blinks and exclaims, "Mewvander?"

She was sitting calmly--crossed legged in a lotus position. She was not floating either--as one would expect when Mewvander meditates. She opens her right eye slightly and looks over at Krystal, "I have not heard that name in a while. It feels somewhat refreshing. Though--some would equate it to pornography these days."

Krystal trying to stand using psionic dolling. It did not work. I mean--she was not that good, but well... she was not this bad. Mewvander simply points at the large white phosphorus lights above them, "they harvest us for our psionic energies while we are in this tubes. Apparently our brain waves help to power the entire complex."

Krystal shakes her fist, "those greedy bastards! My brainwaves could power a small country for a year!"

Mewvander chuckles, "I must admit, your sense of humour did always make me chortle a little Doctor."

A small display appears on the front of the pod--beeping. Making some day about the daily branding address. Krystal pokes this, "what is this?"

Mewvander looks over, curiously, "you do not know? It is our daily brand address. It displays various things they tell us we will like, and tells us how to act as we like it. So as to not be pornographers."

Krystal looks down on her display, "what does, 'Retro Girl' mean?"

Mewvander now frowning, "you are wearing Retro Logistics armour--I figured that you would have told already when you given the Retro Girl status. Though, the turning Retro to Rocket is just a hint pornographical."

"Why do you keep using that term?"

"Oh wow, whatever they pumped into you appears to have really knocked you through a loop."

Krystal looks down at the display, "I am going to go on the line of thought that I do not have large quantities of stuff being pumped into me as to why I am weird."

Mewtwo, stands and turns to Krystal, "hmm--odd... everybody has some drug cocktail put into them. I mean, some diagnosis or mental illness. You are very odd Doctor. Anyways, pornography is a term that denotes an activity against corporate wishes. If you go against corporate sensibilities you are branded as pornographer--generally making it so people know not to go against their corporation or to associate with you."

Krystal tilts her head and mutters, "I thought I was in the year 1985... not 1984..."

The front of their pods blinks and goes all blue. A girl wearing some rather tacky looking jump suit appears on the vid screen, "hey Retro Girls! Now, to show you the stuff we know you will like, I am here, Shelly Tubular!"

Krystal visibly grimaces. She had been tortured before... but never this effectively.

"Hey! You know what? Here is a little hit from a certain band from the day you all know and love, Retro Girls! It is Take on Me!"

The familiar piano course goes onto the screen--it was not a bad song. Not a good song though. Krystal recalled the video was much better. Though, they flash it in. It was not the original video. The had some new band. They seemed to have rather large hair, shoulder pads, and even more tacky jump suits and flight suits than that Shelly girl. I mean, Krystal could not tell if they were 3d generated or not--but they were wearing far too many name brands on their outfits. To make matters worse, it was turned into a shaded cartoon by what appeared to be some form of computer filter. Krystal screams in agony at the horror being present here--then some wires come out of the sides of her pod, and shock her until she stopped. The voltage was low--so there were no burn marks of any kind on her skin. It filled her with a somewhat calming nullified positive feeling. I mean, she would have felt a lot less stressed, if she did not realise how screwed up this was.

After twenty minutes of torture and agony of really bad bastardisations of the 1980s--to levels that she could not previously comprehend, Coupled with low wattage shocks aimed to cause calming feels. it was over. She sat there, much in a stupour about it all. She did not know how long she had just stared forward.

She looks over--trying to get up. And talks to Mewvander, "we need to escape... now!"

The End

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