Dragons: Hell: The Rockets Shockwave


RockXIII Decembre 11th, 2009


"So, this is it for the lower half, right?"


It was an hour ago that Fujitsu had started exploring the bottom of Calar City, practically running from building to building, composing escape routes and hiding places for future use. The city itself had some sort of charm about it, sort of an old town feel; a majority of the buildings were made out of bricks, like the houses up at the top, so maybe this was an old-styled town. However, there were also buildings that seem to have been keeping up with modern technology, ones with metal walls and sliding glass doors. This mainly consists of the Pokemon Center, the Pokemart, the Gym (which is confirmed to be a Flying-Type Gym), some other building that, rather unfortunately, had its doors locked, and some shops.

All the way, Darkitsu had resisted the impulse to cringe and flinch whenever a horrid image, and as such, the images started to go away. At the moment, he was helping Fujitsu devise the escape routes and hiding places.

Also, a couple of minutes before, Fujitsu had found a clothing shop that sold a fantastic amount of hoodies, ones that were clearly original, and seemed to be a family business (it was in one of the brick buildings and had handmade signs in it). Fujitsu picked up a black hoodie with a shower of rose petals design on the back of it. He also picked up a pair of sunglasses that had a mirroring effect to them, so that people wouldn't figure something out about himself by looking at his eyes. He had calculated that if he got back to his world, that the clothes that he took from this plane would probably disappear, but in the case that they didn't, he figured that it would help him be able to walk in public.

"Well," said Dark. "Why don't you take a rest first? It's been a long hour."

Fujitsu nodded, and began to look for a place to rest. At first he strode over to the Pokemon Center, fully prepared to make use of the medical equipment and library, but then he went over to the docks; he decided that he needed some fresher air, and thought the docks would be more than enough to quench this "thirst"

He walked onto the wooden platform that was clearly made for the smaller boats, and sat down, his legs dangling in the air, the waves barely reaching them, of which seemed to be very angry. Fujitsu supposed that the ocean still didn't like him, from when he first entered Cyren, up until now.

Ah... the first day that he spent in this region.... How long ago was that? It seemed like years and years ago, what with all the events that happened since then. First, meeting Roy and Krystal. Next, fighting Latios and Latias. Then going to Mt. Attara and fighting Oak, Franc and fighting the first Aspect... and still more happened. It seemed almost too unreal to him. This was the stuff that consumed all concentration for Fujitsu, thinking about past events that were as serious as this, and he didn't even notice the old man yelling from on a boat to him until Darkitsu "prodded" him into reality.

"Oi!! Is there anybody in the city!?"

Fujitsu squinted at the figure; the sun was right in his face and was blinding him, but he could still tell that the person was elderly. "No, I just came into this place and it was empty. Why?"

His eyes were adjusting now. He could almost make out the details of this man. "Damn! Do you have any pokemon on you!? A girl needs help, she's been taken captive by Kyogre!!"

This shocked Fujitsu back into complete control of his senses. He could now make out the appearance of the old man. He was wearing a captain's uniform, standing atop an old ferry, but the most distinctive feature was the fact that he had a missing arm, just like... like....

"CAPTAIN!!?" Fujitsu yelled, making himself stand up.

The Captain was taken aback by this. "I'm sorry, erm, do you know me?"

"Yeah, it's me," Fujitsu called, pointing to himself. "Fujitsu!"

It was the Captain's turn to be shocked. "Fujitsu!? What are you doing here!!? And why are you out in public!? You're a wanted lad!!"

Fujitsu expected as much from him (or anybody for that matter), but didn't really think that he'd say this in such a concerned tone.

"Hurry up, lad! Get on!"

Fujitsu nodded. He took a step back, then ran forward to jump. Though the jump itself surprised him; because of it, he found himself twice as high as a normal human could jump. He supposed that Dark used some of his ability to help with the leap.

After landing, Fujitsu immediately turned to the even further shocked captain and asked, "Okay, now what about a girl being held captive by a Kyogre?"

After regaining himself, he said, "Well, the Gym Leader of this town's younger sister, Ariel, was out in a boat earlier this morning and mysteriously vanished. What was left of the town was worried about her and the Leader asked for the folks to help search for her, but they went for the river on the other side."

"What about the other citizens?"

"They're on a cruise that for some reason Rocket Logistics gave them tickets for."

Fujitsu grunted. Logistics was probably trying to gain information about the city out of them.

"So, where's the Kyogre?" inquired Fujitsu.

"What about a Kyogre?!"

Fujitsu and the Captain both turned on the spot to face a girl on the docks. She was no older than nineteen, and was wearing an outfit that seemed to be made for air travel.

Fujitsu replied, "That girl who's missing was apparently kidnapped by Kyogre!"

She screamed. "WHAT kidnapped my little sister!?!"

"A-" Fujitsu began, but she was already running down the dock, calling out a Staravia and began riding on it, towards the blue ocean.

"God damn it, Peral!" growled the Captain.

Fujitsu barked, "But she can't handle a Legendary by herself. C'mon, you scurvy seadog! Full speed ahead!!"

"On it!" he barked back, as he ran into the Captain's Pit and put the speed on full throttle.

The End

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