Dragons: Hell: Birth of the Ouroboros

Decembre 10th, 2009


A small girl floated outside the window of the building that Team Temporal had been locked inside. She did not see where they went really. As well the windows only allowed her to view so much. The girl became aware of a click and a beep as somebody ran a device on her left arm. A female voice states, "Daemon Cadet #452, there you are."

The girl turns to see a young woman, in a Team Rocket Psionics division uniform. She seemed to slur her speak... but just a little. Her right side of her mouth seemed to curve up slightly, and she continues, "Lady Kiss had to send me her to pick you up. You have not matured enough to be out here."

The girl, knew that only one person referred to her commander as "Lady Kiss". The girl says, "but I do not want to be part off Rocket Logistics. I kind of like what Team Temporal is doing better."

Jezibelle, her slurring somewhat lessened answers, "then you will be recycled."

Jezibelle grabs the small girls wrist to pull her off. The girl struggles--and gets out, as Jezibelle's grip was not that strong. The girl runs off, towards a nearby dormitory.


Jezibelle felt a little disappointed--she did not grab the little runt. Lady Kiss would be rather displeased. Though, if on cue, Lady Kiss appeared to float behind Jezibelle. "Do not worry about her--there is a fair amount of other genetic material that one errant little girl, with no protection is not a loss. She is likely to be found by some Hiker somewhere in a few days."

Jezibelle clings to Lady Kiss and asks, "forgive me"... Jezibelle was feeling dizzy again. She had been standing and walking for too long today. Lady Kiss pulls out her Red Rain Pokeball, looks at it. Lady Kiss, helping Jezibelle stand says, "seems your need for Red Rain seems to out weigh his need for you."

Lady Kiss pulls out a med kit. There were a few syringes in it. She chooses one, and injects Jezibelle with the oddly red mixture. Looked similar to the blood that Lady Kiss pulled from Jezibelle earlier. But some added chemical was in it. Jezibelle finds she can stand up and move around--her energy had been restored... and she... she could think much more clearly again. Though, her finger tips and souls of her feet still felt slightly numb.

Jezibelle tackles Lady Kiss and hugs her for this new gift, "thank you."

Lady Kiss simply runs her hands through Jezibelle's hair, "anything for my pet."

The End

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