Dragons: Hell: Krystal Dystopia

Decembre 10th, 2009

Krystal walked into the portal and once on the other side *THUNK!* she was stuck on the ground. Not a truly decent state for the Goddess of Time to be in. She tries to stand up--shoot... her legs are too weak to support her from about three years of levitation. She looks around--for something to hold onto. Okay--a bed. This works. she climbs onto it and sits. Her legs would not appear to function at any decent amount of strength, and for some reason her levitation was disabled.

"Well then--this will not do. I DEMAND THAT I LEVITATE AGAIN!"

She looks around--her visor shows no bio signs. No life is here. Her demands would likely fall on deaf ears. She also appears to be in a prison cell again. Well--at least she had her clothes. Krystal noticed something on her left arm, near the shoulder. A bar code--and the marks where an RFid chip had been put into her. "I hope this washes off" Krystal said brushing onto it.

She thinks for a moment--she likely would not do much good sitting in one location. Krystal had no desire to be some damsel in distress. It was not suiting of the Goddess of Time to be in such a state. She thinks a bit--there is a small ball in the corner. Using some of the telekinesis she picked up in the last two years, she floats it over to herself. Krystal, kind of wishes it was a doll--I mean, those tend to be good practice of Telekinesis. She really did not have much ability yet--the idea of forcing somebody to hit himself via this kind of amused her in a childish way. Though Krystal threw that thought away--generally most people were capable of resisting such things with their muscles--as usually it takes a lot of effort to force somebody to say... walk where they do not want to go.

I mean, Krystal could easily do the same to her own body. She demonstrated by standing up and walking around. She scanned the cell with her visor. It was typical for powerful--not Pokemon. What were made in here? Her helmet was getting stuffy. So she removed it. She hears somebody say, "okay Specimen Gaiden 4.5.2 has woken up."

Krystal looks over. There were people outside her cell. Mostly scientists--but a few people with muscle. Krystal looks around--puts on her helmet to get a new reading--nothing there. No infrared, no bioelectrical structures--she even looked at that blasted Aura reader that never seemed to give anything useful. Pretty--but rarely useful. Nothing. She turns it on to view light--they are there. These appeared to be images of something that did not exist otherwise. Another scientist looks at a computer screen, "her vitals appear to be decent."

Krystal inquires, "uh--Specimen Gaiden 4.5.2 would like to know where she is."

One scientist--looking at a form of biometric sheet over various stuff from Krystal, looks up, "Specimen Gaiden 4.5.2 has apparently lost memory. We will need to modify the cocktail to change this."

Krystal considers for a moment the idea of telling them, that a magical dragon who controls space sent her here--somehow, now that they have started talking about injecting her with rather dangerous chemicals, this did not seem to be a good idea to her. Krystal asks, "okay, just rolling with the memory loss here--where am I."

A rather officially look scientist walks up, "you are in Team Panashiba's laboratory in the Kits Sector of the Summervoice complex."

Krystal looks around. And pipes up, "okay--that really was not a helpful answer. Let us go with the next question. Why am I in a cage? One that does not have any privacy?"

The scientist with the biometrics notes, "paranoid thoughts have resulted in the current cocktail"

The official looking scientist notes, "pri--vacy? I do not know this word. As per your cage--we will move you to a more finer suite after a little bit of paper work has gone through."

A scientist on some terminal punches something up, "uh--the definition of that word is denied access. We do not own the rights to know or use it, it seems."

The official scientist adjusts himself, "Ah--then I will remind you. For corporate security--and thus your safety, please avoid using words around people who do not have clearance to hear them. Anyways Gaiden 4.5.2--you are a part of the Soldier project we are working on. You hormone compound that we have put into you, appears to have some issues--but it likely will get better."

The biometrics scientist looks at the paper, "hmm--we may want to harvest her gametes soon... we do not want the soldier cocktail to wreck them."

Krystal sighs to herself, "why is it that these obvious hallucinations seem to behave like something out of a really bad dystopian cyber punk type society? I mean, yes, it is scary--very scary... but only in how dangerous this could be... as well as the large amount of bad fiction this stuff is being drawn from."

Krystal sits on the bed--somehow, she would need to break out again... and she did not appear to have any of her ghost type abilities. As they have appeared to have been disabled somehow.

The End

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