Dragons: Hell: Explained

RockXIII, Decembre 9th, 2009


As soon as the distortions hit Fujitsu, he temporarily blacked out. The good part about this was that it was only for a few seconds and didn't see anything that might have scared him or any rapid movements at the speed of 100 MPH, if there was any to begin with, but the bad part was that he didn't see wherever the others had gone off to; he didn't even know his own surroundings to begin with. He knew asking Darkitsu wouldn't help much either because he had to share the same vision that was available to Fujitsu to begin with; along with that was hearing, and since Fujitsu blacked out, that was out. However, when Fujitsu regained consciousness, his eyes popped out immediately, and he started turning about frantically, looking for any sign of the others, but none of them were to there to be seen. In fact, nobody was anywhere to be seen: he was entirely alone.

His first thought was that Arceus had struck again and had done the same thing with Terrut as he did with... with.... Wait, what is this place, Fujitsu wondered intensely as he stopped spinning around in circles. He'd expected to land somewhere in Richtog Vale, not somewhere else, which was naive, given the amount of variables in the known world and that anything could happen, something that Fujitsu definitely knew, but hadn't registered with him at the moment.

This place was entirely different. For one thing, he was standing on a sturdy wooden bridge on top of rocky cliff, where the gleaming river below ran down where the cliff ended, forming a waterfall. Also on top of this cliff were regular houses, simple ones at that, with one floor, two windows in the front, and were made out of bricks. There also seemed to be an entrance to a cave somewhere the peak. Fujitsu ran across and hopped off the bridge and made his way to the edge and stared down. There was a pond at the bottom, which had two rivers sprouting on opposite sides, one leading into Cyren, the other out into the salty ocean. Surrounding that was what appeared to be soft grass, the occasional flower peeping here and there; there, too, were buildings down there, though there were less houses: taking up the space was what seemed to be a business district, along with a dock (AKA the actual city part). There wasn't any sign of life down there either.

Fujitsu stood up and started scratching his head. "God damn it, looks like Palkia's gotten us good, huh?" Then, after a couple of moments, Fujitsu realized that those weren't his words. They had come out of his mouth, yes, but that voice didn't belong to him. Then it hit him.

"Darkitsu?" Fujitsu asked tentatively, furrowing his brows and placing his hands on his hips.

"Yep," Dark responded, making Fujitsu cross his arms and formed a smug look on his face. Once again the words had come out of Fujitsu's mouth.

Fujitsu took a deep breath, then sighed, "I suppose that now you're in my body, you have at least some control of my functions, am I to assume? Am I also to assume that I have control of some of your powers?"

"Got it in one, kid, though you'll have to train hard to control the powers."

Fujitsu nodded, then looked around again, making sure that there was nobody overhearing him. Not even a Pachirisu.

"Say," Fujitsu began. "You wouldn't happen to know where we are, would you?"

His body nodded, then was influenced to say, "Yea. The surroundings are in the form of Calar City, but we're not on our planet. Palkia seems to have taken us to his own plane." The body had abandoned the crossing arms pose and now had them simply hanging by the sides.

"But then if we're in another Legendary's plane, can't we just transport to Mindscrew Central then to our world again?" Fujitsu inquired, attempting to roll his eyes to the back of his head in vain to try and see Darkitsu, but only saw black.

Dark made the head shake. "No, this is different," he said very curtly. "See, while Darkrai has a plane of his own, he's only one of the 'Minor Legends', and has a relatively small one. I'm sure that if Humans put together the very best technology that they have, in about twenty years they would be able to build a machine that could transport them to Darkrai's plane.

But that's beside the point. The point is that this really isn't a plane: it's another dimension altogether and has many planes within, and I'm guessing that we're in a new, smaller one that he just made. One separate from the ones that the others are wandering in right now. Though I have a hunch that Sepia didn't leave in the first place. The energy signature of the distortion was Palkia's mixed with our world's."

Completely plausible, Fujitsu thought. He knew that he was forgetting something about Palkia, but now his research was coming back to him as the previous shock was wearing off. He was looking around again, making a triple check that there was nobody there. Not even a soul. Well, perhaps Palkia's, but then again, this was his dimension.

Fujitsu asked, "Say, think we'll be able to find a way out of here?"

"Yeah, and when we do, be prepared: We should still be by Palkia, so think up a strategy to stay alive."

Stay alive.... How fitting, seeing that Fujitsu knew that he'd have no chance at winning against a creature so with such powers so close to a God's. Alone, anyway. In fact, we would probably need at least two other people with him in order to escape if the Legendary chose to go on the offensive.

Then the body seemed to grimace along with a groan.

"What's wrong?" Fujitsu asked, starting to get the feel of what was his actions were and what Dark's were.

"Nothing, nothing..." he claimed dismissively. "See, I'm acting as a firewall of sorts. There's something trying to feed you images that would make you crap your pants. Since I'm a part of you now, I'm able to send these images to my subconscious, so that you wouldn't have to see." He grunted as another image came into his head.

Fujitsu didn't know what to say at first, but then spoke a simple, "Thank you."

Dark made the body go into a cool stance and closed his eyes in a rather stylish action. "No problem. Now, I would take this time to go ahead and make yourself familiar with the surroundings of this plACE"-he had just seen a grotesque image involving Krystal-" so that when you come here and get into trouble with Rocket Logistics, you'll know a good escape route."

"... How do you know that we're going to get into trouble here?"

"Haven't you and the group gotten into some fuss at about every place you've been at? Besides, before I escape the labs, I thought I heard some possible plans for this place that we're still being debated on."

Fujitsu paused wonderingly, then said, "You said that you were going to explain everything that was up with our transformation and why you left Logistics, right? When will that be?"

The lips formed a smirk. "I'm not sure that I said anything about me leaving Logistics, but I was probably going to tell you anyway. And soon enough. Let's just focus on familiARIZIng with this place."

Fujitsu knew it would be pointless to argue, so he made his way to the grassy portion of the City, starting with the Gym.

The End

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