Hounds: Caught Red Handed

Novembre 19th, 2009


Jezibelle puts her hand onto the door to enter the building Lady Kiss told her to enter. It felt so good to be working for her, that she barely felt the door on her finger tips. She opens the door. The door let her in--after all, it knew Lady Kiss deserved that power more than the others did. She entered the building. She went through the files--not grabbing them, not copying them or photographing them. Lady Kiss had asked her only to look at them, and report back to her.

She went through the drawers and went through the files needed. Include some that had occurred to her, that they would especially please Lady Kiss. Jezibelle could only think that there was some signs of somebody else in here. She opens the door--a reporter was in the next room. Not going through files that were hidden. Mostly just snapping photos of stuff. Stuff regarding information about people with issues from the Psionic Disease. Jezibelle, feeling a slight chilled--as the rooms around here seemed that way as of late, gasps a little. The reporter answers, "uh! I er--I am here to learn more about the Franc Fiends! Particularly their involvement in the Psionic Disease. I have clearance."

The man, apparently Wehc, flashes some id. It was obviously that he was only partially telling the truth. The id also seemed to have been tampered with. Not in any major way--not that Jezibelle could tell. Jezibelle was not even certain Lady Kiss would have known. "I am uh--sorry..."

Jezibelle dashes away after seeing that--she was not suppose to be here, and being spotted did not seem like that much fun. She turns the corner stumbling. Her feet seemed to be having issues running she was so scared. She runs into her near floating red headed mistress and falls onto her butt. It felt kind of sore. Lady Kiss helps Jezibelle up, runs her hand on Jezibelle's forehead and cheek. Lady Kiss' hand seemed slightly cool to the touch--but that was part of what Jezibelle loved about Lady Kiss. How warm she felt around Lady Kiss. "Are you alright, my pet?"

Jezibelle nods, "yes, but... but I was spotted."

Lady Kiss pulls out a Pokeball labelled "Red Rain". Out came a Golbat. Lady Kiss smiles.


Wehc got out of that room quickly--he had been spotted. He only loosely had the right to be there. He really did not like being spotted. He did a quick visual sweep of anything he may have left, nothing major--nothing open that should be. Nothing forced open. Heck, the window he came in, was open by off chance. He climbed out--it seemed to close behind him. He looks behind, but tries not to think about it too much.

He thinks, okay, her uniform--it was a fairly young girls uniform. Since he left, and did not really break to many laws here in an obvious manner, it would be his word against hers. She likely was not suppose to be there either. He breaths in deeply, and out. Okay--once he moves onwards he should not have any issues. Had he been standing around still after she got to her teacher he would have then had issues.

He walks casually--but not too casually to the next spot he was going to look up stuff for. Though, from what he had seen, Team Temporal did not seem to be to blame for some of the stuff they were associated with. He just needed to let others see this as well.

The End

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