Hounds: The Aggrandisment is your Phalange

RockXIII, Novembre 18th, 2009


"...Alright, I think it should be time to go about now."

Vermil had rounded up the group after about three hours of insanity-filled pleasure. They had done what would seem ludicrous even in the zaniest dreamland. After Krystal had turned into a red headed version of Uran from Astro Boy, Fujitsu stumbled over to Ego, Vermil, and Sepia, who were all baffled about what they were seeing; each time they looked at a certain spot, there was a entirely strange object, they would look away, and when they looked back, it was a completely different thing, and it was a different thing for everybody, and it was making the three anxious (even Ego) ((OOC: I actually was planning on posting this. Perhaps in a filler)).

Next thing Fujitsu knew is that he was with Spectrum, Roy, and Conscious firing ping-pong balls up at the sky with horrible reception and cracked it repeatedly until Roy was the only one doing it, and made large chunks of it came falling off, causing Roy to scream, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!". However, none of the others believed him and said that nothing like that would never happen, not even in this place; they went back to sword-fighting with their nose hairs while dancing the tango on upside-down trampolines that flew all over the place with snake-pigs as wings. It was about then that Vermil had summoned them.

"Awww....! But why!?" Fujitsu moaned, a cloud filled with purple gloom hovering over his opaque personal bubble.

Vermil responds, "I just think that we've spent too much time here, that's all."

Sepia spoke up. "We can't leave. We're stuck until we're allowed to go."

"What!?" exclaimed Vermil. "What do you mean we can't!?"

"As I've already told you, this aggrandisment is Eiutanph's phalange."

"But what-"

"Fujitsu, take a good look at your shadow," said Sepia, cutting across Vermil's sentence.

Obediently, Fujitsu twisted his upper body and stared behind him at his shadow. Indeed, there was something weird about it, but not much. His hair seemed to flow like a flame, even though there was not even the slightest breeze, and his fingers were pointed like nails. However, there seemed to be nothing more to it, and seemed perfectly normal for Mindscrew Central.

But Fujitsu kept staring at it, as if waiting for something to happen with it. He stared at it for a good minute before the answer came to him at a jolt. "Well, lets put it this way: I'm pretty sure this aggrandisment is your phalange." Why didn't he see it before!? This whole thing had to have been caused by something, but it didn't want to be know until a certain opportunity had come, like an enemy, like Rocket Logistics, like... like...

Suddenly two blank eyes had appeared on the shadow, followed by an evil malicious grin. The shadow crouched down and jumped away from Fujitsu with what sounded like a ripping sound; Fujitsu screamed with agony and fell down, his knees just giving away.

Everybody gasped, and Roy and Krystal rushed to Fujitsu's side, helping Fujitsu up as they watched the shadow. Without warning, a figure emerged from it. White hair matching Fujitsu's that seemed like it was roaring like a fire came into view, followed by an entirely black head with the exception of blindingly blue eyes. Rising up, it was revealed that it wore a midnight black shirt that had a high, poofy red collar, owned black, pointed hands, legs which wore a pair of ghostly gray pants, and had black shoes that never touched the ground. All the time it rose out of the ground it had a maniacally happy look on its face. Otherwise, he looked exactly the same as Fujitsu.

"It's about time you figured it out," said his lowvoice. It sounded naturally threatening.

All around the group, the world seemed to have transformed: The grassy field was now transformed into a barren, rocky wasteland, and they snowy sky was now near black with a hint of purple. Ominous purple mist now surrounded everyone.

"Allow me to introduce myself properly..." the Aspect said. "My name is Darkitsu. Welcome to my half of the plane."

"'Your half of the plane', you said?" inquired Sepia, glaring at the newcomer.

Darkitsu sighed. "Yes... my half. See, very few Pokemon have "planes" of their own, and Darkrai happens to be one of them.... And being a part of Darkrai, I, too, am able to access this place... and bend it to my will.... He was even generous enough to lend me half of his own home..."

"So, somewhere here, Darkrai is floating by?" growled Fujitsu uncharacteristically.

"Actually, he just left about five minutes ago... I can sense whenever somebody leaves this plane, and when somebody enters," growled Darkitsu back, glowering at Fujitsu, who was being supported slightly by his friends.

The Aspect stared at him for a second before breaking out in chuckles.

"What's so frickin' funny?" said Fujitsu angrily.

"The fact that none of you seemed to know that your shadow had changed in the past days..." he answered.

"You've been my shadow this whole time!?" Fujitsu yelled, definitely shocked.

"Yes, yes.... Remember when you had to run away from the group in order to take your medication...? Well, I purposely led you there, influenced you to pick the working pokeball, redirected it to a Glaceon that I lured and weakened there earlier, and sneaked into you when you ran into the shadows."

"You... You, you...!" sputtered Fujitsu.

Then without warning, Fujitsu charged at the Aspect in full throttle, the latter just standing there, waiting. As soon as Fujitsu came into arm's length, Darkitsu merely touched him with his forefinger. Fujitsu froze. He stayed frozen for what seemed to be a half an hour before tilting his head upwards slowly, and gave a lengthy, bloodcurdling screech that would have even gotten Max frightened. Fujitsu collapsed where he stood, his right hand landing on a sharp, jagged rock that skewered his palm, and his pokeballs rolling about, his pokemon releasing themselves.

Darkitsu gave a hoarse laugh and shook his head. "Well, I don't blame him for that nightmare..."

"What did you do to Puuk!?" exclaimed Krystal, who looked fully outraged, like Roy beside her.

Dark chuckled, "Well... why don't I show your little friend!!!"

Darkitsu rushed forward towards Roy, who was trying to scramble away, when he suddenly halted, the reason apparent: Fujitsu had grabbed hold of his leg, a murderous look ablaze on his face.

"Don't... you... dare...!" he managed to get out.

Darkitsu kicked Fujitsu off hard, his expression understanding.

"I see that you don't want me to touch them. You think I'm the bad guy, don't you...? You'll understand later Fujitsu, but for now, I'll punish you for your thoughts..."

But before Dark had time to react, Fujitsu grasped a unbelievably sharp rock with his left hand, and sliced at Darkitsu's right hand. He floated back and clenched his injured hand in pain.

Darkitsu immediately got furious, and cocked his injured hand, and purple energy swirling around it. It was then when things started happening in slow motion.

Dark's punch was heading straight for Fujitsu's head, the energy swirling towards it, Fujitsu held his injured hand up and caught it, and Pichu had let out an incredibly strong Thundershock, which hit the two of them, circulating from Dark, to Fuji, then to Pichu.

Immediately Fujitsu started howling in pain: it was as if something was being forced into him, it felt like his entire body was morphing. It lasted for two minutes before he felt better. Fujitsu looked up at Darkitsu, who had a shocked look on his face.

"Wha-what did you do!?!" he yelled finally.

Fujitsu asked, "What do you mean?"

"You've gone a absorbed me into you body!!!"

It was Fujitsu's turn to be shocked. "WHAT!?"

"I think I got it.... my blood and energy must have gone into your bloodstream, and since we're controlled by electric signals from our brains, the Thundershock must have done something, but I'm not sure what!"

Fujitsu's expression remained the same. "WHAT!?"

"We'll explain to you later Fujitsu. But you can see in this orb," said an echoing voice that sounded gruff.

The entire group looked to behind where Fuji and Dark was. A black, red and white pokemon was hovering next to them.

"Darkrai!? But when did you get.... Wait does that mean...?!" Darkitsu inquired.

"Yes," Darkrai responded, handing a small clear orb to Fujitsu with his short, pointed fingers.

Fujitsu took it cautiously and peered inside it, immediately gasping. What he was in the sphere was himself... except he'd changed. His once semi-pale skin had turned tan, his fingers a bit pointed, hair now resembling Darkitsu's was now there, and there was a shadow that crept down half of his face that he suspected that could not be removed, seeing that there was light pointed at it. Fujitsu was no longer human.

"Now, once you get out of here, take control of Fujitsu's body, turn into a shadow and travel back to the Pokemon Center. He'll cause a lot of commotion if he's seen like this. Understand?"

"Yessir," replied Darkitsu, nodding.

'Rai nodded back, then said, "And here comes our visitors..."

He pointed behind Vermil, to where everybody looked. When Vermil himself looked around, he gasped: Right behind him was none other than Saffy... But she was not alone; she appeared to have a twin... one with no face.

The End

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