Hounds: Red Headed Uran

Novembre 17th, 2009


Mind Screw Central

Spectrum starts floating around, jumping up a few platforms--trying to get as high as possible. Fujitsu was chasing Spectrum up this--Spectrum walks into a wall and disappears, and Fujitsu turns around to see Spectrum had appeared behind him. Fujitsu sprouts wings and starts fluttering up the strange passage. Spectrum gets to a door at the top, and claps her hands, "now to save Pauline."

She goes through the door, and falls down some way and lands onto a shy guy. She gets up--suddenly it makes so much more sense. Roy points out, "oh, shit A GUNDAM!". Somehow Roy was now in the GUNDAM.

Spectrum now an odd blue colouration yells out, "well, then, we need A SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT!"

Spectrum finds that she now has a large blast hole in her head, she turns, Sepia had shot her. Sepia groans, "never... do that again."

Spectrum, still with the large blast hole in her head, asks, "where is Vermil?"

Roy, pulls out a large flaming laser sword and points it in a direction, "oh, he is over there somewhere"

Spectrum giggles, and turns around, a hatch opens on her bottom, and machine guns come out and star start firing very discriminately--they only hit things that are coloured in odd bright coloured fashions--usually with an outline around them. Anything else does not seem affected. Sepai yells, "Mighty Tenma! You are confusing your boy robots!"

Spectrum's head reforms and she is in a red dress--the sort a little girl wears. In fact she is a little girl now. Her hair in a short fashion--pointed in two little spikes of a fairly short length. A small lock curls on her forehead. The hair looks odd being a rich red colour--would look better in a black, but Spectrum does it as a red had. Spectrum chides in a rather girly fashion, "who are you calling a boy robot?"

Spectrum had stopped floating now somehow, mostly because she did not float when she was a little girl--or not in her mind. She turns her head away, and folds her arms onto her chest. Pouting a little.

The End

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