Hounds: Anut Construct and The Spectrum

Novembre 12, 2009


Polaris was just sketching some scenery and students passing by. He had his larger sketch pad out. The people here did not seem to mind at all. It was good practice. Polaris found it odd that people would refer to him as a member of Team Temporal--however, nobody here really found him to be overly criminal. Polaris shakes his head. Of course they would not think that he was a criminal--he was not one. I mean, they knew that none of what they were framed for was their fault. It was kind of nice to reflect that at least one town knew this.

Polaris starts to sketch a girl who had walked by. She was a student--about fourteen, maybe fifteen. Her uniform had some portions that were not quite decently fitting--but it overall worked just fine. It was the usual student uniform. A mostly white setup with a blue and yellow trim. The skirt was around regulation length--that is, about two inches above the knee. She had short socks with a fold at the top--a form of decorative ankle socks. Her shoes were black flat bottoms which only a few scuff marks on them. Her hair was a deep and rich black. Her eyes seemed odd. They were hazel--though they seemed to look empty. Like something great had been robbed from her. Something important that was taken and broke her completely due to this. Her skin was somewhat pale. She had a few peculiar marks on her neck. Like she had been bitten by a Golbat on two recent occasions.

This concerned Polaris a little. I mean, most people who role played the whole, "I like being bitten by shiny vampyr pokemon" thing only tended to have one bite mark on their neck. This girl seemed be over doing it. "Uh, miss? What is your name? I want to title this sketch I did of you."

The girl turns. She was not looking at Polaris. Her eyes were focusing in an odd manner. She adjusts herself. Her eyes return to normal. She flattens out her skirt--dusting it off, "why, I am Jezibelle. What are you doing here Polaris?"

Polaris put Jezibelle's name in a some what calligraphy vamped font. Polaris looks up to ask, "wait? How do you know my name?" However, as he looks around, she is gone. She had walked off to one of the buildings with some of the senior students. Ones that had not quite yet had too many issues with the Richtog Psionic Illness. Polaris could not she her though. Merely the evidence that she had left and the evidence that showed where she was off to.

Polaris returns to the dorm where he, Max and Hari were staying. The door opens widely, greeting him, "thank you for having me open," which was met with snickering by various students watching him enter. Max was relaxing. Max did not get a chance to just relax often. So when he got it, he took the chance. Max looked like he was asleep. Though Polaris knew that Max would be able to spring to his feet at a moments notice and be able to figure out what is going on right away.

Hari was in a deep trance meditating. His eyes opened once Polaris sat down, and the Tv turned on. "Goooooooooooooooodddddddd Moooooorrrrrrrnnnniiinnnnggggg"

Max opens his eyes and straightens up, "why the hell are we watching this damn dancing mankey again?"

"Hey, it a wonderful nice beautiful day here at Counter Space. I am Team Network's G-Man Shawn, and here is my talented tasty grain fed cohost Gozer."

"Thank you Shawn. What is up for the news today?"

"Well, in caging yourself in with the tiger news--we are starting to see some startling news. Okay, you are aware that Krystal Spectrum has defected to Rocket Logistics, right?"

"Well, that is what Gabby says--I am not entirely certain I believe it. I mean, as a photographer I have issue believing that 'forensic' footage was not staged."

"Staged or not--it seems that the Franc Fiends in Getan City appear to now be getting escorted around by some soldier from Rocket Logistics. I mean--the stuff my army of flying type Ambipom have gotten is just amazing. I mean, she looks just like something out of a cyber punk novel. Krystal Spectrum really must have been working some technological wonders for Rocket Logistics."

Max, Hari and Polaris watch as a series of still images show a levitating soldier were shown. Generally with Vermil, Sepia, Roy and Fujitsu nearby. The soldier was plastered with Rocket Logistics Logos. Roy seemed to act happy around this floating soldier. Fujitsu seemed a little put off. Sepia seemed to be acting his usual cool ordinary self around this person. Hari, who was fumbling with his cards pulls out the Solrock Card and the Empress Card. He says, in unison with Max and Polaris, "Spectrum?!"

Max and Polaris only said this as an image with the soldier without her helmet on, was titled, "Spectrum". The girl had hair in a style similar to how Daemon kept hers. Mind you, Spectrum's hair was longer. The roots appeared better touched up than usual. She had some form of circuitry in her face--get more prominent as it moved to the sides of her head. There was some odd form of jack below her ear. Like a telephone jack, or a cable tv jack, or possible a outlet. Her eyes, looked similar to Daemon's--though they seemed quite a bit different. Though, nobody was quite sure how. Polaris shook his head--that is not Daemon--could it be? No, the facial features are all wrong. I mean, perhaps if Daemon had an older sister, maybe.

Gozer responds, "you know--I am fairly certain, that if she did not look like she belonged on the cover of Heavy Steel Type magazine, we would not have had nearly as many images of this 'Spectrum'."

"You just know, that Network will eventually be photoshoping her into less. I mean, I am not entirely certain how it would be possible--or why anybody would care. However you know, porn of her will be made."

"I am looking at these pictures, and wondering if she has not already posed in some."

"Yeah--her outfit is a bit over the top, I admit. However, you got to love that whole Cyberpunk charm it has to it. In 'I am needed elsewhere so imma buggering off' news, Krystal Spectrum seems to be missing from her post. The official word is that she said she was needed elsewhere, so she buggered off. Seems Krystal has not really gotten that much different in how she handles things."

"Though, her entire family is like that. I mean, Stoenn has been off on a 'secret mission' of sorts lately too."

"Well, you do not need to be psychic to be able to smell when the shit has hit the fan. In 'the fish are spontaneously comb'--"

The Tv turns off at this point. Max, Polaris and Hari a little confused at what just happened.

The End

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