Hounds: Anut Construct's Familiar

Novembre 11th, 2009


"Echidna! Return!"

Just as quickly as the Seviper had struck, the Seviper was gone. The figure was floating right in front of the young girl. A student here in the Academy. The student knew who she was looking at. However, her mind could not put together these facts. The levitating woman had nearly strawberry blonde red hair. Freckled skin. The young girl tried to take in as many details as she could. But somehow her brain would not allow her to note what this levitating woman wore. It was a common uniform--perhaps that is why. What this floating woman wore was so common that she could not make any note of it.

Wait--was she really floating? Perhaps the young girl was so frightened by the errant Seviper that she merely had mistook this red haired woman as floating in her panic. I mean, this woman--a very pretty woman, the young girl found herself blushing at the thought. This woman really was not showing any intention to hurt her. I mean, the near strawberry blonde red head could end the young girl's life at any time--I mean, this much was very much apparent. The woman, who still seemed to be floating extended her hand to help the young girl up. The young girl asked, "who are you?"

The woman, who was still floating said, "my friends call me Kris S. Thing of it like 'Kiss'. You are... mmm... what is a good name for a pet? I know, your name will be Jezibelle."

Jezibelle stood there--that was not her name... or was it? I mean, she felt like this new name was so much more right than any other name for her. She could not even think of possibly having a different name. Nor would she want to have one. I mean--the beautiful Kris S. had gave her the name Jezibelle. This was enough for Jezibelle, she wanted to please this wonderful new Kris S. in any way that Kris S. decided. I mean, the idea of Kris S. not being pleasd by her scared her completely.

Kris S. mentioned something about weak minds--but Jezibelle seemed to have commanded herself to not notice this. Kris S. speaks up, "now then, you are to go only where I tell you to go. Wear only what I tell you to wear. If I decide you need to walk out in the park looking like some squirrel extra from Fur and Loathing, then you will do it, without any will to be anything but that."

Jezibelle nodded intensely. Anything for Kris S.--I mean, the idea of doing what Kris S. commanded filled Jezibelle with great pleasure to do. Kris S. continues, "for now, I desire people who have gone through the glanding surgery. Their power should be mine."

Jezibelle suddenly recalls that most applicant students go through a certain ceremony in their schooling time that has them get a form of surgery implanting a gland into them to boost their psionic ability. Jezibelle really did not know where these memories came from--however when Lady Kris S. mentioned her command, somewhere her memory of the matter bubbled up out of nowhere. I mean, this power they got in the ceremony _was_ rightfully Lady Kris S.' property. Much like how Jezibelle saw herself.

Kris S. looks over at Jezibelle, Jezibelle suddenly felt pleased at Kris S.' gaze. Jezibelle cannot remember what occurred next but returned to her dorm slightly flush of skin with what appeared to be a Golbat bite on her neck. She felt pleased that she could please her Lady... Lady Kiss was it? Lady Kiss works just fine here. Jezibelle spend the next few moments considering that wonderful almost floating woman, whose face she could not place decently in her mind--though, Jezibelle sought to help Lady Kiss find that power which rightfully belonged to Lady Kiss--nobody else deserved such a power!

The End

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