Hounds: Bust a Katamari Bobble?!

Novembre 11th, 2009


Krystal looked over at Roy, "Kry~ Stal! Kry! Kry! Spectrum!"

Roy looks over, and starts flappin ihs hands, "Yal! Royal!"

Krystal looks at Roy rather intently and nods, "Spectrum!"

Roy and Krystal then seem to pull an odd ball out each, and toss it into the air and start rolling their balls around. Sepia, noting that he should become nervous should either of the balls get to be larger than himself. Roy and Krystal both appear to be humming some infectiously cute songs--but not the same.

Krystal looks over at Roy, and tosses the ball that she had gathered behind her. It then rolls off into the distance gathering what ever it runs into, provided that the ball is bigger, not seeming to stop. Krystal chides, "you are humming the wrong song!"

Roy shakes his in surprise, "I am?"

"Yeah what you are humming is more of a: do do do do! dah do dah do! do dah do do do! dah do dah doot! do doo dah do!"

"What am I thinking of then?"

Krystal's belly gets bigger and bigger before launching a large bubble out of her mouth at Lumpy who had just been walking by. Luimpy finds himself trapped in the bubble. Krystal nods, "that!"

Roy runs over to the entrapped Lumpy before kicking him in to the air, causing a strawberry to appear. Roy and Krystal then start running around, making their stomachs bigger, and launching bubbles out of their mouth at stuff, before repeating the process. Humming the son that Roy was humming earlier. Kicking stuff that gets caught in the bubbles, with various fruits and vegetables appearing where they kicked the entrapping bubbles.

Id walks out, wearing rather large and tacky sun glasses, with a clock hanging down his chest via gold chain. Starts rapping, "This is a jam for all the fella / Tryin' to do what all the ladies tell us / Get shot down 'cause we are overzealous / play hard to get ladies get jealous / okay smarty go to the party / Girls are scantily clad and shown' body / A chick walks by you wish you could sex her / but your standing at the wall like you was poindexter."

Conscience starts to dance out, hair is bight blue with red frosting, done in a hair style that looks like its creation brought about its own private hole in the ozone layer. Her outfit consists of brightly coloured leather straps, two cones on her chest, a rather short mini skirt that only barely covers up, shoulder pads and stiletto heels. She starts dancing out to the song.

Id continues, "Next day's function high class luncheon / Food they're are serving you're stone cold munchin' / Music comes on people start to dance / But then you ate so much you nearly split your pants / A girl starts walking guys start gawking / Sits down next to you and starts talking / Says she wants to dance 'cause she likes to groove / So come on fatso bus--"

And out of no where a large shovel smacks Id directly in the face. The wielder of the shovel, Ego simply points the shovel at Id's face, now with the ridiculous sun glasses broken. Ego says a simple, "No. Bad. Baaaaaaad. No delicious soup for you."

The End

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