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RockXIII on Novembre 7th, 2009


Beach of the Beast

CRASH. The roar of the wave was deafening, it's physical form lost in an unbeatable battle against a large boulder, spraying itself upon the group of five with chilling water and dampening the once dry and sun-scolded sand, turning it mushy. A sweet smell was produced by the wave, taking full advantage of the wind, spreading itself across the shore. The water pulls back from the beach, joins the body it was originally apart of, joins another wave, and repeats itself. CRASH.

The beach itself was littered with shells upon shells, as they had been previously dragged up from the murky depths of the lake beside the shore. The sand next to the shells was scathingly hot, having been out in the bright sun all day long, which the stony cliff side couldn't protect, so little to no shade greeted the beach at all.

"How much further, Sepia? I'm getting a bit dizzy..." groaned Roy, who was constantly busying himself with wiping off the sweat on his forehead.

"Not much," he replied. He gestured towards the curve in the cliff side. "We're going to go searching in those caves up ahead."

And sure enough, there was a good deal of small caves riddling the rocky wall, the entrances being briefly illuminated by the sun outside, but then there was near pitch-black darkness, which gave off a kind of eerie feeling. This thought did not entertain the group's thoughts anymore than staying out in the sun, and actually made them a tad afraid to go in. Except for Sepia, of course.

Roy twisted his upper body to look behind him. "Hey, Fujitsu, how're you hanging in there?" he called out.

Fujitsu was in no better mood than he was at the Center, lingering far behind the others, looking down at the ground, his arms hanging limp, but for some apparent reason his eyes seemed to be shining a great deal more than what they normally did. His mouth kept shut, as if it had a lock on it.

Roy took this as a sign of improvement, grinned at Fujitsu, and started to walk a bit faster. Vermil didn't know what think of this other than he was most likely being oblivious.

After what seemed to take a half an hour, perhaps due to the heat, they finally reached a rockier area beside the caverns. They could now properly look inside now. The caves appeared to be very moist, water dripping off of the ceiling and down the sides, creating various-sized puddles on the ground. After that, however, the caves seemed to go completely black.

Halting and turning on his heels to face the group, Sepia said, "Alright, it looks like this is where we're going to have to split up. However, I think we should go in groups of two; these caves seem a bit suspicious."

"But there's only five of-" Vermil began.

"That's why I'll be going off on my own," Sepia interrupted. "Roy, you and Krystal are group one, and Fujitsu and Vermil are group two. We'll meet up here in about an hour and discuss what happened in our exploration, got it?"

The group gave a cursory nod and broke apart, Fujitsu and Vermil taking the caves closest to where they were standing, Roy and Spectrum heading up to the ones alongside the path dirt path leading upwards the cliff, and Sepia to who-knows-where.

Vermil and Fujitsu entered the first cave closest to them, making splashing noises in the puddles littering the rocky ground and dampening the bottoms of their pants slightly. Vermil had to call out Magmar at the point where they no longer had any visibility, which really helped, of course, as due to the smaller size of this cavern, they were able to successfully view the trail in the cavern. They, however, weren't making all too much progress in the exploration; Fujitsu was slowly dragging himself through the cave, so Vermil had no choice put to keep pace with Fujitsu so he wouldn't get left behind, engulfed whole by the shadows of the passage.

They followed the path for about seven minutes before seeing a bright light. When they emerged, they found themselves a couple of caves down from where they originally were. It was also then that The two of them fully appreciated how cool the caverns were, after stepping out into the baking sunlight, and even Fujitsu walked speedily walked into the neighboring cave.

The rest of the caves weren't much different than the other one. All of the them were damp, incredibly dark, and either was short with a dead end or long with twisting tunnels that lead to other entrances (they even met Roy and Krystal in one of them, who were using Spark as a light source, though he was only enough help to get them through the tunnels).

Finally, just as they came out of the thirteenth and final cave on the shoreline, Sepia came into view on their left, looking a bit disappointed and tired. He motioned to them to go to the rendezvous point, where Roy and Spectrum were already sitting. Vermil called back Magmar and joined them.

"All right, anybody find anything special?" Sepia inquired, once all of them settled down in a dryer cave.

Vermil shook his head. "Nope. Just a lot of tunnels and dead ends."

Roy, on the other hand, reached into his bag and pulled out two glimmering green stones with what appeared to contain a lighting bolt in each of them. "Only saw these, and because me and Fujitsu both have Pichus, I figured that we should hang on to 'em until later. Catch, Fujitsu."

Roy tossed it to Fujitsu, who just weakly held out his hand and let the stone bounce off of it. His fingers fumbled around it as he tried to pick it up, then he just slid it into his front right pocket and said nothing.

Vermil took opportunity of this silence and asked, "What about you Sepia? Did you find anything?"

He shook his head in a disappointed manner, then gave a humongous yawn.

"Excu-u-u-use m-me," he said, yawning again.

Vermil yawned back, "You're e-e-excused..."

Then they all heard a sound that was like a great huge Ursaring that made them all jump. They turned around and about to see if it really was one, but the one making the noise was Fujitsu, who was sleeping very soundly.

Roy laughed a little. "Hehheh, it's just... Fujitsu..." Then for some reason his knees gave away and he fell to the ground, fallen asleep.

"Gabe...!" Spectrum began, but she followed suit and landed right next to Roy.

"What the-!" Vermil knew something was going wrong now. He turned to ask Sepia, but he had already drifted off as well.

At that moment, all of a sudden, a great feeling of tiredness swept over him, he became fatigued, he was about to fall asleep any second now.... But he couldn't, he had to find out what was going on. He put the rest of his energy into keeping consciousness, but then he heard a voice.

"Go to sleep... Drift off now..."

The voice had many layers, making it incredibly hypnotic. Vermil couldn't just ignore the sensation the voice gave him, so he closed his eyes, and before he hit the ground, Vermil had fallen asleep.


Mindscrew Central

At once, Vermil found himself, not on rocks or sand, but tall, dry grass. His eyes shot open and he quickly stood up. What he saw completely blew his mind away.

He was staring at a completely new world. The sky, first of all, wasn't blue: it was filled with the snow you got from unresponsive television channels, and he could even hear the noise, though very faintly. To his right, he saw in the distance a farm where jets were flying around a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex that was stepping on a space shuttle. In front of him was a lone tree that was entirely green and looked like a huge piece of broccoli which yelled out "DOOM!!", and too his left were some regular trees except that they grew all sorts of random objects on them, including another fully grown tree.

He heard some rustling behind him, and sure enough, when he turned around, he saw the others waking, including two other people that he didn't know, and the Joker himself.

Fujitsu was the first to speak. "W-where are we!?"

Next to him was Roy, who was clamping his eyes shut, muttering, "Please let this be a dream, please let this be a dream."

"Hey," said Sepia pointing at the Freudian Trio. "Who are you three?"

They all looked astonished.

"You can see us?" asked Conscious.

"You can see them!!?" exclaimed Roy.

"Just where are we, anyway!?" yelled Ego, brandishing a pencil.

Fujitsu quietly responded, "I know where we are......"

The group turned to Fujitsu, who suddenly looked like a new man and was beaming.

He punched the air and yelled, "ITZA MAHNDSCRWEW CENTRAHL!!! YATTA!!!"

He then proceeded to run into the Broccoli Tree of Doom, which exploded and turned into a large-scale head of Abraham Lincoln that had a Fujitsu shaped hole smack dab in the middle of it.

The others couldn't help themselves but to grin broadly at Fujitsu. Whatever this place was, it seemed to be exactly the kind of thing that he needed.

The End

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