Hounds: Darkness Museum, est. 1893

Eternal Berg, BSTF, Novembre 6th, 2009



Roy sat down on Fujitsu's bed. It was softer than most beds you found in a pokemon centre, but he was trying not to notice. More important things were happening.

Fujitsu was unresponsive.


Roy swung his legs a little. The bed was nice and high - just enough to give him leg room. He looked over to the doorway and smiled at the onlookers who were peeking in on him. 

Fujitsu was still unresponsive.

"Well then. I guess that's that then."

Roy jumped up off his seat. Vermil briefly entertained the thought that they had sent the wrong person to speak to him. 

"We're off to the museum. Come if you want to. We'll check on you later if you don't."

Roy strutted towards the door proudly. Vermil wasn't sure if it was pride or simply obliviousness, but he decided it was probably best to just go with it. Things were getting hectic. If people needed downtime, thats what they got.

The sun was bright. Unusually so, Vermil thought, but he shrugged it off. It was time to relax. Whatever it was Daebi had sent them here for wasn't going down yet, so they deserved the downtime. 

"Hey, Spec-Krys-Dae-Um, yeah. Toss me that Blast Rage badge."

"What? Uh, ok." Spectrum tossed him the badge before giving him a strange look. "Why do you want it?"

"I figure someone had better keep a collection of all the badges. They don't check who won them, apparently, so as long as one of us has them all we'll be able to get into the Pokemon League." 

"Sounds like a plan." Spectrum said, before turning back to their target. The museum lay just in front of them, a large - but not towering - marble building that shone brightly in the sunlight. Vermil took a moment to stare at it. It was surprisingly elegant, and threw him a little. Most of the buildings in Getan were getting worn through disrepair. It was, by nature, an overly large retirement village, and so daily maintainance wasn't high on the agenda. Yet, somehow, the building before him was spotless. It was a little reminder of home, he thought. While the houses on Aurrand Island weren't much to look at, the sea was always beautiful. One winter, the water in a small rockpool on the side of Aurrand Mountain had frozen, and he and Cinnabar had spent hours just staring at it. 

He wondered whatever happened to Cin.

"Hey, come on." Sepia shouted to him. Everyone else had already gone inside, leaving Vermil standing in front of the building like an idiot. "There's something you should see."

Vermil rushed over to the entrance, foot after foot thudding on the white marble. Thudding on the grey marble. Thudding on the black marble. Thudding on the black.

"What?!" Vermil shouted, a sound that was muffled in the darkness. Behind him, the doors swung shut as the darkness enveloped them.

"Hello?!" He shouted, putting his hands to his mouth. He hoped it was his mouth. It felt right, but he couldn't see a thing. 

"I can't see anything!" Shouted a voice. He was pretty sure it was Spectrum's. Vermil quickly released Magmar, whose natural fire shone brightly enough to let him see a little. He could make out Spectrum and Roy in the immediate distance. They huddled together to stay close.

"What's going on?" Roy asked, genuinely concerned.

"I d-d-d-don't know," Said Vermil, sounding more concerned than he wanted to be.

"Every civilisation has an irrational fear of the dark." A light flicked on in the darkness, a thin but penetrating beam. It grew closer as Vermil started to make out Sepia's face. "I heard that somewhere once."

"What's going on?!" Vermil shouted, as if Sepia would know. Sepia just smiled and pointed at the stairs. 

"Fact: My flashlight works worst over by those stairs. Something tells me we need to go there."

"Why are all the lights off? What's with this place?" Roy said, blustered. 

"Magmar, I know I'm not your owner, but can you do a flamethrower at the roof?" Sepia sounded more concerned now. Magmar nodded and used flamethrower. The blast hit just beside a light in the ceiling.

"Why am I not surprised..." Sepia's voice was low, calm, restrained. "The lights are still on. Everyone, take someone's hand and follow me." Nobody questioned Sepia as everyone took someone else's hand and began to inch down the hallway. 

"Oh god, are we on stairs now? I don't even know anymore." Roy was starting to freak out, but Spectrum just squeezed his hand tighter. He calmed down a little as a light came into view.

"Perfect. Just as the darkness is too thick for my flashlight, there's a light."

"Over by the Frankenstein place?" Spectrum chimed in.

"Not quite. Over by that." Sepia suddenly broke the line and rushed over to the light. Sitting at the middle of it was a rock, oddly shaped but nonetheless it was a rock. It sat on a plinth, clearly part of the museum. "So it's a warning? A clue? A hint? Tell me, is something coming out of the darkness? Is it the darkness we should fear? TELL ME!" Sepia had begun shouting now, raging at the darkness. Everyone else moved into the light surrounding the rock, but it felt to be creeping closer now. "Come on, then, darkness! Give it all you've got! My name is Indigo Sepia and I don't even know what I'm doing here, but goddammit..." He pulled out his flashlight again, "I'm not going down without a fight!" He motioned wildly as the room returned to normal, the lights on the ceiling and the open windows once more shedding light on the room. Roy readjusted himself as the lights overwhelmed his senses.

"It'll take a few seconds to readjust your eyes." Spectrum warned cautiously. "Scanners indicate there isn't anyone in the building. Which is good, because it could have been awkward otherwise."

"Yep, it could, couldn't it Fujitsu?" Called out Sepia, who quickly turned around. "I knew you couldn't stay away."

Fujitsu laughed a little, but Vermil could see it was strained.

"This rock," Said Sepia, turning back, "Was excavated from the beach of the beast. It's actual a cliff surrounding a few sandbars, but that's enough for a beach these days. So..." Sepia put his flashlight back in an pocket inside his suit. "Who's coming?"

The End

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