Hounds: Puuk's Commitment

RockXIII, Novembre 5th, 2009


"Oh, well, uhm... well, what should we do now, then?" Fujitsu asked, releasing Krystal, blushing.

Roy pipes up, "You said that you were going to tell us what happened at the Gym, right?"

Fujitsu suddenly looked angry and anxious, "Oh, yeah..."

"What? What happened?" inquired a concerned Vermil.

"Someone set up us the bomb," Krystal simply said.

Fujitsu sighed. "Right before the referee announced the beginning of the battle... an old -'friend'- came in," he said with strained effort.

"What do you mean by 'friend'?" said Roy, taking a bite out of his nearly finished sandwich.

Fujitsu closed his eyes and replied, "When we were kids, he gave me hell. While everybody just tried to act nice to me, he didn't even bother to do so and bullied me for... seven years straight.

The others gave Fujitsu a look of symphony.

"Anyway, the battle," he continued. " Like I said, he came in when it was about to start, and requested a double battle against Nick. At first, he refused, since this battle was for that bet, but after a little bribe from Roger, he complied."

Fujitsu ripped a huge chunk out of his sandwich.

"After seeing Flurry out he laughed and said that I was stupid for putting an ice-type out in a fire-based gym, saying that even my 'puny mouse' could do better, and called out his Rypherion."

"A Rypherion!?" Vermil exclaimed.

"Yeah, he must have gotten it from his dad. He was the type to spoil his children.

"Well, you must have figured out how the battle went after that. Flurry put up a good fight considering she never had gotten any real training before, but she got knocked out in about five minutes. Roger's Rypherion took out all of them in less than three. Oh, by the way," Fujitsu added.

He took out second badge and tossed it to Vermil, who caught it with his left hand.

Fujitsu said, glaring at the next memory, "He gave me this, said that he didn't want the stupid it got from being around me, then left saying that he would have to disinfect himself, just in case."

Krystal scowled. "His father must have really spoiled him for him to say that to others."

Fujitsu shook his head. "No, he acted so politely around everybody else. It was just me he liked picking on, and he put all his might into it. I was so glad when I heard he moved away, I went up to my room and cried. That was about three years ago."

"That's stupid," grunted Roy, finishing off his sandwich.

"That's life." replied Fujitsu.

Vermil stared at his badge for a moment, then shook his head and handed it back to Fujitsu. "I don't think I want-"

"No, Vermil," Fujitsu interrupted. "The leader said that if anybody else from Team Temporal came up to the Gym he would call the police no matter what." He put it back in Vermil's hands.

Vermil tried to refuse, but Fujitsu stood up and walked away, saying, "I'll be back in a bit. I've neglected to call my parents ever since I've arrived here."

The group nodded and watched him go off into the communication lobby, expecting to see Fujitsu come out in about five, ten minutes. However, Fujitsu did not come back. They waited twenty, thirty, sixty minutes for him to come back. They never even heard a peep from his shoes.

"Alright," Sepia said, standing up and knocking over his chair. "I highly doubt that anybody would take that long just checking up on their family. Let's go find him."

Vermil, Roy, and Krystal complied, and set out for the communication lobby. They didn't find him on neither the normal or video phones in there, which made them a bit worried, and jumped when Emily came up behind them. She looked said and flustered. "Fujitsu's in his room, but you shouldn't bother him right now."

"Why, what happened?" asked a concerned Spectrum.

"Fujitsu had a row with his parents."

"About what?" inquired Roy.

Emily sighed. "His parents wanted him to come straight home after hearing that he'd been involved in your group. He tried explaining what was really going on, that you were all framed and that Rocket Logistics was behind everything, but they just thought that he'd gone incredibly insane and said that they had saved enough money to send him to the best psychiatric hospital in Sinnoh."

All of them howled with rage, but not as much as Roy and Krystal.

"You've got to be kidding us! Some family Fujitsu's got!" yelled Roy, backed up with agreements from the Freudian Trio.

"So what if he thinks differently, that's no reason to not believe your own son!" cried Krystal.

Emily said shaking her head back and forth, "I know, I know, I was shocked to hear them say those things."

"Fujitsu doesn't deserve any of this," said Roy through his clenched teeth. "If anyone's to blame, it's me and Krystal. When we got Vermil's message at the Resort's Centre, we could have stopped him from coming along, but he wanted to come with us, and I actually wanted to be around him longer, so I didn't say anything."

Sepia shook his head. "He probably would've come along anyway.... But this is just a bit too much stress on a thirteen-year-old. I'm surprised that Hari hasn't broken down completely yet."

"We've got to go cheer him up," Roy stated, starting towards Fujitsu's room, but the Nurse held him back.

"No, he won't come out. I've been trying to get him to for about thirty minutes, but he just won't budge."

"Well, we can't just do nothing!"

"Here's an idea," said Id thickly through a mouthful of ramen, popping out of thin air over Roy's head. "Why not take him somewhere he might like to go?"

And as if responding to Id, Sepia said, "How's about taking him to the Museum? Fujitsu would probably like something like that."

The End

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