Hounds: Grass Temporal Spread

Spectrum looked a little shocked. Paused and considered for a while--"well, the events of my initial kidnap are hard to recall you see--it was two years ago... so--"

Fujittsu shakes his head, "it was just a month ago this occurred--you need to understand that while it may have seemed horrible whatever they did with you--but it was only just a month at most."

Roy sighs and suggests to Fujitsu, "you do remember Daebi, right? The aspect that does not seem to want to destroy us complete?"

Spectrum nods and looks at Fujistu--Fujitsu could notice something odd in her eyes... he shook his head. Perhaps he did just was not recalling correctly what her eyes looked like. Spectrum continues, "Team Rocket captured me--"

Sepia interrupts Spectrum, "nobody is going to know that Rocket Logistics turns into Team Rocket--it is best to refer to things in their current temporal state."

Spectrum corrects herself, "Rocket Logistics captured me. Made sure that I had nothing on me to help escape. They also took my notebook--though I got a new one." Spectrum flashes out her updated version of Daemon's Notebook, "There are a few new entries Team--Rocket Logistics does not have."

Vermil looks a little confused, "Daemon's Notebook? What is that?"

Spectrum sighs--looks down at her feet, then looks up, "I am a sham. The technologies and devices I have given to the world are a result of necessary temporal paradox. I do not know who wrote Daemon's Notebook--but it was not me. Daebi however gave it to me when I was five."

Roy looks over a little slow like, "so--Rocket Logistics has a copy of this large set of documents on advanced technology that does not actually exist yet? And you do not see this as an issue, because you have a new one. This is not a good thing, you realise."

Spectrum pulls out a set of Tarrot cards. The back of them had a form of epsilon, consisting of a single line, with concave curves on the either side of this line. This strange symbol was in the middle of apple shaped Pokemon that was a golden olour. Fujitsu was about to ask about that pokemon, Spectrum seeming to know, "it is Hig Boisapple. It was a Pokemon that does not exist due to metaphorically, 'killing its own grandfather', Daebi figured I would be able to make decent use of this Tarrot Deck."

Fujitsu studied the patterns on the edge of the deck. It was definitely not Celtic--though it shared similarities with Aztec and Greek designs. Like some mix. Spectrum does a spread--it was an odd one. Fujitsu knew the old woman in Celestic Town did a little bit of fortune telling. However this spread was far more complete than any of those--he could not even think of this that well.. it was confusing and convoluted. Spectrum point out cards, "this is the 

Grass Temporal Spread. It as first designed by Prof Jane Pine, wife to the famous Jack Pine, somebody generally regarded as one of the greatest psychics prior to the First Massive War. He was a resident of the Agate Region in Orre."

Fujitsu looks a little scared, "wait--this is a spread based on an area noted for Celebi worship... okaaay..."

Spectrum pointed at the cards, "yes--this does not note one future. It notes many. To note the context, it also notes many pasts that can relay to this present."

Spectrum, noting that she is hurting many of their heads, clears the spread and gathers her cards, "anyways, what you need to understand, the best paths tend to require Team Rocket--Rocket Logistics to have a copy of the Daemon's Notebook."

Fujitsu now a little taken back, "so how the hell did you escape?"

"Well, they apparently did not take into account my latent psionic abilities. This gave me a chance to escape. Team--Rocket Logistics decided I was too dangerous to escape. At first, they sent in a bunch of troops in to deal with me. I managed to evade them. I recovered my Pokemon and got an updated version of Daemon's Notebook. Also in the events, Daebi gave me this set of Psionic Training Armour. What it effectively does, is it makes it harder for me to use my abilities. In fact, it works by pulling in all the psionic energy into it."

Roy looks over, "so--_you_ are the psionic blackhole?"

Spectrum nods then continues, "I escaped the building that Team--Rocket Logistics decided to level onto me. Because I apparently created a form of cloneless aspect creation in the Kanto Incident. I am somehow part ghost type, part psychic type. So leveling a building onto a ghost type pokemon is not going to do much of anything. Then Daebi picked me up and sent me on a trip through time. I aged two years in that time. With a rather full list of events in that time. Also, Daebi is not limited to one future in her travels--in one of them, I got a few augmentations. In short I GOTZ MOAR ICE~!"

Fujitsu looks oddly at Spectrum, "more--ice?"

Spectrum switched into a rather crazy mode they all knew responds, "I needed more ice to hack the rocket's gibson!"

Sepia frowns, "referring to movies that will not exist for another ten years is not something that does not end without confusion."

Spectrum shakes her head, "well, I _am_ the goddess of time."

Roy interrupts, "you mean.. Pokegoddess... right?"

Spectrum looks at Roy rather frankly, "Gaebrille, now is not the time for redundancy."

Roy looked confused. Fujitsu just glomps Spectrum, "I am glad you are back Krystal--I am sorry I could not protect you like I promised your brother--forgive me!"

Spectrum puts her arms around Fujitsu, "Well, Puuk, alls is well that ends well, right?"

Fujitsu considered the situation for a moment--did--did he just get a nickname?

The End

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