Hounds: Puuk Performs for Authority

Octobre 30th, 2009

"C'mon, Fujitsu, let's go back to the center..." said Roy, with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

However, Fujitsu did not budge from where he was standing. "No," he said.

Vermil replied, "Didn't you hear the Leader? He'll call the Police on us!"

"You guys can go on ahead," said Fujitsu. "If he calls the police, I'll take your place."

Vermil and Roy gave him a look of uncertainty, but Daemon-- or rather, Spectrum-- said, "Alrighty then. See you when you get back to the Centre."

Fujitsu looked at her for a second, then smiled at her. Whatever may have occurred, he was willing to bet his life that this was Daemon, and he was incredibly glad that she was alive. However, once he met up with her again, he was going to ask about everything that happened to her ever since she was kidnapped; he was also going to apologize to her for not being able to protect her (as he'd promised her brother that he would).

Nick finally took advantage to this silence and called, "Fine, then. Let's have a deal. If I beat you, you have to go to the Police Station with no objection."

"And if I win?" inquired Fujitsu.

"Then I give you the Blast Rage Badge and you leave without me telling anybody where you are. Deal?"

Fujitsu paused, then nodded curtly. He also briefly pondered why he was acting so "normal". He didn't have long, however, as he called his Flareon back out and gave it some medicine.

Fujitsu glanced back just in time to see the others walk out the sliding doors, back to their rooms in the Pokemon Center where they would wait for about... fifteen minutes, Fujitsu calculated.

He knelt down to Flurry, who was a bit confused about what was going on, and said, "Alright, I'm going to give you some on-the-job training, n'kay? Just do what I tell you to do, and we'll most likely get by."

Flurry left her state of confusion and was now in slight shock. Fujitsu was expecting her to fight, and she had only gotten into a small amount of tussles. Did he really expect her to win...?

Fujitsu seemed to have read her mind, and gently said, "Listen, you may win, you may not. All that matters is that you try your hardest. I have faith in you." He patted her on the head, and her mood seemed to lighten.

Fujitsu grinned. He stood back up, and faced Nick, who was waiting patiently for him to get started.

"You ready, Flurry?" he asked, receiving a nervous nod in return.


-Twenty minutes later-

Vermil, Roy, Spectrum, and Sepia were all sitting down together at a table eating lunch by the counter and the T.V when Fujitsu came striding in through the doors. They all stared at him as he walked down to the counter.

"I would like to place my pokemon in your care, Nurse," he said.

"Please," she replied, smiling and taking his pokemon. "you've known me long enough to know that you can call me Emily, you know."

"Old habits are hard to break, I guess," Fujitsu said, scratching his head with an embarrassed look on his face.

Emily smiled. "Well, I suppose you're hungry, so why don't you wait with your friends while I make you a sandwich?"

Fujitsu held up his hand in refusal. "No, no, I'lla make it muh'self.... Right after after I change clothes."

Fujitsu made a wise decision: he hadn't changed his outfit in days; it was stained, ripped, and worn out from all the events. It also reeked with sweat.

It took about five minutes for him to change clothes. He had gone to his room to change into clothes that lay in his trunk, and came back out wearing a black shirt with a fancy white cross in the center, it had a big red collar, the bottom of it was torn fashionably at the bottom. His pants were also black with a ghostly sheen to it. The shoes remained the same.

He took another three minutes making a ham sandwich with peperoni and lettuce, and he sat down at the table in between Roy and Spectrum (the former scooting over a seat for him), and without hesitation showed his well-earned badge; the others exhaled a breath of relief.

"So," Roy said. "how did you win?"

Fujitsu replied, "I'll tell you once Daemon- I mean Spectrum"--Spectrum corrected him--" tells us... ... JUST WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!?!?" he cried, startling the entire center.

The End

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