Hounds: Rise of the Anut Construct

Octobre 28th, 2009

Max was lounging in the lobby of the Academy Dorm they were in. It was kind of nice. The Psionic Disease did not seem to be affecting this place as bad as he would have thought. Initiate applicants did not seem to be nearly as affected by it--not as much as some of the more senior people here.

It seems the Psionic Disease seemed to attack the stronger people here. Something that was odd in any sort of infection. Max would have thought an infection would only attack the weaker. It seems that after a certain level--Psionic Level 36 it seemed, there was a form of initiation ceremony. Part of which seemed to include taking habitual drugs. Nothing that seemed to alarm Max too much. Max had seen people take various harmless drugs taken for this sort of thing--including an odd strain of Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume/Bellossum that was specifically bred for its potency.

Max was reading through the literature--just curious, he found that the habitual drug was a drug often used to put people under for surgery. Though, the form they set it up here was not the typical surgical use. Max just put it into his mind that perhaps this was another case of people finding a medical use for a ritual drug.

Max noted something that was odd however. Max generally regarded most Psychics as not having a requirement for a specific pokemon. However all of these generally said that every student needed to have a Drowzee--specifically to learn and think close to it. It gave the reason the over the last fifty years--ever since the major war that ended in 1944, there has been notes of people's mental states being really close to Drowzees and Hypnos in mental waves. Making notes of how it seemed to be getting stronger and closer and the Academy worked on teaching its goals.

Max started to let his mind wander--why Drowzee/Hypno? And why only since 1944 has this been noted? Perhaps it could be due to Team Social Rights' large amount of psionic research they did? Most of which was rather Macabre and rudimentary. Though, most of today's advertisement techniques were gained from Team Social Rights' propaganda works. Maybe in amongst all the wrong Team Social Rights did, there was more good discovered?

Certainly something like Roy's Slowpoke/Slowking/Slowbro would work instead of Drowzee/Hypno. I mean, why would it not? Max had noted how well Roy had bonded to the thing. It did not really seem like Roy would work well with a Drowzee/Hypno. Max started to think--even then... he did not even think he saw Hari with a Drowzee or a Hypno ever. There have been many cases where we could have used Hari's Drowzee or Hypno. Max would need to ask Hari about this.

Polaris walked into the Lounge, and collapsed in his chair. Max looked over at Polaris and chided, "I told you, do not ask the elevators about Zaphod Beeblebrox. You had to anyways--now look at how the stuff in here is treating you."

Polaris sighed in an exasperated manner, "yeah--I tried apologising. They told me that they knew I was sorry--but they have to be harsh on people who make silly scifi references involving psionic household devices. Nothing against me--though now just to rub it in, they like to sigh and say, 'glad to be of service' when I enter and leave a room. And _only_ when _I_ do it. I am marked here--all the students here know what is going on. They point at me and laugh when I enter a room, and a door thanks me for using it."

"Though, what I noted was that they did not do this right away. I mean, for equipment that is designed to know what you want before you know you want it, it should have known you are doing that ahead of time."

"I asked about that. There is a regulation that even if they know you will be guilty of some activity, they do not actually punish you until you do it. Noting it as Temporal Directive Six."

"Oh right--I have been reading about the Temporal Directives. I am pretty certain Daebi has made it a note to break each and everyone of them. Just seems like a hobby she would enjoy."

The Tv flashes on to a report on Gabby Newsroom, to which Max replies, "Arceus! I find that creepy--I always have. Let us see, what does this Tv think I am going to need to see."

"You mean want? Right?"

"Naw--it seems Temporal Directive Eight states that use of psionic abilities to induce sloth is not allowed. Hence this Tv only comes on when I neeed to watch something."

Gabby Newssom starts up her report, "Breaking news! Krystal Spectrum is alive and well! We take you now to the wreckage."

The psionic Tv was a rather high quality Tv. Max had never seen anything here like it. The Tv was thin, and showed no sign of use of a Cathoid Ray tube. Even without one it seemed to show a rather high definition picture of the events--almost like Max was there.

The scene shows an rescue crew on this Rocket Logistics Research Headquarters. They are pulling away rocks, "as you are aware, sometime yesterday evening the Psionic Blackhole that Team Temporal placed into this spot started to wander. It is somewhere near Getan right now. Rocket Logistics says they are not concerned about it right now, and are merely tracking the occurrance. Spokesperson P told us that while the Psionic Blackhole concerns Rocket Logistics, once it moved, they started to run forensics on the headquarters to find out what head of science at Team Temporal, Krystal Spectrum, did there.

"At about six AM this morning they discovered the hand of a very injured Krystal Spectrum poking out from the rocks. A Rocket EMT appeared. Consisting of the usual configuration, Two Rocket Grunts, a Rocket Attendant and a Rocket Attendant Assistant, in their body armour appeared to deal with the potentially dangerous Miss Spectrum. Spectrum, who seemed a little fatigued behaved decently, and made the following statement."

As Gabby talks about this, they show the footage of a young woman, with fiery Red Hair and a large amount of freckles be excavated from the sight, as the sun rises in the east. Max and Polaris take in how surreal this whole matter is. The woman they were excavating was wearing a Rocket Admin uniform. It was in perfect order. No rips, no tears. It had a rather OCD effect to it Max noted.

The women, who they were claiming to be Daemon, was shown at a Rocket Logistics Press Conference. She was wearing a Rocket Admin Uniform--which was oddly in very good condition. Especially when Max and Polaris had not seen Daemon able to keep a pair of clothes for more than two cities without the clothes being completely destroyed. She took the stand, "I would like to apologize for my poor actions and activities I did regarding my work with Team Temporal. I was not in my best point. They took me in, and suckered me into thinking their intentions for the time line were correct. I came to my senses with the Therapy of Rocket Logistics. I intend to work on tracking down these criminals and will make certain they serve their time. Their complete debauchery on rights and free will of the people cannot be stand for. I apologize for my actions in their part. I claimed to be Daemon before. On the dawn of the day I was rescued from their detonation of my therapeutic rehabilitation centre, I decided to turn over a new leaf. Please, to my brother Stoenn, please, call me Daetwo."

The Tv turns off and Hari enters the room. He was looking at his cards--mostly cards regarding messengers of tricksters and cunning opponents kept appearing in his deck.

Max answered, "I do not buy it. She seemed odd--not like Daemon."

Polaris notes, "the main issues is--I do not believe that the filming they did there was specifically for forensic purposes. There was far too many cinematographic elements to it. They filmed it using manners that would normally be reserved for a god like element appearing in the film. I mean, they even had a halo around Dae--Daetwo. Also the hair and skin was off. Even when Daemon was in the desert, her skin did not freckle that much. It burnt before that point. Daetwo's hair is different--the shade of her Red Hair is more sun dyed than Daemon. Not really a strawberry blonde mind you, but the roots on Daemon are a lot darker."

"That may be because of the Camera equipment."

Hari puts his cards down--he had set up a Grass Temporal Spread. Hari had no idea where he gained the knowledge for this spread, but he had been doing it since their activities in the Tv Station. Since he had started his way here, he had been doing it more often. This pattern, while it showed a more chaotic spread of events, it generally somehow was more accurate, and presented various paths for the future to take--and some clues as to how to get there. Hari had been doing it like he knew it all his life, when he knew he did not. Since their departure from Pentag Path he found himself compelled to do it more. It was rather addicting. He had to look up the spread in the Richtog Library. It seems to have originated in Agate City in the Orre region. He was having issues putting the clues together though.

Hari answers, "t-t-that is n-n-not Spectrum..." Hari corrects himself for a moment and tries to straighten out his thoughts, "Daemon, I mean. S-s-sorry for that e-e-error. D-D-Daetwo seems to be represented by the Major Arcana denoting The Lunatone in conjunction to the High Priestess. I kept reading D-D-Daemon as a mixture involving Solrock and the Empress. The readings I get for D-D-Daemon are now applying to the Psionic Blackhole and this S-S-Spectrum Figure. A-A-Any Psionic Readings of D-D-Daemon end up being different--l-l-like something more."

Max looks over at Hari, and Hari replies, "Fool mixed with Emperor for you Max. Some paths mix in the Hanged Man for you--though only a few of them. Those normally do not have the Emperor mixed in though."

Max notes this, then considers, "what more? What is different about Daetwo."

Hari answers, "her psionic abilities. They are not the same."


Samuel walks into P's office. "How the hell did you have that clone hyper aged so fast? We have not had the required amount of DNA for Miss Spectrum long enough to have a clone of that quality and that age."

P, who was filling out a Sudoku--his fourth and final one for the day puts his pencil down. It was a .5mm lead mechanical drafting pen. He used blue lead for this--allowing him to photocopy the puzzles for later usages. Even though he had backups of them elsewhere--no need to waste something not needed to be wasted. P answers, "Rocket HQ in Terrut City."

Samuel looks a little confused. P continues, "the fight between Ho-oh and Zapdos was not an accident. I am too good for accidents. It allowed me to get the required DNA on all of Team Temporal. As we were researching the Daemon Gamete we found it was useful for Aspect research and a cloning project was started then. We then kidnapped the Daemon Gamete to get a more complete DNA sample."

Samuel looked more than a little disgusted, "you mean--you never intended to keep Miss. Spectrum alive? Also, I would prefer that you would use her correct name."

"Her life was irrelevant, you should know that, Maulek."

"I still find it creepy that you prefer to refer to people by names like, 'Gaebrille', 'Sainte', 'Daemon', 'Paak' and the like. I do not enjoy being called Maulek at all."

"Regardless--you aware of the Team Social Rights' psionic surgeries?"

"Yes--I really do not enjoy hearing about it though."

"Well, thanks to that research, humans are becoming more and more compatible with Pokemon DNA and RNA. For a while, the only gland that could be implanted was Hypno. Which was why we found issues with the Hypno scan on the Daemon Gamete. We found that putting a Celebi gland into the Anat Construct."

"Please--we are to call her Krystal Spectrum... or at least Daetwo. This strikes me as excessively disturbing."

P shakes his head, "sorry, I apologize. One of the issues with Daemon's Notebook is it refers to everyday people with glyphs associated with these people. For example--the texts on Bill use a Glyph associate with Moikane--a male variation of Omoikane. It gets more than a little infectious after a while. Once you note a glyph is associated with a person, you start to think of that person as that glyph. The glyphs often are mythological figures. It is not exclusive to one mythology either. As we have Moikane, Maulek, Gaebrille and Puuk appearing regularly. They are not the figures themselves--just figures that best represent who the person is in the events of things. The original Krystal Spectrum's, noted as the Daemon Gamete in the text, insanity becomes a little more understandable."

Samuel shakes his head, "I do not like having a glyph associated with making mothers cry as I take away their children, and put them through some sort of test required for some arbitrary reason. I cannot see myself as that--so I do not believe it is me."

"You may be correct. We are still decrypting the Daemon's Notebook. We may have misapplied that Glyph to you."

"Changing the subject to something only slightly less creepy and disturbing--you said that Miss Spectrum was not compatible with Hypno implants--but somehow Celebi?"

"Again, as we refine the horrible experiments of the Second Massive War, to something more elegant, we are finding that people are getting more and more compatible with various Psychic Pokemon. They are generally moving away from Hypno and Drowzee compatibility. The Anut Con--I mean Krystal Spectrum was rather compatible with a Celebi Gland. The stuff we have been working with Roymin found a compatibility with Slowpoke/Slowbro/Slowking. Though, we have no desire to augment it at this point."

"This is getting more scary."

"Do not worry--we are looking into ways to regulate and control this."

The End

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