Hounds: The Meeting with the Spectrum Aspect

Octobre, 27th 2009

The doors to the Fire Gym in Getan opened, and a floating figure with Blonde Hair wearing armour plastered with Rocket Logistics logos floats in. The leader, a man of many years already with a balding head, long white hair, and a well trimmed and maintain beard notes the entrance of this floating figure. "Might I ask who you are?"

The floating figure said in a rather mechanical, yet oddly still female, voice, "the name... is Spectrum"

The leader arose, "so you desire to challenge this gym? We do not usually have representatives of Rocket Logistics in here."

Spectrum nodded, and said, "Leader Nick wants to fight! Nick sent out Flareon! GO Styx!"

Nick sighed, "I hate it when people do that", as he sent out his Flareon. Styx appears, and Nick continues, "a Starmie?"

Spectrum nods, "Water Stones are easy to find in the underground in Sinnoh... though that has not been built yet for another five years. Regardless--STYX, USE SURF! Flareon has fainted!"

With Styx using surf, and faintin the Flareon.

Nick calls back his Flareon, and ends the battle, "I cannot fight you any further. I do not desire to harm my pokemon. None of which can face that Starmie. You have won the Blast Rage Badge."

Spectrum accepts the Badge, when Roy, Fujitsu and Vermil walk into the gym. All three freeze at the sign of an armoured floating woman in Rocket Logistics logos. Spectrum turns, and talks in her feminine mechanical voice, with her Starmie floating next to her, "oh hai guys~ How was your trip~ Good to see you again."

Vermil trembles a little, "who... who are you?"

Spectrum just looks somewhat surprised, "it is me, Spectrum, do you not recognise me?"

Fujitsu pulls out a pokemon and shouts, "The next Aspect!? Go Flurry!"

Spectrum tilts her head, "nice Glaceon--I did not realise you had an Eevee... I thought the Pokeballs were not working?"

Vermil pulls out a pokeball, this one with his Magmar in it, "go! Magmar!"

"I have already seen that >.>. Roy did you catch anything new?"

Roy appearing to have issues concentrating--well, more issues. At least this time he was not so much arguing with the imaginary voices, but just shouting, "uh? Ego? Ego--I am in a fight here. I have no clue what to do. Where are you Ego?" Roy then pulls out his pokeball, "Go! Popo!"

Spectrum looked at the Slowpoke that resulted, and pulled off her helmet, showing a large amount of circuits embedded into her face--in a form of cyberpubk manner. Conscience appears for Roy, and says in a confused manner, "wait--Daemon is two whole years older. What did Rocket Logistics do to her?"

Roy replies, "wait--Daemon? Is that you?"

Spectrum answers, "yeah, I use to go by that name a couple years ago--I think. It has been a while. Now, why did you give your Slowpoke such a retarded name? Clearly the only proper name for a Slowpoke should be Waffles."

Roy says, "uh--why Waffles?"

Spectrum digs around in her pack, pulling out a TM and an odd shaped Rock, "why because with this Kings Rock and this Technical Machine for Trick Room, he would be the Waffle King."

Conscience's jaw drops, "You cannot mean to give that Master Popo a King's Rock and Trick Room?! THAT IS HORRIBLE!"

A voice that only Roy, Spectrum and Conscience could hear yells, "pecking order!", and Conscience seems to have gotten kicked screaming into the air.

Spectrum hands the two items to Roy, and kisses him lightly, "use them when you think you can."


Spectrum turns and winks, "I am part Ghost type, remember? I just phased through the wreakage as it collapsed onto me,"

Nick turns, "Miss Spectrum, would you care to escort these members of Team Temporal out of my Gym? I may be a fire type, but reconstructing my gym after it inevitably is detonated because of Team Temporal does not sound like my idea of a good time."

Vermil shouts, "what?"

Nick turns, "you guys have been noted as being responsible for the detonation of a Rocket Logistics Headquarters, and detonating the Franc Power Plant. There are also investigations of a detonation in the missing Prof Willow's lab, however that cannot be decently investigated at this time. I am going to ask you nicely to leave my Gym. If not, I am calling the Police."

Spectrum, taking this hint says, "come on guys, lets go."

Vermil pouts, "now I won't be able to get this gym badge."

The End

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