Hounds: The Crossroads of Pentag Path

Octobre 27th, 2009

"Did you hear that?" Vermil said, quickly rejoining the others.

"Hear what?" Max bluntly retorted as the giggle sounded again.

"That. DAEBI!" Roy shouted loudly as the trickster appeared again, looking more than pleased with herself. "If you're go to leave, then just GO!"

"Oh you boys and your anger issues. You'd think you didn't like me..." She looked sad, before quickly moving over to Roy's side. "You like me, don't you?" She teleported again, this time to Wehc. "I'm sure you do." Once more, she teleported over to Vermil. "And you... I'm not sure what you like. Still, that's irrelevant." 

"Why?" Vermil said, whipping around to face her. She was gone. Her voice rang out over the path they were walking.

"Because you've wandered onto the Pentag Path. It's a crossroads. It's where you choose."

"Choose what?" Sepia called out, cupping his hands around his mouth as if it would make a difference.

"Your future..."

The world around Team Temporal began to swirl and blur as they felt themselves being ripped apart.

"She's moving us throught time!" Hari shouted. His experience with Daebi's time travel was clearly paying off.

"Where?!" Fuschia yelled, but before long they were standing on the shore, by a lake. It was clear and crystal blue, but no one took notice.

"WHERE ARE WE?!" Sepia shouted, still cupping his hands.

"You don't know? You should..." Came a sluggish voice. It was slow, and pained, but more as if it had been disturbed than physically injured.

"What?" Vermil spun on one foot to see the source of the voice. It was a large, rocky pokemon, on four legs. Like a molten dog, Vermil found it's lakeside home unusual.

"Ah. A Heatran." Sepia smiled and began to stroke his chin. "But I thought they only lived in harsh, near-boiling conditions..."

"Hahaha... I'm on vacation... I'm allowed to leave my Volcano every so often." The Heatran slowly began meandering towards the group. Hari flinched, causing the Heatran to laugh again. "Why so scared, boy? I won't bite. To be honest, I'm surprised to find a group of humans here. I thought you were native to Kanto... Mind you, I'm from far away aswell, so fair enough."

"I'm sorry... Native?" Vermil spluttered out his words a bit, before realising there was something more unusual occuring. "Wait! You can talk!"

"What? Of course I can! Why wouldn't I be able to?" 

"Well..." Vermil looked sheepish.

"Mr. Heatran, we're a bit lost. We're not quite sure why we're here. Do you know of anything unusual that might be occuring?" Wehc was clearly unphased by the whole situation, and Max couldn't help but shoot him a suspicious glare as a result.

"Well... I'm not sure. Personally, I'm leaving because of the God, but it's up to you what you do."

"I'm sorry... did you just say God's here?" Vermil was stunned - both at the statement, and at the fact he had just said what he'd said.

"The God, not God. Don't you know anything about this world?"

"Not really, no." Wehc pulled out his pad, ready to take notes.

"Wow... Well, Let me make it simple. We Pokemon live quite happily under the leadership of our various 'heads'. Each Pokemon is divided into their own category - although some span two or more - and they take orders as dictated by their head. They're nothing major - Don't go south, there's a plague and so on. Helpful things. Although, to be honest, the head of the Gods is a little unsettling if you ask me. That's why I'm leaving."

"Who is the head of the Gods?"

"Oh... Right. It's..." Heatran's eyes suddenly widened, in surprise. "It's him."

The group spun around to face a strange, Orange and Green creature. It had one arm like a Tendril, the other more standard. It's legs were pointed, as was it's head. Vermil was taken aback by the creature.

"You there. Humans. You do not belong in these parts. Your head surely must have commanded you away from here."

"What? Why?" Sepia stood forward, proudly. "We're humans! We can go where we wish!"

"No, I made it quite clear to Origin that humans were not allowed around here."

"Origin... You mean, it's a Pokemon?" Vermil suddenly clicked a lightbulb on in his head. "So that means... Saffy might be being controlled!"

"What? Anyway, I suggest you leave. I have given fair warning, and will remove you by force if necessary."

"Deoxys!" Heatran bellowed, "Leave them be!"

"Hmph. Do not presume to know me, Hound. Your Arceus is a sham of a creature, and I do not respect you anymore than I do him."

"Well, fine! I didn't like your lake anyway!" Heatran began to lumber away, as Vermil looked surprised.

"I'm sorry, but we can't leave. We're here for a purpose." Wehc took the opportunity to butt in. "I just don't know what it is yet."

"Well, then you were all warned. It is on your heads." Deoxys spoke ominously, and all of a sudden his eyes began to glow. The group were raised slowly into the air, causing Hari to scream loudly. 

"What are you... augh!" Sepia said, suddenly being wracked with pain.

"I warned you, you were insolent. This is your re-" 

"Enough." Came a voice, suddenly, as the group found themselves back at the Pentag Path. Mt Ausk stood proudly in the distance, as if nothing had happened. Unchanged. 

"Daebi... What was the point of that?" Roy panted loudly, recovering from the sudden painful shock.

"Oh, just an excuse to bring you here." She laughed.

"Here?" Vermil said, surprised.

"It's no fun to just skip you ahead in time. It's irregular."

"And that was regular?" Said Roy, almost sounding disappointed.

"Oh hush now, there's another surprise for you. To reach your destination - The 'Black Hole' - You need to head to Rabata Field, where it... well, is. If you head off now, you'll get there in time to meet something special. But, if you go to Getan City, you'll meet someone else special. Two special people, in fact. All because I skipped you ahead in time a day."

"A whole d-d-d-day?!" Roy said, stuttering.

"Fair enough." Sepia said, seeming to know the game. "I will go to Getan City with Roy, Fujitsu and Vermil. Wehc, Max, Hari and Polaris, you should all go to Richtog Vale. It's on the way to Rabata Field. Hari's history there will serve you better than us, and I know you all get on well."

"Excellent. Sounds like a plan." Max was almost snide in his speech. 

"Good." Vermil said, finally recovered. "We'll split up then. There's a gym in each city, so if you were looking to beat the Pokemon League, you're out of luck. Although, to be fair, we could just pool our badges if we get them all between us." 

"Sounds like a plan." Polaris said, copying Max. "Well then... Wagons roll.


It was not long before both groups reached their destinations. Roy suggested they find a room for the night, whereas Hari took the opportunity to call in at the Yurgelln Academy. Their extra beds were freely offered to him. Both groups went to sleep with the intention of a busy day - just how busy was yet to be decided.

The End

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