Hounds: Team Temporal's Retarded Matching Uniforms

Octobre 19th, 2009

Max had gotten up. He looked over at Hari. Hari had put his Tarot Cards away. Seemed to lost in deep thought. Max speaks, "we are headed to that Psionic Blackhole as our next stop. I am pretty certain that it may help Roy and Fujitsu get a little closure."

Hari eyes opened in fear. He gulped back. Hari seemed to not really want to consider the idea of entering a Psionic Deadspace.

Wehc replies, "Absolutely not. Seeing such a site, would likely only scar them for life."

Max was still rather calm, now was not the time for anger. The time for anger would come... but it was not now. Max responds, "well, it would give them a more solid thing to see, than something third hand from some dancing Mankey for a camera. You think Roy and Fujitsu have not been scared already? Roy was attempted to be fed to a hungry Moltres. Roy was tossed off of the roof of a building in a fight between a Ho-oh and and Zapdos. Roy and Fujitsu were there for the Latios and Latias attack. Roy and Fujitsu were there when all three legendary birds attacked us. Roy was cloned into an aspect of a Shaymin. Roy and Fujitsu where there when Rocket Logistics tried to blow up the Franc Power Plant with us inside. Roy and Fujitsu were there for... whatever it was with Daebi. I still have no idea what exactly occurred there. Roy was also the biggest battler in the battle with Entei.

"The least we can do is allow them to pay their respects to their fallen companion."

Hari gulps again, "a-a-a-alright. I-i-i do not w-w-w-w-want to g-g-g-g-go. The p-p-place s-scares me g-greatly."

Polaris speaks up, "well, I suppose I could paint it. To remember it. Daemon should not be forgotten. She was one in a million. Quite horribly insane... but still one in a million."

Wehc reconsiders, "well, I suppose I could get my information on it--as my inside scoop on Team Temporal."

Max groans and looks over, "you do not mean to call us that horrible name, right? I mean, I am certain you can think of something better."

Wehc shakes his head, "even if I could, I would not bother. The public knows you as Team Temporal. Not much is going to change that now. Any sort of name change will likely not work, and people will still call you Team Temporal."

"Look, if we start dawning retarded matching uniforms, then maybe... but until then--"

Max was interrupted by a female voice, sounding like Daemon, "oh right, because we all know that a group responsible for paradoxes is going to dress in a manner that would cause a large amount of culture shock."

They all turn around, it was Daebi. Daebi runs a hand through her wine like hair. They all exclaim, "Daebi!?"

"Look, I admit, I spiced up the reports Team Network got. Mostly in the manner of G-Man Shawn thinking that Daemon is still alive. For good reason, you will see once you meet up with Spectrum. The aspect in the middle of the Psionic Blackhole. She will reveal it all to you."

With that Daebi disappeared into a blizzard of leaves gigglingly in a cruel like manner.

Max looks over at the rest, "she _still_ gives me the creeps. I do not trust her."

Hari had frozen after realising it was Daebi--like some force of Daebi scared Hari quite deeply. Hari said in a very uncharacteristic manner that did not involve stuttering, "what kind of aspect could be at the centre of a Psionic Blackhole?"

Wehc replies, "okay, that tears it. We are heading there. I have not had a scoop this juicy for a while. Just keep your eyes open, it seems like a trap."

Wehc's line was answered wit a Daebi cruel sounding giggle.

The End

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