Hounds: Kanto Incident

Octobre 17th, 2009

Ego saw that Roy quite clearly was in a rather catatonic state. There was nothing he could do. Conscience was curled in a ball. Ego was not even certain she was aware of Roy's loss. Just kept muttering some incoherent nonsense. Id had not left his gaze from the Tv. Now as just showing static. Roy had followed Fujitsu as he ran off. Roy had came back. He seemed even more shaky. Like his world had been rocked. What he had depended on was now gone. 
Polaris had put away his drawing tools--out of respect for Roy and Fujitsu.
Max was now very alert. Fujitsu's running off had really set him on edge. He had generally been very leary of both Fujitsu and Roy.
Hari was trembling. Hari took out his cards--first card again, was the Giratina card. Ego, floats over to Hari. Ego asks Hari, who seems to be aware of Ego's existance, "Uh... wait... Giratina... you may want to hide it... as appropriate as the card for great change is here, people may not understand."
Hari looks at Ego, does not move his lips but talks directly to Ego, "You Ego may might possibly desire want wish to help assist Roy Royal and Fujistu"
"Well, that explains the stuttering. Anyways, just curious--why are you in my... well... Roy's mind? I mean, do you guys not have an oath keeping you from doing that? Is that not the only reason you do not have constant lynch mobs onto you."
"thought crime desire to do bad illwishing is are will be a an concern concept issue with people's thoughts impressions considerations of psychics. However abruption call attention to what the event the concept that brought alerted our attention information concern onto towards you Roy was when events incident five years twenty two seasons 65 months ago April 1980."
Roy hearing that looks over, "wait a second--April 1980... that was when that set of hallucinations occurred."
Hari looks over at Roy, and considers for a moment, that Roy seemed to not have an internal monologue, outside of Conscience, Roy and Ego... and well Popo.. possibly. Hari shakes his head, "s-s-ssometimes we g-g-g-get s-s-s-signals of a g-g-g-g-gifted person. A-a-april 1980 was w-w-w-when yours appeared."
Roy shakes his head and looks at his feet, "but--that was when the last hallucination occurred. Which was what I thought... what I thought... what I thought was occurring again".
Ego was awash with the desire to say that Roy thought Daemon was a hallucination, but the sorrow regarding this was rather strong. Ego floats over to Roy and looks into his eyes, smiling, a matter of fact, "yeah, there is a reason that Conscience said that Daemon was not a hallucination."
Roy looks very confused for a moment, shakes his head, and looks over at his Arcanine, who was kind of whimpering--April 1980 was not all together kind to Duke, particularly at night, "but--wait... oh... wow..."
Hari pulls out another card, then hides it before anybody else can see it, and looks over at Roy, "t-t-t-the s-s-s-slowpoke w-w-w-wwas what m-m-m-made me certain. N-n-n-not a-a-a-alll psychic pokemon are own by p-p-p-psionic p-p--people. Howev-er most psychic trainers will have at least one Psychic Pokemon."
Ego looks over at Hari--that last line sounded rather rehearsed.
Roy shakes his head, trying to get it straight. Ego was awashed with the notion that this was not happening. Roy would wake up two months after the start of this, in a hospital bed. Collapsed somewhere or something. The doctors and nurses not telling him what was going on. However, sent back home. Yes, that is what will occur, even Ego was certain of it. Roy looks up at Hari, generally taking this new dream like state for granting, like so many of the previous times Roy did this. Ego started to dread this. Even Ego know, that he would need Roy to keep a level head... well, level for Roy anyways. It was for Roy's health here. Something Ego usually left to Id--wait--where was Id. Just like Id to leave at this moment. Like... last time. Ego... started to feel a chill. Ego smacks Roy hard on the face. Ego looks at Roy straight in the eyes, feeling anger--something not usual for Ego, "Why? Do you think you ended up in those hospital beds? When you treat these episodes like this? You did not even see the people coming to deal with you. It is not a dream. You are not Superman. Heck, at best you are Aquaman--at best. Now smarten up."
Id had now appeared out of nowhere, shakes his head, "I am back. Where is Roy? Is he okay?"
Ego looks over at Id, "Yeah, I was going to have none of that silliness--there was a reason the three of us were manifested."
Roy shaking his head, looks at Hari, "wait, you mentioned... Daemon... she does not have a psychic pokemon."--Roy's mouth did not seem to work as he tried to say Daemon's name.
Hari keeps looking at his cards, "I-i-i-i think Ego c-c-c-can explain that."
Ego folds his arms, "I have served as enough of an exposition tool. Ask Conscience."
Conscience was just rocking back and forth, muttering, "eyes... in the darkness... eyes... in the darkness...."
Ego looks over at Id, and motions exaggerated at Id, "Ask Id then! Why the hell am _I_ the voice of reason here?"
Id had just summoned up some chicken flavoured Ramen, and answers, "Styx, Daemon's Starmie is Water/Psychic.. Much like Popo there."
Roy shakes his head--trying to get it straight, and looks over, "wait a second, what did Daemon do to get onto your Radar?"
Hari just stares out into space for a bit--to Ego it seemed like far too long. Hari looks over at Roy and simply says, "Kanto Incident."

The End

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