Hounds: Flurry

RockXIII -- Octobre 14th, 2009


Fujitsu had to lean on a nearby chair for support; all of a sudden he felt fatigued and sick, like he would collapse any second. He could not believe what he just heard, it seemed impossible, Daemon leveling an entire building and then being crushed- unless he hadn't heard right.


Why was he feeling like this, though, he asked himself, though he already knew the answer. Besides his family, Daemon and Roy the first people to truly accept him for what he was; all other people laughed at him and only tagged along sometimes because of that (except for one boy who didn't even try to act nice to him and bullied him). Not Roy and Daemon. They didn't mind his abnormal behavior/ hyperactivity. They just went along with it, but that was definitely what normal was to them, as well, and they could truly understand him to a good extent. Even though they'd only been together a short time, one thing was for sure: Both of them were his absolute best friends, and one of them may be dead.

Fujitsu looked at Roy. He might have been thinking the same thing as well, the look on his face was a bit similar to Fujitsu's.

Then, as quick as Michael Phelps swimming across a pool, Fujitsu immediately felt a stab of anger, not just of what he just heard, but at all of the events that had happened on this journey. The pokeballs, the Resort, Terrut City, the Power Plant, the T.V Station... Everything. Everybody was now looking at him (Wehc was jotting down some notes, looking a little wary at him), and he could see why; his hands, which were grasping the chair, were trying to clench into tight fists, but the chair was in the way of that, and he had a look of the utmost rage on his face. Then, recovering from his sorrow of the possibilities of Daemon, he realized what was happening.

He quickly ran outside and far ways away and into the forest. He made positive that he was alone before hastily dumping some of the contents of his trunk out onto a bare patch of earth and rummaged through it. In a couple of seconds, his hand grasped a little bottle full of pills, unscrewed the cap, took two red and green pills and swallowed them without any water.

In a few minutes' time he lost the livid look on his face, his breathing (which was getting more and more rapid before) had returned to normal, and his hands lay limp on the ground as he knelt. Once again, his oh-so-important anger management medication had done the job, but not as well as it normally did.

Fujitsu stayed kneeling on that bare patch of earth for a while before hearing some leaves on the ground crunching at the feet of one of the party members. He knew it was Roy, an before he had a chance to speak, Fujitsu muttered, "I need to be alone Roy. It's for your own good," and to his relief, he heard Roy's feet talking all they way back to the town.

This happened every time Fujitsu got like this. He had to hurry himself away from the public, take his meds, and then allow himself to calm down so that he didn't hurt anybody, and Roy was the last person he wanted to harm.

Soon enough, Fujitsu's anger was pushed away, but not by the normal fake happiness that overcame him, but sorrow. He started to weep for the same reasons he had become furious over before. He couldn't grasp why everything that was happening was happening. He cried for the lives of the pokemon taken by the pokeballs, the lives that up and went at Terrut City, the Shaymin that was tortured by it's own trainer before being blown up by him. He just wanted it all to stop, and everything to return to normal.

The anger had come 'round by that time, but the sadness didn't leave, but mingled wit his rage. Fujitsu immediately grabbed one of his pokeballs (which he dumped out of the trunk looking for his pills) and took all the anger and sorrow pent up in him, and made it ricochet off of his fingertips, shrieking, "**** THIS HELL!!!"

He expected the pokeball to collide with the Oak he was aiming at, shattering it into a trillion pieces. However, the next sound was not the breaking of his pokeball, but its capture beam firing off instead. He heard it land softly onto the ground, shake a few seconds, then heard the chime that sounded from it every time it caught something. Now both his anger and sadness was washed away by the incoming tidal wave of shock.

He ran up to the pokeball (which actually flew past the tree and into the shadows of the woods) and stopped, staring at it inches from where it lay, as if it looked like it had done nothing wrong. Then, almost too afraid to, he picked it up, thinking, How could I have done this!? A pokemon is in this faulty pokeball, probably living its last seconds in agony, and its all my fault...!!!

A new wave of tears flowed down his face as he slumped and slid down a nearby tree, as kept blaming himself for this horrible accident. Why did the world have to be like this, why did everything have to go so wrong...!? He started to shake and shiver, shaking his head in the "I don't believe this" fashion, and slowly brought his sweaty hands up to his eyes, closing them, and started sobbing and hiccuping.

He heard one of his pokemon come out of its pokeball, rubbing his leg trying to comfort him, but it would not work. Fujitsu merely choked, "Stop. Just go back inside your pokeball, Pichu."

But the rubbing continued.

"Fine. PLEASE go back inside your pokeball, Pichu, or Hitmontop."

It didn't cease.

Then, out of anger, he yelled, slamming his hands on the ground, "I TOLD YOU T-"

He stopped dead in the middle of his exclamation staring in the face of not Pichu, nor Hitmontop, but instead a worried and frightened-looking Glaceon whose forehead was bleeding; that was most likely where the pokeball has struck. Next to her (as Fujitsu could tell because its fur was white and dark-blue) was not just any pokeball, but the one Sepia had built. Fujitsu was beyond any normal level of shock by now.

They just stared at each other for a while, not sure what else to do, both of them being shocked. Then, surprisingly, Fujitsu smiled. He laughed, "Well, you're a lucky one, aren't you?"

She just tilted her head, the blood now dripping down her face.

Fujitsu quickly grabbed a cloth that he had dumped, sprayed it with some potion, wiped it off, then applied it directly to the forehead*. He took some bandages out from his trunk and wrapped it around Glaceon's head, covering her wound. After applying it he kissed it like a mother would and asked "All better? Por favor?"

Had she any bare skin on her face, it would have shown up pink from her blushing.

Fujitsu merely smiled, wiped the tears off of his face, trotted over to the lucky pokeball and picked it up. He knelt down to Glaceon and said, "Guess you'll be staying with us, ne?"

She just stared back.

Fujitsu grabbed the two pokeballs holding Pichu and Hitmontop, then threw them up in the air, letting them go. They obviously knew what was going on before, and immediately went over to comfort him, Pichu rubbing his legs, and Hitmontop now able to rub his shoulders did so.

"I'm okay now, guys," he chuckled. "But, I would like you to meet your new sister, Flurry."

The two just stared at him like he was making some strange joke, but the look on his face told them otherwise. They looked behind them and saw newly-dubbed Flurry staring at them with the same bewildered look that they had on their faces now.

"<Imouto?>" said Pichu, tilting his head.

"Come on guys, the others must be worried, let's go," called Fujitsu, who was already ten feet away from them.

The End

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