Hounds: The Daemon Gamete Dies


October 11th, 2009


Doctor Landar was in his cubicle going over the spectral analysis of the DNA of the current Aspects they are working on. His assistant, Miss. Kenya Makelbi walks,smiles and tells him, "your wife sent a post card from her trip to the Hoenn Region."

Doctor Landar turns around, and answers, "alright, lets see it."

Miss. Makelbi pulls out a head set and puts it onto Doctor Landar's head. A nice calm soothing music starts playing with the background of an eldritch fire. A slightly drum beat though not too noticeable is playing. A cliff over the ocean is there, however the colours are all wrong. Like Doctor Landar was looking at a negative photo. There is a woman in a flowing summer dress standing there. The drum beat gets a little more noticeable and a little faster. The view zooms in to the woman, wit the drum bat going faster and louder. The woman turns as the drum is at a tempo'd frenzy. Something was not right with her face, it was pale, with her eyes and mouth just having black spots where they should be. Smoky black tendrils seem to come from behind her. Some nightmarishly odd voice, completely out of tempo with the jungle beat of the drum chilling says, "I am thinking of you, and wish you were here~ <3"

Doctor Landar removes the helmet, visibly shaking and in a cold sweat, looks sharply at Miss Makelbi and lets out a meep, "what is wrong? Why did my wife send that?"

Miss. Makelbi shrugs, "she didn't, she sent a postcard that said that. The boys in the lab just rigged that up as they seem to enjoy teasing and pestering you."

Miss. Makelbi leaves the post card onto Doctor Landar's desk, which had a scene very similar to what he saw on the visor--just... well, normal compared to that horrific vision the boys did up.


Max was sleeping in a chair he had somehow made. Eev, well, I guess his proper name was Umb now, was curled up beside him. Giving out a happy mew every now and again. What ever he was dreaming of, must have been good. Polaris was using the landscape to work on his compositioning. It justs seemed odd that he could do this. Though, this seemed like a very useful tool for drawing imaginary stuff.

Sepia walks over, and switches on a Tv that had been rigged in a very odd fashion. It was an old Black and White Tv that somebody had junked when the new coloured ones came out. It was still largely functional--just Black and White. It would heat up a little more than a normal Tv, was quite a bit more heavy but still did its job.

A man in some manner of G Man style get up appears on the screen, "goooood morning, and this is Counter Space! The news for the counter culture. I am Shawn and this is my cohost, Gozer from Team Network."

The man that Shawn introducd as "Gozer" appeared to be a clean cut male, dressed in a rather casual manner, with blonde hair. Neither G Man Shawn or Cohost Gozer seemed to have any manner of logos or symbols on their clothes. For the most part, they seemed fairly generic--like it would be hard to see them, if they were in a crowd of people. Gozer speaks up, in very normal voice, "thank you Shawn, pleasure to be here, what is up this week?"

Shawn sort of overly animated just turns, "Well in Nextwhen news, something from my Army of the Flying Type Ampipom, have got something new on Team Temperal."

Gozer shakes his head, "oh, more news on the Franc Fiends?"

"I prefer Team Temperal as I kind of like these guys. I have never been a fan of Rocket Logistics or Capsule Solutions, and these guys have been kicking ass and taking names. I mean, first the incident in Terrut--I mean, they still have not proven they actually killed anybody. And entire town poof! vanishes. Then they nuke an entire Power Plant--which the resultant explosion ends up causing a spill of Stopall! all over Franc--"

Gozer interrupts, "Any idea why there was so much Stopall! in the Franc Power Plant?"

"Well, somebody sent me the balance sheet and inventory of the Franc Power Plant. The stuff seemed to have been getting stock piled in the Franc Power Plant for some time. There really is no reason known for this."

"Do you suppose that the large amount of Stopall! had anything to do with Team Temporal nuking the site?"

"Well, all I have are theories here. Though, I still need to look at more evidence. Anyways, shortly after coating Franc in a thin layer of StopAll! They went to the Attara Tv Station. Which was a bad move BTW. Did you see how badly they spliced how that Hari guy was saying his lines? I mean, clearly that was edited via a ten minute loop."

"I thought that was Daebi that did that?"

"Again, cannot confirm or deny this. I will say, going to a Tv Station like that was a dumb move. I mean, who knows what spin jobs they put onto Team Temporal. Give them enough footage, and they can make it look like you have said anything. I mean, people have this strange idea that news reporters are required to tell the truth. Bullshit! They mostly just tell what their company pays them to tell."

Wehc alerted by that line, just kind of nods a little--he had dealt with news stations and papers that had pulled that kind of stuff.

G Man Shawn continues, "anyways, turns out that Team Temporal just prior to that had levelled an entire Rocket Logistics research headquarters onto one of their heads of research. I am certain we have all heard of Krystal Spectrum, genius sister to Stoenn Spectrum head of Titan Co.?"

Everybody at this point was staring intently at the Tv--could Daemon be dead?

"The odd thing is, Psychic Pokemon, appear to be avoiding the area like the plague. With one Psychic Trainer quoted as mentioning some manner of Psionic Blackhole. This is more than a little odd, what with with the Psionic Richtog Virus. Seems Team Temporal may have something rather important up their sleeve. I mean, how better to ensure that Team Temporal's paradoxes can come to pass, by simply removing the people who can regulate it."

Gozer asks, "seems a little suicidal you know? Levelling an entire building onto one of your own greatest scientists. Do we really want these people messing with the time line?"

Shawn just answers, "well, they never did find the body. So I am not entirely certain Krystal Spectrum is down and out. I think we may be seeing a lot of her soon. Anyways, I would love to talk to some of the people at Team Temporal. You have a friend here at Team Network. Let us all put a candle out for Team Temporal, and may Network protect them. That is what Network Wrote, End-of-file."

Max just looks around, "damn dancing Mankey."

Though Fujistu and Roy just looked horrified at that news given to them.

The End

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