Hounds: Ambush

Octobre 7th, 2009


Leader was standing in front of his office window--which was wide open. He was not figiting. No, just staring into the setting sun. It was a ritual he did every sunset and sunrise. Previous peoples had mentioned it gives great mental alertness, less of a requirement on food and greater regeneration. Leader did not subscribe too much to those superstitions. He mostly did it as a form of daily ritual--much akin to shaving, eating breakfast, showering, etc.. Something to do to give him structure. It was very relaxing. With the atmosphere filtering out most of the harmful effects of staring directly at the sun, he could quite clearly make out the rays of light from the stars on the other side of the sun being bent by the sun's gravity. It was a sight that brought awe to him each time he did it.

His ten minutes were up, he turned to find one of his scientists had been waiting for his attention. Leader asked, "what is it, Dr. Landar?"

The scientist, apparently one Dr. Landar, produced an "Orre-Weltzain Union" Letter, post marked Septembre 23rd, 1885. Dr. Landar reports, "we just recieved this letter to be taken to the spot of the Lab where we terminated the Daemon Gamete. It had instructions to not be handled by Rocket Logistics. It had a date to be recieved that is fairly close to now. We simply created a puppet courier company just shortly after the Daemon Gamete termination, as at that point it had seemed exceedingly suspicious that such a letter would be delivered there."

Leader pulls out a remote and brings up the letter on holograph, a text to speech reader starts reading the letter, which sounded eerily like an older version of the Daemon Gamete, "Dearest Spectrum;

"I have appeared to have finally gotten to the old west in Orre, 1885. It is wonderful! Me, and my wonderful Gaebrille have arrived here just last week. Gaebrille has taken a job at the local saloon, serving the very popular Long Sinnoh Ice Tea--amongst other drinks that are not really typical to the area (mostly tea based). Thanks to to the help from his Arcanine, Raichu and Slowking have been very good at keeping an incident with the local Opium den from going to far.

"Anyways, business time. I hope you gain this letter--even though it breaks the time line for me to send this, as I do not recall you recieving this. Do _not_ go to Richtog Vale with Roy. When me and Gaebrille went there, we had issues with the psionic flows of the place. Also if you do not go, you will not need to deal with the danger faced upon leaving. Richtog Vale.

"Best of Wishes,

"Doctor MacKaelan"

Doctor Landar shakes his head--having a case of ebejeebies, "it scares me how much that voice sounds like the Daemon Gamete. However, it predates the Daemon Gamete's development for some time. Why the Daemon Gamete would have had to be five when it was release. Anyways we have analyzed Doctor MacKaelan's writing. It appears similar to that of Daemon's Notebook--only slightly more mature. Like a younger version of Doctor MacKaelan wrote it."

Leader eyes, light up, and he walks to the picture of Prof. Cherry on the wall, and presses a button on the decription panel, and the picture changed to that of Roymin, whose eyes lit up.


Roymin had been in his cell for a while. He did not mind--he got food regularly and plenty of time to play with the other Roymin in the mirror. Then an image of Leader appeared on the wall. Roymin thought, hooray! A new friend!, and his eyes lit up.

The image of Leader asked Roymin, "alright Roymin, do you recall if Roy has any relatives in the Orre region?"

Roymin was a little puzzled--he had not recalled ever being told about any relatives in the Orre region. The Mackaelans had always been in the Cyren, Kanto, Johto and Eigoland regions. Roy's mother had kept intense records of their geneology--no mention at all of Orre. Roymin just shook his head for a no. Leader nodded and then instructed, "Alright, you will be visiting Richtog Vale along with Veroh--we suspect Daebi's next agent may be leaving Richtog Vale. You are to intercept Spectrum and Roy once there. It will work to get your sister back to us."

Roymin's ears perked up--he had not seen Daebi yet. He had assumed Daebi was still in her vat--like he just saw yesterday. However he was going to meet Daebi. He started to dance around in joy.


Leader pressed another button on the panel--the picture of Prof. Cherry returned in the place of Roymin, and turns to Doctor Landar, and instructions, "start looking through the legel records of the Orre Region--Roy appears tied to Daebi somehow. Also look into this Spectrum--Daebi mentioned her to 'Team Temperal' in front of Perfection. She may also be tied to Daebi--which will be figured out once the Rockets, Veroh and Roymin are dispatched to ambush Spectrum and Roy."

Doctor Landar, "which reminds me, Public Relations wants something new on Team Temperal."

Leader paused with thought--his finger pursed to his lips. Finally answered, "Blame the levelling of that Rocket Lab onto the Daemon Gamete on them. Though, it is more than a little interesting that the public latched onto Daebi's name of them, 'her favourite temporal anamolies', and called them that instead of Franc Fiends."

The End

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