Hounds: Aspect of Compassion

Eternal Berg, BSTF, October 9th, 2009


"Here we go, Miss Lavender. The Conduit is just through this door." Giovanni pushed open the door to the main chamber. Lavender had found the Lystra Centre's corridors to be a snaking puzzle, and as such was glad to finally be in a simple, open-plan room. It was strangely muted - dull, gray-purple walls (which characterised the facility) in a large space, with a young girl sitting on a pillow in the centre. It clearly had an effect on the conduit, who she surmised to be the girl. She also surmised something else.

"It's a pity she doesn't speak through her own mouth." Lavender said, adjusting her glasses. Her cold facade slipped every-so-often, and she felt even more exposed in the room with a psychic. Reinforcement was necessary.

"How long have you known?" Giovanni said, frowning.

"Since your accent changed." Lavender reached into her bag and removed from it a small photograph.

"Is that of you and the beast?" The conduit spoke softly through Giovanni. Lavender had noticed that the girl herself had not moved an inch. It seemed as though the room was more designed to contain her than it was to provide an example of simple feng shui. Somehow, it's design kept her power at bay, and even the slightest movement would be devestating.

Or so she surmised. 

"Yes. I don't suppose you can actually look at it, can you?"

"I can see it through the vessel."

"Ah, conduits and vessels." She handed the photo to Giovanni, who studied it carefully. "All a bit cliche, isn't it?"

"What can I say? When you're one-of-a-kind, you need to feel blaise at times." Giovanni handed back the photograph and laughed.

"Hm, that sounds a little disparaging. Can I take it as assumed that you don't want to find it so you can have a happy-fun playtime?"

"The beast is a threat to the planet. I seek to silence it."

"I assume you know it's stock." Lavender began pacing the room. It was slow, at first, deliberate.

"Yes. A sad story. A failed experiment."

"I wouldn't say it was that badly failed."

"Oh, it was." The conduit growled through Giovanni, and Lavender smiled.

"Strike a nerve, did I?"

"I was the one who cleaned up after it. First, I wiped the mind of the scientists who created it."

Lavender continued her pacing, slowly speeding up. She was circling the conduit.

"Then you instilled new memories in some former employees just this year."

"A contingency plan."

"You know you can't destroy it. But why there?"

"We can artifically create a barrier, thanks to our research. The beast will be locked in stasis until someone tames it."

"And was that research a necessary sacrifice?"

"What?" The conduit was unsure. Lavender knew that mind-reading was within her powers, and knew that her surprise was more at the correct conclusion Lavender had just reached. "I see you're not as slow as some would believe."

"I would ask you to kindly stay away from my Self-Image, or else I will tamper with yours." Lavender's pacing had brought her over to the Conduit. "Should I do it?"

"If it makes you feel validated." It spoke derisively through Giovanni. Lavender tapped the Conduit's body with her knee, and it slumped to the floor.

"I'm sorry for your loss. How did it happen?" 

"It just did." The voice growled. "My power grew beyond the body, and then suddenly I found myself in the aether, and my body no longer in use."

"And you can only use living things to communicate?" Lavender began to look at Giovanni, curiously.

"It's easier. Their mechanisms only need triggering. In anything deceased or inanimate, one must expend effort on creating sound."

"Fair enough." Lavender began replacing the Conduit in it's previous position, out of respect. "It must be hard to preserve your own body. That's a burden to far." She removed a small book from her bag, within which was contained a pressed flower. She removed it and placed it in the Conduits hands. "There we go. Something to brighten it up."

"Thank you," The Conduit spoke softly. "I appreciate it."

"It comes with a deal, though." Lavender stood up and waved the photo in front of Giovanni. "You let me find Mewtwo. He's my aspect, and I'll be damned if I'll let you cage him up without letting me find out why he's escaped."

"You truly believe he is capable of more than rage?"

"He's my aspect. Mewvender, if you will. And I know one thing - Aspects develop out of a controlling emotion. If I've ever had one, it's never been rage."

"What, then?" Lavender knew the Conduit was toying with her, but didn't care.

"Compassion." She regained her composure once more and headed for the door. The Conduit removed it's control from Giovanni, who, after a moment of stunned glancing, quickly followed her.

The End

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