Hounds: The Mental Blackhole


September 28, 2009


Roy looking a little solemn... thinking about Daemon not being there. For some reason, he was missing her at this exact moment. He usually bottled up these feelings, but this was getting a little much. Ego appears, "Finally... you are letting it out. I mean, I recognise how bottling it up, would make you out crazy Fugitsu, Daemon, Spectrum and Daebi--however I am not certain I would enjoy that form of crazy. It just would not be funny."

Id is sitting there eating noodles feeling bummed, "well... people just would not care about that. So that is why--"

Fujitsu, who had been walking on his hands around, tumbles infront of Roy, and asks, "what is up? You look down--" Fujitsu glomps Roy.

Id picks up, "wait--this is not something I am use to..."

Roy opened up a little to Fujitsu, "well--when I met Daemon, as strange as it was, life seemed better--certainly more interesting. My life seemed.. well... more alive.."

Ego looks at him, hands planting on his hips, "and yet, you refuse to out crazy her!"

Roy responds directly to Ego, "well, then she may go away--I mean, if I top her.. she may leave."

Fujitsu shakes his head, and grabs Roy by his shoulders, "look, we could just ask Hari over there to find Daemon--I mean you heard what happened to the people that control that ability from being in regular use."

Hari looked up from his cards, "wait... what? Sorry--I have been trying to locate Daemon for a while. However, I have my own reasons for that--it also involves you Roy as well. Anyways I lost her 'signature' a little while ago.

Ego simply comments a bit, "You know, Daemon _could_ have a form of Psychic Static up--I mean, that only makes sense for her."

Hari shakes his head and looks down at his cards, "no, looking for Psychic Static will not work either... that is merely an element of her signature anyways. What is even worse where I last lost her was near a psionic... well.. I guess the best way to say it is 'mental blackhole'"

Ego nods and solemnly says, "like the current generic leader of the Orre Region."

Id looks over at Ego, "Now, you are just being contrary--before you were just about ready to make a pop culture reference at the drop of a hat--that was kind of lame."

"After that onslaught we had with Daebi, I think it is time to just slowly stop doing that."

Roy shakes his head for a moment--trying to get his thoughts straight and asks Hari, "do you think we could head there anyways--at least show respect to Daemon"

Hari looks over, "y-y-you want to g-g-go there? Well, I w-w-will work on fu-figuring out how to make it safe for you, R-royal."

The End

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