Hounds: Your Kids Daemon Gamete! YOUR KIDS!

Septembre 20th, 2009


Rocket Logistics Rubble

Spectrum was floating, chatting on a form of MUD. She was role playing as a Buneary on this MUD.

Grassy Fields

You are standing in a middle of an open field.

Items - Berry

Users - Spectrum, George, DESTROYER_OF_WORLDS

NPCs - Flower

George: and that is why Capsule Solutions are working on what we need.

Spectrum: Not buying it.

DESTROYER_OF_WORLDS: Wait Spectrum... you are a buneary? I like bunnies.

Spectrum: Wait? Are you a Mysteron? Not a fan of Mysterons.


Spectrum: Well yeah, we may need to get Captain Scarlet in here.

Then a large Temporal Boom--and Daebi appears, wearing some manner of visor and lab coat. Spectrum looks back at her MUD.

George: Did you check out the latest astrology reports? They have discovered a new 

Asteroid. Its labelled MKE -- 19850812. They are trying to chart its odd path.

Spectrum: er... got to go.


(Spectrum has logged out (ROAR OF TIME!))

Daebi starts to look around frantically, pulls out some sort of Thermos like device labelled, "Dr. Cold Fusion" and starts going through a nearby garbage can tossing in various garbage into the "Dr. Cold Fusion" Thermos commenting on how decent the garbage is. Daebi then turns to Spectrum, "Krystal! You have to come back with me!"

Spectrum looks around frantically, "back where Daebi? WHERE? I mean, I was just doing fine here. Trying to figure out how to get to civilisation."

Daebi looks at Spectrum and calls it, "You were playing a MUD." Daebi then looks around, "But it does not matter. Your kids! Something must be done about your kids!"

Spectrum looking around confused, "but I am a hybrid--there is no way I can reproduce."

Daebi just shakes her head, "You'll clone yourself, splice it with Roy's DNA and bring it to term... well... bring it to term the fifth time you try."

Spectrum winces at the pain that would likely cause.

"Don't worry about it, it gets tested thoroughly on a few Rattata first. Anyways, you must come with me."

Daebi grabs Spectrum and flies up into air, creating another temporal boom, but leaving leafs behind instead of fire.

Five Minutes Later

Another temporal boom is heard, and explosion of leaves appear and Spectrum goes flying out. Spectrum gets up, and dusts herself off. She had spend two years and two months time travelling. She was now biologically 18, even though chronologically she would likely be assumed to be just under 16.

Spectrum looks around and states, "well, then, any time I need to have any filler, I could just blog about my travels in time."

The End

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