Hounds: The Time Chamber

September 16, 2009


The scientist known as "Leader" storms out of the lab where they were testing the new equipment, grabs a random rocket grunt in the hallway, strangling him screaming, "that arrogant bitch! She is toying with us!"

He tosses a very dizzy grunt aside, who was trying to figure out what was going on.


It is another office. This one was owned by Leader. It seems to Leader that he would always have an office. The building in Terrut, which was largely uninhabited, had an office for him. He had an office in the Power Plant. He had an office in the building that was levelled on the previous version of Krystal Spectrum. He was almost certain, he could detonate each and every one of the buildings he had offices in all over Cyren and Towen, and within weeks he'd have a new office.

It would serve no purpose to go around detonating all of there buildings, it would solve nothing.

Leader looked through his office. It was rather dark and dimly lit. There was a small amount of furniture. There was a single picture on the wall. It had a plaque below it, and light above it. It was light of Leader's favourite Pokemon Prof, Prof. Cherry. It was painted with oil paints, and had a fair amount of texture to it. Leader had a fair amount of these pictures. Usually of a different one of the great classic Pokemon Profs. Well, at least in Leader's own opinion. An Opinion that Leader thought was fairly well defined.

Prof. Cherry was a well aged man. While he did look very old, he managed to look very handsome and distinguished. Really added character to him. He dressed exceedingly well. It was a rather well done gentleman's scientist look. Wore a rather nice looking fedora. No feather in the fedora, as that would be ridiculous. He wore a rather ornate lab jacket. Prof. Cherry had a goatee--a rather well maintained one that seemed to have been waxed to curl upwards a bit. He wore bulky gloves. The lab jacket was done up in this painting of Prof Cherry, but Leader imagined that he likely wore a rather nice silk puffy shirt underneath. Again, not shown in the picture, Prof. Cherry was likely wearing combat pants, and a paratrooper boots. Prof. Cherry, was of course posing, with his head to the left tilted somewhat up, as if in reverence. His left hand, was in a fist, and against his chest.

Leader suspected that Prof. Cherry had a grand daughter somewhere. He suspected that she would be a teenager at this point. Perhaps she would make a decent Pokemon Professor as her grand father. It was after all in her genetic material. Leader wondered if he should try to track her down. She may be useful for fixing the future.

Leader had a few physics toys on his desk. No more than five. Generally they were always different. He had lost those steel balls that clack against each other in a previous lab destruction. He really wasn't too concerned with the physics toys, but he'd go out of his way to replace them, should the number dip below five. It was nearly an obsession. It didn't matter what the five were, he just had to have five.

Leader wasn't sitting. No chance for sitting for him. He was standing looking out the window. There was a good chance somebody could see him. It was of no concern. We was too busy looking out at the industrial scenery outside.

A scientist enters Leader's office, salutes and reports, "We have set up the equipment in the one page of Daemon's Notebook we've translated."

Leader turns around to great the scientist, "Good Johnson, have they worked any further on translating the rest of the pages?"

Johnson answers, "it is a rather peculiar notebook. It appears to be written in Sanskrit, and then there is a changing cypher to it. One that seems to change, evolve as we go from page to page. We've managed to resequence the pages in the what we think may be the correct order to decipher them decently. It seems their order for proper decipher were not the same as the order they were presented in."

Leader answers, "take me to the machine."

The Time Chamber Lab

The Lab, was fairly pristine. It had an overly plastic like feeling. There was a clear plastic tube in the middle of the room, from floor to ceiling. There was a part in the middle raised. Around the centre were several rows of several consoles. Some were managed by scientists of either gender, some were fairly intelligent Pokemon of various types. They were generally wearing stuff for the purpose of augmented reality.

The walls seemed to contain some blue lightly bubbly liquid in them. It wasn't water. There were various tubes with liquid going from console to console as well as to the centre plastic tube. The tubes rather straight with their sides exposed, but tops covered. They appeared to be part of the floor or ceiling.

Leader and Johnson walk in. Johnson heads to the side of the door, and Leader heads to a single console in front of the clear glass tube. Apparently Johnson did not actually have a console himself. Leader puts on some of the augment reality gear, and converses with the rest. "So when was this originally suppose to be released?"

A short blue haired female scientist replies, "the Time Chamber was slotted as a Johto release. It is denoted as being a relative release. That is it is suppose to be released a few years after the Poke Gear is rather common place. Daemon's Notebook slates it as to be leaked to somebody named "The Miokane", should it not begin work on time. We were able to make a rather crude construction of this. We are hoping with proper development it could very well be made compact well before then."

Leader doesn't even look over and answers, "find and track this "Moikane"--he may be one of the next in the line of people Daebi uses for her purposes. Anyways, setting this up."

The room goes dark, with the blue liquid glowing. Blue electricity crackles along the tubes of fluid. Another scientist pipes up, "we haven't figured out how to properly target this thing. We could pull anything from anywhere in time."

Somebody replies to this, "make certain to have the Cyrendex up to identify anything that comes. We may need to put it into storage in the odd instance it is something really messed up."

"Let us pray we don't get a Missingno by mistake."

Leader grins and answers, "energise."

The blue lightning gets even more intense, going from the blue walls all the way the tubes, in some cases arching from tube to tube, sometimes not even taking the most direct path to the center of the room. The blue lightning was most intense in the center of the room. A large column of energy, mixed green and blue, rose and filled the middle column. What could be considered a Temporal Boom could be heard.

The blue lightning disappears, and lights go back on. Fire lights up on the various blue tubes. Rocket safety crews come in and start working to put out the fires.

Leader asks, "status report."

"Equipment inoperable. It will take months to go through and repair this stuff."

"Most likely would be quicker just to rebuild"

"Will set up another faculty to be built"

Leader shakes his head, "no, it would be cheaper to run some decent forensics on what happened here. Try to figure out how not to have this occur again."

Leader steps away from his console and towards the console. He still has his Augmented Reality gear on, the display lights up, "the Pokemon's name is Vegita. It would appear to be a Nuzleaf. It's original trainer's name is.... Daebi!?!"

Leader storms very angrily out of the room.

The End

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