Hounds: Pecking Order


Longsword. Septembre 23th, 2009


Ego thought for a moment before looking at Conscience. "We need to assemble a team of five teens with attitude if we're gonna handle this situation right."

"I just said that."

"Oh, well, I'm taking credit for it, then."

"You're all going to die," laughed a slow, Jamaican-like voice from Id's direction.

"Very possible, Id."

Conscience glanced over toward the origin of the threat to see Popo's face fade away from Id, "Ego...did you see that?"

"See what?"


"Who's that?"

Conscience placed her hands on her hips in frustration. "Roy's Slowpoke, you retard."

"It's 'Waffles'. I refuse to acknowledge the name, 'Popo'," spat Ego. "And, furthermore, I didn't see anything."

"Will you two shut up?" grumbled Roy.

"Agreed," nodded Id.

"Hey, now--it's not my fault she's insane," Ego shrugged.

Conscience watched as Roy walked ahead with Id and Ego on his shoulders. Ego, noticing her absence, turned around and stuck out his tongue in an attempt to mock her.

However, Conscience only saw Ego's face be replaced with Popo's.

"Hahaha...you gonna get raped..."

The others only heard a deafening scream of terror.

The End

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