Hounds: Time to Conquer EARTH!


September 9th, 2009


A hand pulled aside some debris, a scantily clad female figure in psionic body armour climbs out of the top of the pile of debris. Like the debris, she has a large amount of Rocket Logistics logos on her psionic body armor. Her two crescent scars on her belly are present--one has a small amount of blood coming out of it. She is covered in dirt, and her platinum blonde hair somewhat messy.

She floats in mid air, and brushes some of the dirt off of her. She looks at the opened wound on her belly. Then looks around, and laughs like a maniac, and yells, "After ten thousand years I AM FREE! Time to conquer EARTH!"

Back at Miasma

Roy was standing watching the exchange when Conscience appeared. Conscience quickly yells, "People, Spectrum has escaped! Assemble a team of five teens with attitude!"

Ego looks over at Conscience, "Hey! It is my job to blatantly break the fourth wall and announce random events that we would have no other chance of possibly knowing!"

Id just eats his noodle, "Yeah and each time you do, we always answer the same, that we don't care Joe stubbed his toe in the Soil Region."

Ego answers a matter of fact, "It is very important that we know the time and occurrence of random toe stubbing. Joe of the Soil Region just happens to do it a lot more than other peo--and he just did it again... you'd think he'd know better by now."

Id simply gets his face replaced with Waffles the Slowpoke, "Hiiiiiii....."

Hari looks over at the events occurring in Roy's head. Hari asks while stuttering, "yyyyou... rrrreally should-d g-get tthat-t slowpoke-e ex-or-orcised."

Back at the Rocket Logistics Debris

The figure, now identified as Spectrum looks around, then at her wrist--as though there were to be a watch there. Which there wasn't. She answers, "nope--it hasn't actually been ten thousand years--it has only been a couple weeks. Protocol dictates that I am only able conquer Finland. But first I need to figure out this Psionic Body Armour."

Spectrum pulls out the Pokeball labelled Styx. Out comes a rather confused but active Staryu that mumbles a large sentence that before it could be understood, even by another Staryu would need to be compared to various Newfie, Welsh and Cockney dialects. The Staryu had pretty much said that it was feeling good to be out of the Pokeball.

Spectrum replies--also in a Newfie, Welsh and Cockney mix to the Staryu, "<Hey, I need to help figure out what my armour is capable of--as of yet, I have determined that it is in fact, not an amour--which is good, and has helped me out so far. Though I still have no where to store various plates and dishes>"

The battle starts, and Spectrum starts humming the Pokemon generation 2 battle theme.

Spectrum notes, "Spectrum's Styx is going to attack. Spectrum sends out--HERSELF. GO HERSELF!"

Spectrum looks at her list of moves, "What will HERSELF do? Styx does Psychic!"

Sure enough Styx did Psychic, but instead of pulling Spectrum into an even further depth of insanity, it seemed that Spectrum's armour seemed to have absorbed the psionic energy.

Spectrum yells, "Styx Psychic activates HERSELF's hold item Paradox Delivered Mewtwo Armour. Psychic does not appear to have done any damage. HERSELF's SP Att Rises. HERSELF's SP Def Rises. HERSELF does Confusion--HERSELF's hold item Paradox Delivered Mewtwo Armour activates. HERSELF's SP Att rises. HERSELF's SP Def Rise. Confusion does not appear to have done any damage."

Spectrum stops humming the Pokemon Generation 2 battle theme, and calls back Styx. "Ah, so this is how it teaches me how to use Psionic energy--by making it next to impossible to shape the power, without being pulling into the armour--recharging the armour's power further. This also allows me to recharge the batteries on this thing. Now completely disregarding the fact this thing has an invisor HUD that I could use"

Spectrum pulls out her P*DA, and starts blogging about this. Somehow, even the P*DA has noted that she is now Krystal "Spectrum" Spectrum instead of Krystal "Daemon" Spectrum.

The End

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