Hounds: Colours Search Trace

Eternal Berg, Septembre 8th, 2009


"Well, if it isn't an old friend..." Sepia's voice echoed through the forest around them. Wehc instantly turned and smiled at him. 

"You guys know each other?" Roy blurted out hastily. 

"Can't remember." Sepia said, as he leaped off the window ledge. He's jumped onto it, squatting, to get a better view. His feet landed with a thud on the mess of leaves beneath him. 

"Those were different times." Wehc said, sniggering.

"Yeah. Dunno why, but something at the back of my mind says it was important, Rab."

"Rab?" Roy asked, surprised.

"An old name," Wehc said nonchalantly, "I used it when I was undercover. Rab Ekidnolk."

"Is Wehc your real name?" Roy asked, forgetting about the battle.

"Maybe." Wehc grinned as Sepia approached, taking his hand and shaking it strongly. 

"It's good to see you, that much I know." Sepia began to grin also. "So, whatcha got for us?"

"I've got what you probably already know. Richtog Vale is going off the charts with Psychic activity." Wehc pulled out some papers from inside his jacket, handing them to Sepia. "Fortunately, it means I could pull a Search-Trace from an old friend without anyone noticing."

"Search-Trace?" Roy muttered, somewhat confused.

"It's a trick performed by psychic p-p-p-pokemon." Hari approached the group, somewhat nervous. "They c-c-c-can locate people through their powers. Trouble is, it uses alot of Psychic energy - Which m-m-m-means it's easy to tell if someone's done it. The Lystra Centre at Richtog Vale has a branch for monitoring and enforcing a l-l-law against it. It's an invasion of privacy, after all."

"Oh." Roy looked at his feet, feeling silly that he didn't know it.

"So you found me?" Sepia asked bluntly.

"No, I found the one that wiped out Terrut." He said, calmly. 

"What?!" Vermil shouted, before rushing out to the group. "You say you found Saffy?" 

"Is that her name? Well, yes. I think I've found 'Saffy'. Trouble is, searching for her seems to bring up a number of other, admittedly minor, signals also."


"So three of them were here." Wehc said, grinning once more. 

"Three... huh... That's wierd."

"Four were out at Richtog Vale, one at Attara, one at Rabata, one at Fel City and the last one - Saffy, I think - was just south of Getan City. I figured I'd come here first, since it's on the way to Richtog Vale."

"Fair enough." Sepia said, stroking his chin. "Ten people in total, huh..." He began tracing a circle, muttering to himself about the possible meaning.

"Well, now that's out of the way, I think we should press on - if you want to find this 'Saffy', then come with me. I'm heading to Getan City via the Pentag Path. It should be easy enough."

"Pfft. That's guaranteed to fail, then." Vermil said, before laughing and heading to the city's exit, ignoring Sepia's cries that he needed a few moments to prepare.

The End

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