Hounds: Enter the Scribe


RockXIII, August 30th, 2009


Roy, still somewhat grumpy from using his only working pokeball on a Slowpoke, mutters, "And here we go again..."

Ego simply looks at Roy and says, "We're not going to fight, again, Little Miss Sunshine. Now stop acting so grumpy so we can forumlate a plan to use Waffles to out-crazy Fujistu."

"C'mon, Ego," Id yawned, "Stop bothering the guy about out-crazing everybody for once. It's starting to get annoying, much like you."

Ego's head snapped to where Id was. He pulled up one sleeve, revealing a somewhat scrawny arm which he tried to flx, and said, "Oh yeah? Then this next second will-"

"STOP OR I WILL EAT YOU RAWRARAWRARAWR!!" Roy bellowed, not at all in favor for another scene-changing battle.

The Freudiant Trio stared at him for a couple of moments, surprised at his sudden outburst. It was Ego who broke the ice, saying, "A good improvement, a good improvement... But next time, do some exaggerated movements and foam at the mou..."

Ego suddenly looked skyward, up a rediculously tall tree, his eyes resting on something. The other two also looke at the spot that he was spying on. Then the three of them, all in union, stated, "We are being watched."

"What!? We're being watched!? By who!?" Roy blurted out, turning in every direction to see any other human that did not belong.

The answer popped out in front of him in the form of an Aipom, latching onto his head; Roy immediately freaked out, attempting at his best to remove the pokemon from his face. He couldn't pull it off, no matter how hard he tried, so instead, he ran head-first into the side of the old building that he was previously in. The Aipom swifly jumped away from Roy's head and landed next to him, laughing as Roy crashed into the wall.

Roy turned around and found the Aipom cracking up. He then turned to face Duke and Spark. "Why didn't you guys help me!?" he cried.

"<Because it was entertaining,>" they both replied in poketalk.

A man's voice started chuckling, and it's owner jumped out from some of the middle branches, onto the lower ones, then landed on the ground. "Thanks for that, Aipom. I needed that."

The Aipom returned to his master. The man was middle-aged, short, a bit chubby, had a light beard with a double-chin and wore a detective's outfit. He expertly blew a perfect smoke ring from his cigar, which was nearing it's end right by his mouth, and took out a yellow notepad and jotted something down onto it. Roy recognized him immediately.

"You're Wehc Notslerahc, the top reporter for The Cyren Weekly." he stated, staring.

Wehc grinned and took his cigar out of his mouth, flicking it to the ground before stamping on it with his foot. "Y'know a good reporter when you see one, don't 'cha?"

For a second, Roy seemed a bit honored that he was in this great reporter's presence; then the realization dawned on him. He's going to report our whereabouts in the newspaper! he thought frantically, a battle-ready look creeping on his face.

Wehc notice this and frowned. "Look, kid, I don't wanna get into any trouble, so calm down, and don't say anything." He turned to leave.

"I'm not letting leave without a fight and a promise! Duke! Spark!" he added, calling forth his pokemon.

Wehc slowly turned to Roy, a slightly angry expression on it, and said, "I'll do what I want, when I want, boy."

Roy didn't budge an inch. Wehc shook his head.

"Fine, then," he said, producing a Great Ball from his pocket. "Have it your way."

He threw the ball up into the air. It opened up and its read beam fired at the ground, a sheep shape formed. The red beam dissapated, and sparkled away from the shape, revealing a Mareep, ready to fight.

"Choose which pokemon you want to fight."

The End

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