Hounds: Your Hope for the Future

August 27th, 2009


Leaves were blowing in and around the area. A floating harlequin figure was watching the madness. She whispers to herself, "Tom... you've been replaced."

It was unfortunate the situation she had to "save" Roy from as a child. However, that wasteland of a future was far too trite, dull and boring. She was able to time travel, but she really had no desire to attract Diagla's attention as she did so.

The leafy harlequin's hair blew as Ego set off a nuke, Conscience had tried to mow him down with school bus, to which Ego fired a rocket launcher at it. Conscience threw a Kamehameha at Ego, after jumping from the exploding bus. Id was mostly watching the two duke it out, eating his noodles. Until Ego snapped his fingers and the bowl of Ramen came alive and started attacking Conscience.

Daebi was wondering why nobody noticed that in the background Lemon Demon's "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" was playing.

Daebi sighed a breath of relief. She had done well. The future had hope.

The End

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