Hounds: Zombie Duke

Longsword, August 27th, 2009


Duke awoke to find Spark asleep atop his head. He felt like he had been hit by a sedan. Of course, now that he thought about it, he was about as big as a sedan, now.

"<Spark, wake up.>"

"<No, no...I...don't want to eat...the tea-flavored...snacks...>" Spark mumbled.

"<What are you rambling about?>"

"<No...not Duke, too...how could you...make him a...tea zombie...>"

Duke, now slightly annoyed, stood up and began to shake his head violently in an attempt to throw the Pichu off with no avail.

"<You...can't win, Zombie Duke. I have the power...of the...Anti-Britishnese...Feeeeeeaaaaaaa...aaaaaaaarrrrr me...>"


Without a second notion of thought, Duke charged outdoors into a field of tall grass surrounded by trees and various flowers. The scents of numerous Pokemon caught his attention. In fact, he had never sensed such a variety before in the wild.

"<Holy crap...it's like a trainer convention here.>"

"<Destroy...the braaaaain...>" Spark mumbled before biting Duke's left ear and causing him to yelp in pain.


Several of the wild Pokemon turned their attention to Duke, who was currently growling at the sleeping Pichu. Upon noticing the numerous glares, he became extremely anxious.

"<Oh...hi, guys.>"

A Ratatta from the wild group stepped forward, turned toward its companions and began shouting.

"<The crusade has begun! Let all who stand before us be washed in our divine light!"

"<For the horde!>"


The End

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