Hounds: Rocket Logistics Medicine


RockXIII, August 27th, 2009


While Roy was freaking out over the fight between the three mental figures, Fujitsu took no notice whatsoever: he was too busy bending over a shiny lab table, peering into a high-tech, silver microscope, looking at devious-looking chemicals and bacteria. He jotted something down on a piece of paper after a couple of seconds, then turned to a second microscope, which was identical to the other one beside it, and placed a couple drops from a Super Potion in it.

"C'mon guys, stop fighting!" yelled Roy, watching the three now brawling in a gruesom slap-fight. Fujitsu took no notice.

Fujitsu then stood up straight and strode over to a second table, of which had tiny tubes of powder in them, muttering, "Now to see whether this medicine is highly dangerous as the other Rocket ones..."

Roy now had had it with the Mental Trio's fighting and was trying his best to break them up, which was difficult, because they had changed the scene again to a futuristic warzone, complete with Terminators, Transformers, and the aliens from "Mars Attacks!" Explosives were popping up everwhere, save where Roy and Fujitsu were: only at Ego, Conscience, and Id where the explosives were aimed.

When Roy finally grabbed a hold on Ego, they suddenly became aware of Fujitsu, who yelled, "Holy cripes! The powder fizzing up! Every man for herself!!!"

They all turned to face Fujitsu, who was standing in an open laboratory, completely unchanged despite the now-changing surroundings; the room had returned to a Pokemon Center, save Fujitsu's workspace.

Roy released his grasp on Ego and walked on over to Fujitsu, asking, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Fujitsu responded, "Running for my life and well away from that Rocket Logistics medicine." He then pranced over to the now-fizzing powder and gently wafted the steam it was emitting, finally decided that it was to be settled over a period of time, as it didn't smell like normal poisonous material did, and went back to studying the previous samples that lay underneath the microscope, Roy following suit.

The End

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