Hounds: Harlequin Heroine


August 20th, 2009


Roy was laying on what appeared to be a bed.This place had been explained to Roy, so Roy knew it could have really been anything. Ego appeared, rubbing his head, "look, kid, I am sorry what I did. As your trainer side I cannot handle pokemon being handled like that. It just isn't funny, and to see Daemon, somebody I am quite literally crazy about being handled that way... well, in this case, Daebi--well, they say, 'if one person doesn't laugh, he didn't get the joke. If only one person is laughing, then he also didn't get the joke', and P was the only person laughing."

Leaves start blowing--the area Roy is in turns in a small forest near where Roy grew up. It was currently autumn. A small boy is running, trying to get as far away as he can. He is being chased. What he is being chased by is rather hard to make out. It seems really large. It seems to breathe fire. Its eyes are slitted and glowing red. It has no tail so to speak, and it has large fangs dripping with purple goo.

The beast isn't running--it is is walking most of the time. Does a gallop every now and then to close the space in between him and the small boy. It gets to the point of being able to press its nose onto the little boys neck, and throws the little boy with his mouth. Making some nasty cuts on where ever the beast grabbed him to throw him. Each time the boy got up to Run, and the Beast just walked after him.

It was obvious that the beast did not even consider the boy a threat, and was intent on terrifying. The boy, before violently hurting him. The beast seemed to laugh each time this happened.

Ego starts cheering the beast on--somehow having gotten two pompoms for this. Ego is thwapped on the back of the head by an angry Conscience with a rather large ball peen hammer, "Ego, not the time--Roy is remembering one of his childhood memories."

Roy speaks up, "yes, I remember this one--it is where she saves me."

The autumn leaves start to whirl around, savagely cutting the imaginary beast, and female figure--almost clown like in nature tumbles into the scene. The female clown figure cannot really be seen well. Her hair is somehow very vine like, the female clown figure offers her hand to the boy, and everything starts to become swirly and distorted.

Roy starts up, "I woke up in my room. A doctor was commenting about how they had found me by the back door cut up badly. I was very feverish and delusional. Speaking of some harlequin heroine figure."

Ego answered, "we are mental aspects of you--we know."

Id shushes Ego, "Quiet, it is therapeutic."

Roy continues, "when I saw Daemon, I was scared, yet glad. Like the dream had started again. My childhood heroine had came back. I got the same feeling with Daemon I had with that floating harlequin figure all those years ago. Now I just want the dream to end again. I don't know, when I saw Daebi, I started to wonder if I am truly in control of my destiny."

Conscience cuddles up to Roy, "there there."

Ego answers, "the world is madness Roy, you are the last to have realised this. Fujitsu knows this--and tries to excel at this. Daemon does it naturally. Daemon's very nature subverts any sanity there is in the world. Roy, nobody truly is prepared for every occurrence out there. I mean, Daebi was surprised when P pulled out that .... that", Ego's faced contorts a little, " ... well... even Daebi gets surprised at times. Roy, do you think we are going to sit by, and let them out crazy us? Roy, you are likely the most sane one out there."

Ego looks back and forth, before smiling a wicked grin, "let's put a smile on our face."

The End

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