Hounds: Miasma

Eternal Berg, BSTF, August 3rd, 2009


"Fuschia, that young man has fainted. Please extract him from this chaos." The newcomer spoke calmly, almost derisively. An air of arrogance surrounded him, clearly, but Vermil couldn't quite place the reason why.

"Sure thing!" Said a small teenager, aged around 19. P recognised her instantly, and scoffed.

"It's always the Receptionist." 

"I guess the jig is up, huh?" She said, before grabbing hold of Roy. "I'm Fuschia... but we met when I was calling myself Maria." The Entei moved to intercept her, but it was quickly stopped by a small, blue bird. It pecked at Entei's nose, causing the beast to howl loudly. 

"A Splashow? Then, that means you're from Towen!" P said, as if a light went on in his mind. "I was wondering where someone as stupid as you could come from. Now I get it."

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" The newcomer asked, suddenly surprised. "I'm a little light on information at the moment."

"Oh... I see. It all makes sense now." P had his hand to his chin, and appeared to be thinking deeply. "That... 'bargain' the beast mentioned... It all makes sense now."

"What does?" The newcomer said, stepping forward. There was a new force to his voice, and Vermil couldn't help feeling a little overwhelmed. He was, for all intents and purposes, just as strange as his other companions - yet, there was something clearly different. He seemed so much more... heroic. 

"Hm? Oh, nothing. I imagine you'll figure it out in time. On that note, I should ask - before I crush you - something very important." P had one hand to his hip, and was holding the other in a fist. The newcomer smirked, starting a slow stride towards P. Entei immediately reacted, launching a flamethrower at him. The newcomer rolled, dodging the flames and striking a television in the process. The television fell, causing a small explosion behind him. The flames struck a the light rigging which, already damaged by Entei's earthquake, similarly fell. The man was forced into a position that involved him resting on one foot and one knee, with both arms half-stretched as if assuming a martial-arts pose. His face seemed to darken, his eyes taking on a powerfully glaring tone that left Vermil rather breathless. He smirked and began to rise, slowly, speaking as he did.

"I already know what you're going to ask... My name is Indigo Sepia, I'm 20 years old, from Bacch City in Towen and, most importantly, I'm the one that's going to get these people out of here." He smiled now, a half-smile, a smirk with a hint of glee. Vermil had the strangest feeling he knew what was coming next.

"Okay then, 'Sepia', what are you going to do about it?" P said, laughing. He turned to make a gesture towards the group, but he was quickly interrupted by a howl. He turned to find Sepia had punched Entei in it's hairy face, causing it to become enraged. It began to shake the building with another earthquake, and P could barely concentrate as Sepia, Fuschia and Sepia's Splashow began motioning everyone to the side window. Sepia kicked it out the window, already weakened by the Earthquakes, and the sudden vaccuum became noticeable.

"Everyone! There's a rope here! Slide down if you want to live!" He said, before grabbing a piece of cable, looping it around the rope stretched between the building and the forest, and twisting the cable around his hands. He quickly jumped out, using the cable to slide down. Fuschia did the same, and Splashow quickly ripped more cable from the walls. Everyone else followed suit, with Max carrying Roy in one hand. Vermil had to hand it to him - he was willing to take a risk. Polaris did the same with Hari, although Splashow was noticeably keeping the two afloat. P began to scream with rage as they escaped. He quickly grabbed his own piece of cable, using it in the same fashion to pursue them. As the last member of the group alighted the rope, out in the forest to the east of Attara, Sepia smirked and pulled out a knife from under one leg of his pinstripe pants. 

"I'm sorry, but this is where you get off!" He shouted, hurling the knife at the rope. It cut it cleanly, the rotating motion of the thrown blade having served to increase it's cutting power. P wailed as he fell into a tree, eventually crumpling at the foot of it. Vermil moved forward to help, but Sepia held him back. "He'll be fine. He's hurt, but he's got all of Rocket Solutions to patch him up. Come on, into the woods. There's a safe haven a few miles from here."


"And that's our story. It started with the amulet of Agrython. Then our friend Saffy went all odd, and before you know it, we're terrorists." Vermil was leaning against the wall, somewhat tired. He'd barely gotten any sleep since he'd left Terrut - their brief stay in Attara wasn't really much relief. 

"I see. It makes sense, somehow, that we'd meet." Sepia stood up, stretched his arms, and walked over to a window. He began gazing out of it, longing, as if there was something out there in the haze. "Well, this is the Broken City of Miasma. I've been crashing here ever since I lost my memory... I don't know what happened, but events are missing from my memory. Not names or faces or anything, just events. Miasma... It's a strange town..."

"It reads your mind," Fuschia butted in suddenly. She looked normal, by comparison. She was wearing black jeans and a blue t-shirt, her cropped black hair reaching just below her ears. He companion, Sepia, however, looked out of place, wearing a pinstripe black suit and black dress shoes. His tie fell from his suit as he leaned on the window ledge, the material collecting on the concrete windowsill. There was no glass, and Vermil wasn't sure if it was a window or just a hole to look out of. 

"That's right. Miasma reads your mind, and adapts as necessary. At the moment, it's blank... like my memory. The basics, but no filler. Just think real hard and you'll get what you need." Sepia said, without removing his gaze.

"Nurse!" Roy said suddenly, sitting upright from his unconscious position. He turned to Hari, who seemed oddly at peace, before shifting his gaze to Fuschia. "Who are you? Is this the pokemon centre?"

The room suddenly turned orange, the walls patterned with the colors of Cyren's pokemon centres. Fuschia began to laugh.

"I guess so. If you want it to be, this is the last pokemon centre you visited."

"What a relief," Roy said, before falling back to sleep.

"I'd better fill him in when he wakes up," Fujitsu said. "Who are you, anyway? You haven't said yet."

"I'm Fuschia. Better known as President Weiss' former assistant Maria." She said, moving a wisp of hair from her face as she spoke.

"What?!" Vermil exclaimed suddenly, "You work for Weiss?!"

"USED to." She said, curtly. "I was undercover, workin' for Silph. They always suspected he was working for Rocket."

"Heh," Polaris muttered, before making himself clearer, "We were traveling with another Silph agent."

"Who?" She asked, suddenly surprised.

"Cinnabar Arthys." Vermil replied.

"Never heard of him. Mind you, I haven't really been able to get in contact with HQ very often. It's not surprising." She yawned a little and walked over to Vermil.

"You seem like the leader of this merry band, so these are yours." Fuschia removed some pokeballs from her waist and handed them to Vermil. "There's one here for everyone - working pokeballs, that is."

"What?!" Fujitsu suddenly blurted out.

"Yeah. Genius boy over here managed to circumvent the problem... although, he doesn't know how."

"The burden of genius," Sepia retorted.

"One each. That's all I've got." She said, before motioning to the door. "Go out and get some fresh air, everyone. You look like you all need it."

The End

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