Hounds: Aspect Backfire


August 2nd, 2009


Back at the Altara Tv Station

The figure floats down--surrounded by a cloud of leaves that begin to fade. She starts walking, in an overly sexualised manner, with her left hand on her hip, and her right hand waving beside her. Her skin was very white, wearing what seemed to be a green leafy cat suit... with blue trim. Her hair was also a vine green. She had what appeared to be a clown smile, and black raccoon like circles around her eyes.

Id drops his chopsticks, "did Daemon fuse herself with a plant?"

Ego's jaw was to the ground, seeing the Daemon/Celebi fusion that appeared very clown like, "I dunno but I like the look."

She walks in front of the group, shifts her hip and asks, "so how is my favourite group of time anomalies doing?"

Daebi flies over to Roy, tackle glomping him, "especially you Roy--how about a date on Tuesday?"

Ego starts screaming into Roy's ear, "YES! Say yes! Do you know how many geeks and nerds would give up their spleens for such a moment?"

Id calmly eating his noodles simply comments, "But then he would lose his slack to the conspirators. You wouldn't want to see Roy being forced to work in the salt mines under Lake Eerie, would you?"

Ego replies, "Ah! But the beauty is, he wouldn't need to give up his slack!"

Roy mumbles out a "maybe.."

Daebi snaps her fingers and Daebi from Tuesday appears in a leaf storm that slowly fades away--we'll call them Daebi-Present and Daebi-Tuesday. Daebi-Present asks Daebi-Tuesday, "how is Tuesday for a date with the lovely Roy."

Daebi-Tuesday laughs, "Hohohohohohoho! You forgot Daebi-Present, I am headed to the NOTSPAIN region on Tuesday for vacation. They have a Quartz Tower that is to _die_ for. I won't be back until Thursday."

Daebi-Present snaps her fingers with a "Very well then" and Daebi-Thursday appears is a somewhat less intense leaf storm, which fades away a lot quicker. Daebi-Thursday looks excessively drained.

Polaris simply comments, "Such power... such insanity", and looks over at Hari, "If Hari were still awake, he'd be shocked at her complete disregard for continuity or time line."

Max and Eev simply study the three Daebis, trying to figure out any sure ground on them--to see what kind of threat she was.

Daebi-Thursday simply groans, "Daebies, NOTSPAIN was horrid". She lifts her right hand in the air in a very stressed manner, trying to think of ways to express her frustration, "Never vacation there. They speak insanity. I was constantly harassed by gangster Russian engineer mechanics from the Circus. They had this horrible idea to make the Sun bigger--or some such terrible nonsense. The Quartz tower was the worst of it--they wanted to try to grow trees in pure quartz". Daebi-Thursday then lets out a frustrated, "Ug!"

Daebi-Thursday then walks over to Roy, hugging him, with Daebi-Present shooting her a _very_ jealous look. Daebi-Thursday asks Roy, "how about my Tommorrow? I'd love it--it would help relax me. mmhmmm"

Conscience appears, with her arms folded under her breasts, looking very cross, "Roy, she is only fifteen."

Ego replies in a matter of fact mode, "Technically Celebi, which is what Daebi is likely based on, exists at all points in time at once, and can freely travel between them. In fact Roy just may get his first coug--"

Id covers Ego's mouth, "Quiet, this game already has a T for Teen ESRB rating--we don't need to get it an M or AO rating."

All three Daebies snap their fingers and the room fills up with a storm of leaves--they are in a horrid looking restaurant. The music was crappy. The food looked horrible. Daebi-Friday and Roy did not look like they were enjoying themselves, and based on their surroundings, they could not really be blamed. All the Daebies and Ego replies with an, "Weeeewwwwww!"

Roy-Friday, unaware of his visitors from the past asks Daebi-Friday, "Why did you say ew?"

Daebi-Friday answers, "Dunno.. for some reason a lot of me just seemed compel to say it."

The Daebi who was from the present looks at the group, turning only her head, flipping her hair a little. Daebi-Tuesday and Daebi-Thursday are playing tag and using paradoxes and time travel to horribly cheat. Daebi-wasPresent, "This is not the future that needs to happen. It can be changed--by the actions you take today, to change it."

Ego rubs his palms together, grinning like a complete fool, "Roy, let me talk to one of the Daebies, I've got a few historic improvements I want. First of all, I want to see cavemen in musket fights, in fancy muscle cars, down the streets of Rome. Also I'd like to see various incriminating scenes of world leaders. Also a good few random banana peel--"

Conscience looks over to Ego and says, "Kaio'ken LEVEL FIVE!" and flares up.

Ego gets very quiet.

Daebi-wasPresent snaps her fingersand Daebi-Saturday appears looking really zippy and happy and full of energy. Grinning like the maniac she no doubt it. Daebi-wasPresent asks Daebi-Saturday, "Daebi-Saturday, care to tell Roy-wasPresent what we may do if the day is correct."

Daebi-Saturday struts over to Roy-wasPresent and whispers a few things into his ear. After two Conscience gasps and whites out. Ego just keeps smiling more and more. It almost looks like he, of all people, was starting to hurt from smiling so much. Id drops his bowl of Ramon breaking it into many pieces, with his mouth agasp.

Polaris looks oddly at the broken bowl of Ramon that had appeared out of nowhere.

Ego pulls Roy-wasPresent by the collar, and starts shaking him, "you give her the best damn date you can--you hear!"

Id was merely stammering, "but but but... a desk... a toothbrush... IN AN OFFICE?!"

All the Daebies except Daebi-Friday, who looked rather bored, and Daebi-Saturday ask all at once, "Do we really do that?"

Daebi-Saturday smiles and laughs, "I'd never tell. Never in a million years."

The Daebi-Friday really bored says, "I know I wouldn't"

Roy-Friday asks, "wait, what?"

Daebi-Friday yawns, "oh, nuttin'"

Daebies wasPresent, Tuesday and Thursday snap their fingers, and Daebi-MillionYears appears, looking as young as ever, goes, "oh... I am here. I guess I should have known I'd do this, as I had already done it. No, I would not do those acts with Roy, or anybody, unless I married them. Especially that thing in the office, with a desk and my toothbrush."

Ego suddenly looks let down--like his heart had been ripped out of his chest and stomped on... in fact it was--there was a hole in his chest and little foot stamping on his ripped out heart.

Id, still shocked and mortified, "I don't care, this game still has an M rating now, just for all that."

Max, seeing now that Daebi was no threat--or atleast not directly to them has visibly calmed. Something seemed uneasy with him though, he had seen women act like this before. It was generally a very womanly way of being aggressive. Not a day goes by that Max doesn't thank Arceaus for his Y chromosome. Anyways, Eev, noticing Max relax slightly also relaxed.

Daebi-MillionYears pipes up, "Now that Spectrum will likely be insanely jealous, Daebi-wasPresent, your mission?"

Daebi-Tuesday starts to pout, "But I don't want to go to NOTSPAIN anymore, now that I know what will happen D:"

Daebi-Thursday replies, "Then don't--I'd really have no cared to have went. I think it made me more sane."

Instantly the restaurant fills up with many leaves, and next thing everybody knows, they are in a desolate wasteland. There was no life of any kind. Plant, Pokemon, or even moss or fungi seemed to be present. There were wrecked buildings everywhere. The sky is dark and stormy. It looked like something out of the matrix. Except Team Temporal: War of Origins doesn't suck nearly as much.

Fujitsu looks around, then falls to his knees and yells, "Those fools! THEY BLEW IT UP! THEY FINALLY BLEW IT UP!"

Max looks around and asks, "What... what... what happened?"

Polaris pulls out some paper and starts sketching everything he can.

Roy is shaking... "Is, is this the future?"

Daebi, no longer refered to as Daebi-wasPresent, as all the others are elsewhere, simply floats there with her hands on her hips. And answers, "Good ol' wasteland, sure is some kickass wasteland... damnit I am lonely ;.;"

Daebi pulls out a computer and brings up MySpace, "lets see... no new messages, no new friend requests--well at least I still have you Tom."

Ego facepalms and replies, "We were doing so good. Referencing El Goonish Shive, Planet of the Apes, Nukees and Lets Play Pokemon Quartz. Now we are back to Dragon Ball Z references."

Id having gotten some more Ramen and eating it, "I knew it was too good to last."

Daebi turns to the group, "There was a horribly disaster involving a large space rock, Arceaus and Deoxies. All life, human and pokemon was wiped out."

Daebi looks somewhat sad, and replies, "now look around you, and observe. This is all your fault."

Somehow a cloud of leaves appear and they are back in the news office. Daebi walks over to Vermil, and asks, "can I see your P*DA?"

Vermil, shocked and confuses pulls it out. Daebi puts some software on it, and hads it back to Vermil, "Give this software to Daemon, she'll be able to reverse engineer it so I can give it to you. It will help you with dealing with the various aspects you come across."

Daebi twirls around and answers, "Have fun with the Spectrum Aspect when you meet her--I'll give you a tip with handling her--she is a Ghost/Psychic type."

There suddenly is a loud, "Harumpt!"

Daebi doesn't even look, "Oh hai, P! You're here early~!"

P breathes out, and says, "Young Lady, you are a disgrace to aspects everywhere! Rocket Logistics built you to help save the world. Instead you fraternize with the cause of your problem."

Daebi turns around, arms folded under her breasts and says flatly, "When you could make it so that Ronald Reagan ruled Soviet Russia, as the greatest communist leader of all time, as easily as I could... well, you really cannot. So that is why I don't take orders from you."

Roy looks over to Fujitsu and asks Fujitsu, "Who is Ronald Reagan?"

Fujitsu answers a matter of fact, "Why he is none other than the king of all cabbages everywhere. He has gained the respect of the carrot patch, but has gained the scorn of the wild strawberries"

Ego looks around slowly, and facepalms. Pulls his fingers down his face, and looks over at Ego, "do you know exactly how easily we are being out crazied?"

P pulls out a pokeball, looks at Daebi and says, "Mi'lady, this will hurt you a lot. However, I assure you, it will not harm me in the slightest."

P calls the pokemon, which appears to be a rather strong Entai. P continues his explanation, "Daebi, you are Grass/Psychic type... this Entai could easily mow you down by staring at you."

P pulls out a small remote. Looked like a car remote, with three buttons.

Daebi looks at the remote, the P, followed by the remote and says, "you are not suppose to have that yet!"

P answers, "I do, and I have. I haven't tested it on an aspect though, not even Daemon. However it is standard procedure to use it on Pokemon. Teaches them proper discipline."

Daebi scowls and storms over to the side of the room, watching with and angry look on her clown like face. She was watching, as though, something was going to happen. Some important event. P pushes the button, and thousands of volts of typeless pain courses through her body before she collapses to the ground, "I will do everything I can to unmake you, P! Maybe you'd like the idea of wearing frilly pink dresses and having tea parties with a Pachirasu! I will make sure you were never born!"

P pushes the button again, "No. You won't."

Ego yells out, "Roy sends out Duke! Go Duke!"

Roy finds that he has thrown Duke's pokeball out, and a _very_ confused Duke has appeared. Ego yells out, "What will Duke do? I dunno, a very fine question I ask myself a lot. I KNOW! EXTREME SPEED!"

Roy found that he was saying Ego's every line, followed by Duke looking confused at Roy, as Duke knew something wasn't right in how he was acting. But does so anyways, and does a rather powerful Extreme Speed onto Entai, which barely phased it.

Ego says (without taking over Roy's mouth), "Entai does Earthquake! It is super effective! Crap! Duke has fainted! Double Crap!"

And sure enough, Entai does an Earthquake that cause dust and fragments to fall from the walls and ceiling, knocking Duke out.

Conscience wakes up, looks around confused, "Wait! Ego what the hell are you doing!"

Id looks at Conscience and helps Conscience grab Ego, telling Ego, "Taking complete control of Roy is uncalled for--you are taking a time out in the back of Roy's mind, until you can cool your heels!"

Ego simply snarls, "Let me at that bastard! He has no right to control pokemon that way--then putting that same stuff into Daemon and Daebi! I'll rip his spleen out through his nose!"

The Trio disappear to deal with Ego.

P looks around and laughs, "Anybody else want to play a hero, now? Max, you don't ever attack unless you are certain you have the higher ground. Fujitsu, do you think either your Pichu or your Hitmontop could touch a powerful Entei that knows Earthquake? What about you Polaris? Does that Smeagle know anything that could decently harm a Fire Type? Vermil? Heh Roy? Maybe I could just sent a few more shocks of typeless pain into Daebi to show you how usel--"

A Bowler Hat comes flying through the air, smacking P in the face. P turns to look at the new comer. A look of familiarity goes over P's face, as the new comer walks in.

The End

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