Hounds: Now--To Nuke Her From Orbit

August 2nd, 2009


Spectrum was starting to be able to move again--which was good, she was starting to run out of Shadow Balls--the maze was rather complex she didn't bother putting her hand on the left wall. That only worked when the walls were stationary. Now some of the Rockets had to have equipment malfunctions and need to navigate out, so she just needed to find a service station.

Hmm... that wall is rather odd. Spectrum puts her hand on it. It is a hologram. No wait... she grinned from ear to ear... she is a ghost type. This wall was not calibrated for them--she started floating through walls. However not all of them she noted not to go through the ones with black trim. Heh--they were pretty nasty... instead of electricity which a ghost may be able to stand, heck a Rotom would love, they had dark energy going through the walls. They were use to having dumb animals go through here--that would fall for these games.

When she gets to the exit, she hides, there are several Rockets posted on this exit. However, there would be multiple exists--leading to other useful places--this was just the way out. Spectrum floats back--and search the maze for a science lab. Spectrum had developed a few items that lowered the abilities of pokemon, but promoted growth--and taught better control. The Rockets had bought up most of her research on the matter over the years.

Spectrum found her mind started doing some manner of psionic scanning--the Rockets had entered the maze and were armed with fierce dark type pokemon. She only knew they were dark as she could detect they were there, and that was it. They want to flush her out... shoot.

Daemon got to a large door, marked, "Storage". She does a flying kick into the door yelling "SUPPLIES!"

Nobody here... a joke ruined. If there was staff in here, she'd have some element of surprise or confusion.

She open a cupboard, and thousand and thousands of candies, market in wrappers fell down--she ate one in a rush--wait... it was a Rare Candy. Shoot--this is no good... she would need to propperly EV train herself. Her IVs were very high. She knew--she was shiny. Or atleast... she felt shiny. That was good enough to know her IVs were very high.

Spectrum telekinetickaly picks up all the Rare Candies and has them fly fast in a cloud around herself. She needed to act fast-- and get out of here. Anything not moving is dead.

She opens a large steel closet... and oh wow--a large suit made by the concepts she designed--looked like something Daebi told her about Mewtwo wearing when Giovanni was training him. Well Mewtwo wouldn't miss it, she was sure. She suited it up... it seemed to fit her form--even digging into her skin... but there was no blood. The idea that is was fusing with her was her imagination. And Mewtwo ripped it off no problem. Spectrum was a clone of Miracle, the Poke Goddess of Time. Miracle was way more powerful then Mew. So Spectrum was more powerful by Mewtwo by default. She found another cabinet--score, it had her Pokemon: Kane, Lumpy and Styx. Her PDA was here as well--and a few other choice items... and what was her research book doing here? She looked around and scanned for Daebi. She looked at it--it had a few more pages added that she didn't write.

"I hate being crushed by large buildings collapsing in Stephen King style epic scenes. Note to self, cause paradox so that Carrie is never written.

Don't worry, your tracking device is destroyed when the building collapses, but the rest of the armour is easily repairable. It is sad though, you don't get an awesome cast. It would be fun to get sympathy from Roy, and have him be the first to sign it -- Daemon"

Hmm.. Spiderman Clone Saga had told her this meant it would soon be resolved, and she could go pack to being called Daemon again. Spectrum turns to the wall to her right--which it is torn down by massive trauma--and a series of Rockets with Dark Pokemon and Flame Throws come in. Orders flashed on Spectrums helmet, she appeared able to know exactly what information the Rockets would have.

"Aspect uncontrollable, very unpredictable, and loose. Cover loses, terminate entire building, and all assets inside"

The Dark pokemon come flying at her attack from all side, she starts to make the Rare Candy cloud around her bigger and faster making large welts on anything they hit--including her right arm, ow! The dark pokemon are now worried about not getting hit the rare candy.

Orders come onto her screen, "burn any and all incriminating evidence"

Daemon starts to go deeper into the building as they are all concentrated on the outside walls--her helmet can give her troop and Rocket Pokemon locations. Everywhere was on fire.

New orders flashed, "terminate all building supports"

Daemon was doomed... an entire building was going to cave in on her.

Green text appeared on her screen, in a different font, "You read far too many comics Spectrum--and you clearly should have chosen our ethics debate on something _other_ than the Spiderman Clone Saga. I thought I read comics in this time line "

Spectrum looks around and asks, "Miracle? You were the one who read the comics, I am an just a clone"

The Green text answers, "LOL, no silly, guess again"

Specteum thinks for a moment and laughs herself silly, "Daebi!"

"Got it on two!"

Spectrum screams, "Daebi, get me out of here, imagine the paradoxes you'd need to cause to revive me after I get crushed"

"Like the one you are wearing? oh, also Future Daemon wants to talk to you with this one."

New text appears--this one overly cursive, "yo past me!"

Spectrum, "don't I curse at me!"

"I'll curse all I want--though Daebi refuses to let me use Wing Dings ;.;. Anyways, the building is collapsing. I may want to use my ghost type abilities"

Spectrum phases out just as the rubble collapses all over her.

The End

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