Hounds: Storm The Station

Eternal Berg, BSTF, August 1st, 2009


"Everyone here?" Max said, leaning on a staff. The gang had assembled outside the Attara TV Buildings. Vermil had noticed their looming sign - "The Voice of Cyren". He had felt it chilling, a reminder of how much people listened to the news - not just listening, believing. Weiss had set out to destroy the gang, but he didn't know why. The Franc incident was excessive, and people had died in that explosion. They were driving towards something that he didn't want them to know... but the apocalyptic tone of some of his recent conversations suggested it was big. It had to be something to do with Saffy, he was sure of it...

Vermil caught Polaris' gaze, and he could tell Polaris understood his expression. There hadn't been anymore incidents like Terrut, but they'd all basically agreed that the sudden chanting in Richtog Vale had to be connected. Hari had stuttered-out the suggestion that they head straight there after clearing their names... provided they managed to.

"I'm sorry sir, you can't come in." A security guard tapped his baton on the wall beside him, a concrete strut that stuck out from the building in front of the door. Max glared at him, his gaze narrowing ferociously. The guard reached over to his radio, fitted neatly on his shoulder, and muttered a few words. The doors whirred and clunked, making a locking noise that caused Hari to gulp loudly. 

"Looks like the happy welcoming comittee is out of the question," Roy said, somewhat defeated. Max continued walking towards the door, forcing the guard to step towards him. The guard held the baton to Max's shoulder, as a gesture of control. Max moved his glance from the guard to the baton, and back again.

"You're tough, huh?" The guard said, poking the baton into his shoulder. Max grunted and took the shove. The entire gang stopped in their tracks.

"Oh n-n-n-no." Hari said, suddenly. "N-n-n-no d-d-don't!"

Max smirked. The guard poked him a few more times, speaking a collection of words with each shove. "What's he - on - about, then? - He think - You're Gonna - Hit me?"

Max smirked wider, before letting loose on the guard. An uppercut that would have made a Hitmonchan tremble struck the guard's jaw, physically lifting him from the ground and causing him to crumble on the floor. Vermil caught sight of a woman at the desk inside the doors scream as the blow landed. 

"Pokemon out, boys. We're doing this MY way." Max growled, calling out Eev and Aron. He walked up to the door, and Fujitsu turned to him. 

"What now, then?" Fujitsu said, before gasping as he saw Max bang his fist on the door. 

"LET US IN!" Max yelled, leaving the receptionist stunned. He repeated again, this time Vermil could see the woman mouthing the word "No." 

Max yelled louder this time, "I SAID, LET US IN!", the echo of his voice being matched only by the sound of shattering glass, the entire door giving way as Max's foot met it's centre.

Vermil heard the woman scream this time.


"Breaking news coming out of Rabata City. A Capsule Solutions Building was destroyed on the outskirts of the town, leaving many bewildered by the sudden occurance. Early reports suggest a strange individual leaving the scene, with some eye-witnesses claiming it to be a pokemon. Other sources suggest that a member of the Franc Fiends was involved in the attack. We're now going to cross to Bar-"

"Wait!" Fujitsu cried out, being the first to enter the room. He'd not had an easy time with security - none of them had. Max had hung back to make sure no one else bothered them, leaving the gang free to broadcast.

"What's going on here?" Gabby Newssom screamed, rising from her desk. Her face registered familiarity - the Franc Fiends had just burst into her studio.

"We're the - ones you call - 'The Franc Fiends'. We're not criminals, and we're - not terrorists." It was Hari who was speaking up, and Vermil was genuinely shocked. His stutter was gone, and he was eloquent... but something was wrong. It was... choppy. As though something was genuinely influencing him. "But we did - destroy Franc, and we'll - do it - again, if our - demands - are not - met." 

Hari fell to the ground, shaking. The cameras followed, not wanting to miss a scoop. Hari suddenly raised his head and screamed, as if in pain, "DAEBI!"

A laugh echoed through the room, and a figure began to materialise in the corner. 

"I'm so sorry, but that needed to be done... it was so funny, wasn't it? We got acquainted so very quickly." The figure was slowly fading into view, and Vermil noted it was clearly intentional. Someone was taking advantage of a situation that meant the lives of the group. It was someone clearly... mad.

The End

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