Hounds: Bonnie "Miracle" Growth

July 27th, 2009


Daemon had inspected her prison uniform--it was surprisingly full of sophisticated equipment. However none of it was useful. It was a passive tracker. Meaning if she wore the clothes they'd know exactly where she was on faculty at all times. She then looks at the Shutchers on her belly. Now how am I suppose to go to the lovely beaches in Towen. I don't have anything in my research book about crescent scars--they will be horrible to look at. I'll be turning sixteen in two months... it is not like I want to look like I have had had more ceasarians that... shoot... note to self, talk to Daebi about a paradox to have somebody with a lot of c sections, for use in this comparison.

Daemon knew there were no trackers in her... somehow she was an aspect. Clearly this meant she was a clone. (((OOC: She is clearly not a clone--she only _thinks_ she is one))) This was nothing new... after some research she learned that Daebi was technically her clone... her original's clone. She'd just have to get use to being a clone. The question would be--would she somehow die mysteriously, and have the original get charged with her murder. She really only had the Spiderman Clone Saga to go on, on the ethics of the whole matter.

The incisions were made in a manner she didn't recognise--she wasn't familiar with Rocket Logistic's procedure, and she never saw fit to write anything down about it in her research book, Damn... this means.. well my original likely doesn't have it. Considering it had stuff that Daebi had told her not to publish--as it would ruin plans too much. She agreed... well her original agreed... some of the stuff was too drastic to release right away. Hmm... this was going to get confusing.

Consulting the tomes of her memory, which contained the Spiderman Clone Saga, it was likely that her original had taken on a new name, assuming she was the clone. She'll need to convince her that... well, what name would she assume if she thought she was a clone. She knew she had an unfair advantage--she was a clone. So thinking she was a clone would be a no brainer. Bonnie "Miracle" Growth... no... Bonnie was good... Miracle was a good nick name for a her original if she thought she was a clone. But a last name. Lets go with Williams. Yes that is good... if she thought she was a clone, and she is, but if she wasn't, she'd prolly call herself, Bonnie "Miracle" Williams.

Hmm.. now following more of the information of Spiderman in her brain, the Rockets would likely be after her--she also couldn't put her face in public any more as Daemon. Nay... she is now Spectrum. Now for a new costume... she consulted with what she was currently wearing as that would need to be changed... she is still naked. Hmm... her will power isn't quite working today to will up clothes out of nowhere. She'll have to consult Miracle or Daebi on this new costume matter.

There was movement. Some speakers boomed, "prepare for cell transport" followed by some chaotic noise and flashing lights. Shoot they were trying to make her panic... she just floated there. Why were they trying to make her panic? Of course! At which point the mirror quickly rose and a crew with StopAll dousers coated her with StopAll. She just floated still. Panic and struggle made the StopAll work faster. A medic team rushed in to give Spectrum her tranq.

The first medic looks at the second one, "no good--both her hips still have injection marks--a hip injection would damage the specimen. Have we confirmed her type and power lever? Keeping in mind the company policy of mentioning a DBZ reference."

One guard answers, "dishonourable discharge, following by being fed live to a ravenous forest of Carnevine."

Spectrum wondered if that was even native to the Cyren region.

A rather technological looking soldier answers, "Ghost/Psychic type, and the StopAll is not letting me get a clear reading. It appears too high for an aspect doused with that much StopAll."

Spectrum thinks to herself, because you haven't had it calibrated for a calm speciment you fools

The second medic nods at the first one, "it is safe to use the breast bone needle"

Spectrum realised the time to act was now, and spat into the medic who was about to use the needle's face. The other medic yelled at most of the guard, "get him to the lab--she may know toxic for all we know. She is not even suppose to be an aspect right yet. Daebi shouldn't be ready for three month--so we have no idea what is going on here with this Daemon having aspect abilities."

All right they had left two guards and one medic. They had assumed she used her last strength to spit at them--wait Toxic? Spectrum check her moves list at the bottom of the screen. Nope--still only Confusion and Shadow Ball. She let the scientist get close before doing confusion on the two guards and medic.

As a clone Spectrum she still had levitate, so she starts to use Shadow Balls to propel herself through the maze.

The End

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