Hounds: Krystal the Psychic

July 24th, 2009


Daemon didn't bother pacing her cell. She had inspected her sutchers. While she was being treated surprisingly rough the sutchers were surprisingly tight and well done.

She looked at the thin shadow of a guard on the other side of the two way mirror. She started thinking about how much she truly despised him--how horrible he was. He screamed so loudly Daemon could hear him, and fell over grabbing his head--wait... she looks down on the screen to see her list of able to select moves. Apparently she had Shadow Ball and Confusion--and two spots with ???. She'll have to note this if she plans on escaping.

She mutters, "not very suiting moves for Daegla, the Poke Goddess of Time. I must be at a very low level. Anyways, where the hell is Daebi--she has normally helped me out in these situations. >.>. I'll have to get out of here myself ^.^"

(((OOC: Yes, she _is_ using emoticons in her day to day speech ^.^)))


Outside Daemon's cell the one Guard had just got up. The other looked at him, and asked, "what happened?"

The first guard gets up rubbing his head, "these aspects just keep getting worse--I don't even recognise the pokemon a lot of times. Anyways, radio for another guard and Psionic helmets. I am going to the infirmary to make sure I am okay."

The second guard looks at the first, looks at the still nude Daemon, then back at the first guard, "alright--she had just stopped pelting the glass with Shadow Balls. She is saving something--something big. I'll radio for your replacement, and a mobility crew to move her to a Psionic holding cell. 'She' will also need to be fitted with psionic training devices. Heh--maybe we can control and train her for some pretty wicked battles."

The first guard exits the room, to head through the maze, and looks back to say, "I think you need to lay off the Heavy Steel Type magazines for a while. Your fantasies of naked battle chicks are starting to get the better of you."

The second guard shakes his fist, "Scantily clad battle chicks!"

The first guard rolls his eyes, shakes his head, and heads to the infirmary.

The End

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