Hounds: Plot Device

Kurugi, July 24, 2009


"... Vermil."

Vermil turned back to face Max, who tossed him one of the shorter staves. He looked at the weapon in his hands, unsure of both where Max had acquired it and what the gangster expected him to do with it.

"How's the weight?" Max grunted. Vermil rose and lowered his arms a few times, testing how difficult the staff made the task. Finally he looked back at Max and shrugged.

"I don't know. Feels ok, I guess. Where did you get these?"

"Don't worry about it." Max walked past Vermil, heading for the hotel. Vermil was still confused.

"Well, what am I supposed to do with this? I've never used one of the--" Vermil was cut off by a staff coming out from under Max's arm and up to his neck in one fluid motion. The thug stared him right in his eyes and held the staff in place for several moments. 

"I'll show you." He spoke in a low, almost annoyed voice. Then he turned back and continued heading off to their room, leaving Vermil virtually paralyzed in shock for a long time. When he came to, however, Vermil almost had to laugh.

"Well, it was faster than explaining it, I guess."


Ronnie had dragged the unconscious bounty hunter back to his little shop and into the back room. It had taken half an hour, at least, and the old man's back was not happy about all the stooping he'd had to do. With a final pull he lifted the young man into the chair, and then went to the nearby freezer to grab some ice for his back. 

It was while he was distracted with this that the bounty hunter came to. He was still a bit groggy, but shock and fear were pulling him out of that very quickly. He looked over his shoulder, saw the old man was busy, and bolted for the door. Ronnie heard the chair crash and the front door swing open, with the little bell jingling as if to say 'good job, moron'.

Holding a pack of ice to his back, Ronnie stumbled out of the shop with his revolver out and ready. The bounty hunter had already made it to the tree line, but Ronnie didn't even need that long to aim. With professional skill and steadiness, he lined up the shot and fired in just a few seconds. The young man fell in the woods, and Ronnie hurried off to grab him again.

"I am too old for this." He mumbled as he came up to the bounty hunter's body. On the ground where he had fallen, there was nothing but a small patch of blood-soaked grass. Ronnie sighed and headed back to his shop, muttering curses to himself the whole way. 

When he got back he went behind the counter, practically falling down to the hatch in the floor. He lifted it, revealing his cache of guns once more, and smiled.

"I'm gonna need the truck for all this. The boss is gonna need a hand this time."

The End

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