Hounds: Aspect Base and Aspect Trainer

Eternal Berg, BSTF, July 24th, 2009


"Miss Lavender, I presume." A man stepped forward, approaching the boat with some caution. "I'm surprised you made it. The Beach of the Beast is notoriously dangerous to moor at."

"These things take a woman's touch," She said, adjusting her top. A button had unfastened on the top of her Pantsuit, and she found herself more interested in fixing it than in conversing with her greeter.

"I'm so honored that you would consider sponsoring our Pokemart. Titan Corp. is well known for it's..." The man was cut off. Lavender put her hand to his lips. He was stunned by her intimacy. Although the gesture was clearly meant to silence him, he was shocked she would go so far.

"I want you to know that I know you're lying." She removed her hand and adjusted her glasses. "I know who you are, Viridian. I know why you're here."

"You're Titan Corp, I guess." Viridian bent over and wiped some dust from his pants. "I guess we should get to it then?"

"I'm here to tame the Beast. I want you to know that." Lavender began walking towards Getan. It would be a long trek to Richtog Vale. She was hesitant, but both she and Stoenn knew that action had to be taken. "If Rocket Logistics interferes with the containment of the creature, I will bring down the full weight of Titan Corp."

Viridan was following behind, at a distance, still hearing everything. He laughed and scratched his head, although the gesture was unnoticed. "And what if we decide we want the creature-"

"Back?" She said, finally stopping. "Viridian Giovanni, Age 20. Mother Deceased, Father in coma. Began working for Rocket Logistics aged 15 as a courier. Admitted into the higher eschelons of the company upon the blunt-trauma based murder of a Machoke - not an easy feat. Horrible, but certainly awe-inspiring." She turned and faced him. "I do not trust you. I do not respect you. Most importantly, I know you plan to double cross me. I just want you to know that I intend very much to do the same... but only if you do." Lavender held out her hand, to shake Viridian's. "Deal?"

Viridian Giovanni shook her hand, smiling wickedly.


"You, there!" A man said calmly to Vermil as he walked down Attara's main street. "Have a flyer." He handed Vermil a strange flyer, advertising goodness knows what. It was gaudy, so Vermil accepted it graciously and then proceeded to toss it in the first bin he found. He was at the bottom of the main street now, almost at the city's edge. He could see the entrance to the Pentag Path - it was supposedly a ring-road around a mountain, originally with 5 exits like a pentagon. One, leading to a beach, had caved in, leaving just four exits now. The name stuck, though. 

Vermil smiled. The wonders of Documentary Channels. 

He noticed Max out of one eye. He seemed darker, somehow. Moodier. He was something Vermil couldn't quite figure out. He should be the hero of all this. Somehow, he just wasn't living up to it. Maybe it's just not in his nature, Vermil thought, before proceeding to walk back to the hotel. He still hadn't started on Daemon's new outfit.


Daemon had given up her Shadowball rampage, focusing now on what other things could be found in the room. There was a small poster by the door, as if describing some form of procedure.

  1. Protective Clothing must be worn.
  2. Wipe all surfaces with StopAll.
  3. Entry.
  4. Allow settlement time.
  5. Left and Right incisions.
  6. Adjustment.Repair.
  7. Removal.
  8. Begin RR Cycle.

Daemon felt her side. She had seen in the mirror a cut on either side of her stomach. They'd treated her like every other beast they brought into the room.

Perhaps that's why she suddenly found her new powers?

The End

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