Hounds: Daemon Embryogenesis

July 24th, 2009


Daemon was locked in her cell--her lovely Playtrainer Lopunny outfit was removed from her--surgically. It was strange, they were extremely throrough in searching her. Extremely thorough. She was lying on the bed--a prison uniform had recently been transported into the room, similar to the item transport system. There was a camera in the north east corner of the room. The bastards are watching me.... She started to blush and covered herself as best she could.

The blanket she had were plastic--and not a plastic that could be used in any decent manner. In fact the room was incredibly sterile--and plastic. She hadn't gotten a meal yet, so she had no idea if she could use something from that. There was no sink. No drawers. The bed she was on was just a raise in the ground. There was a toilet--which she had already inspected. It seemed to flush every now and then--however it was inconsistant. Daemon was certain it had to be activated by the people watching from the camera. The toilet was extremely uncomfortable however, it was somewhat functional. However--there was nothing she could use to escape.

The camera was a large dome. There was signs of various pokemon attacking it. However Daemon didn't inspect it much further--from the marks up in, there was no way to destroy it or use it for parts. What really scared her, was there were straps on her bed. The straps were of all sorts of configuration. Why am I in a cage designed for insanely powerful pokemon?

There was a large mirror that covered the southern wall. They had injected her with something before taking her down what seemed like a maze from what she saw before passing out. She didn't know how she got in, but she knew that the mirror wall probably slides out. She had tried slamming at it a few times--didn't do much of anything. Somehow she formed a Shadow Ball--she wasn't entirely sure how though, and shot that at the wall. She was starting to wonder if she really was the Poke Goddess of Time.

Why did her ass hurt so much? They injected something into her right hip. That was probably what made her pass out as they took her through the maze to this cell. However there were signs of a needle on her left hip as well.

Daemon had also inspected the mirror wall. She was almost certain that it was a two way mirror. Those things were always horrible. She could almost make out two well equipped Rockets standing outside. It was hard to see through--mostly only shadows and outlines.

They, of course, had taken her PDA, her pokeballs and many of her other items. Including the notebook she kept all her research in. It was in code--however they would not take too long to figure it out. She would be surprised if they hadn't already been using a psychic pokemon to lift it from her mind. Though the only ones that could be trained to read human frequencies have been Drowzee and Hypno.

She sighed, and continued to try to pelt away at the mirror wall with her shadow balls. Maybe if she did it right she could take out a guard on the other side.


Samuel stormed into the office P was using at the faculties that Daemon was in. Samuel looked very cross, "Look, that girl is going to turn sixteen in two months--we should treat her with more respect."

P turns around in his chair, "that girl has an IQ higher than several Psychic pokemon. I am surprised that she isn't so far gone that she is insane enough to be locked into several institutes. If we give her an inch. She would probably make a nuclear reactor out of a couple of coconuts. I'd be surprised if she didn't make a device out of a piece of shoe lace, some gum and a paper clip. Our goal is to get her to work for us."

Oak looks at him, and points. Lowers his hand, turns his head, not wanting to look at P "alright--you've been the expert so far. I don't agree with it though."


In the same faculty that Daemon was being held there was a lab with some rather heavy biochemistry machinery and some tubes containing some Drowzees.

A scientist walks up to what appears to be the leader, "sir, I've done the reports on Miss Spectrum's DNA sample we pulled in the needle."

The leader turns and inquires, "and?"

The scientist flips through the report, "this DNA will help us wonderfully with Miss Spectrum's Aspect and the countless others we are planning. Her DNA is... beautiful."

The leader frowns, "what?"

"Well, the Kanto Incident she was in a few years ago. It seems to have caused a cloneless aspect fusion. She appears to have some Ghastly DNA in her system--nothing major, and traces of Ralts DNA."

The leader turns to the tubes with the Drowzee and scowls, "that is why the Drowzee are having issues decoding her book of researches code. Put in a request to headquarters to get some powerful Hypnos in here. It is important that Miss Spectrum's research is decoded."

The scientist turns to walk out the door, and hits a switch, causing the door to slide open. The scientist moves to walk out. The leader coughs, with the scientist answering, "what is it sir?"

The Leader raises a finger thoughtfully and turns around, before saying, "recover what you can on the paper Miss Spectrum was working on before the Kanto Incident--and analyze her DNA some more. Our previous Aspects were crude. Far from perfect. Miss Spectrum might not need to be mentally convinced to work for us. Perhaps her history and biology can do that job."

The scientist nods, and leaves.

The End

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