Hounds: Trippin' Deadly Candeh!!

RockXIII, July 24th, 2009


Fujitsu walked into the pokecentre, beaming with a proud look in his eyes, with Hitmontop and Pichu trailing behind, too, with the same expression on their face. Fujitsu passed a small metal object to Hitmontop, who looked at it with pride and in turn gave it to Pichu, who thought of the other two's accomplishment and how he was able to stand up to an Onix as long as he did. It was the Fissure Badge, a badge that resembled crumbled earth, that he won after defeating the gym leader Larry in a landslide victory, thanks to his newly evolved Hitmontop. Pichu passed it up to Hitmontop, he passed it on to Fujitsu, and Fujitsu put it in his back 

pocket, along with the two other badges he won from the previous gyms.

Fujitsu didn't even know where he was going until he tripped over Spark and banged his chin on Duke, the both of them jumping in surprise; Spark ran away and Duke Jumped to the side, leaving Fujitsu to crash to the ground. Hitmontop, however, spun in his top-like fashion right under him as Duke left him and caught him.

"I'm loving your new form more every second," said Fujitsu, getting back on his own supporting feet.

Roy, who was distracted by Conscience showing off her new Kaio'ken form, had barely noticed Fujitsu coming by him. "Oh, hey, Fujitsu. How did the battle go?"

In response, Fujitsu took his Fissure badge out and pulled Hitmontop to his side, forming the peace sign as if he were posing for a picture; surely enough, a tourist decided to take Fujitsu's picture as a memento of his trip. Fujitsu then started freaking out and made sure that the man deleted the picture and forced him out of the Pokemon Center.

Fujitsu sighed, "Damn... looks like the pokecentre isn't as safe as I thought, after all..." He grabbed a chair at a nearby table, sat down, and set his trunk on top of the table, taking out the supplies he had taken from the power plant.

What marvelous items they were, as well. He was able to fit some Calciums, HPups, a Thunder Stone, two Full-Restores, a Hyper Potion, even a case of StopAll, for just in case. There were also some even rarer supplies amongst the ones that Fujitsu took that even HE didn't know what it was. Fujitsu figured that they were probably new and being tested with, while there were some that he only read about and was surprised to see them at the plant.

"Hey, candy. What's the flavor?" asked Roy, picking up a piece of candy the size of a small jawbreaker in a brightly colored wrapper. He started unwrapping it when Fujitsu snatched it from out of his hands.

"This, my insane friend," said Fujitsu. "Its a rather strange piece of candy commonly referred to as Rare Candy. These candies are never sold in stores, but are very valuable because they have the power to boost the overall level of pokemon, and you can almost never find them unless you search hard enough."

Roy paused, licking his lips, then asked. "Is it tea-flavored?"

"Nobody knows. The last human to ever try one started foaming at the mouth and had trippin' hallucinations before dieing," replied Fujitsu, clenching the candy tighter than ever.

Roy thought for a moment. He looked first at Duke and Spark, then at the Mental Trio, who were currently duking it out in another slap-fight. Duke and Spark, the source of his insanity. He thought for another second before replying, "I think I'll be willing to risk it."

"No!!" yelled Fujitsu. "My trippin' deadly candeh!!"

"No, you should gives it to him!" he answered himself, his voice morphing a bit.

He snarled, "Never! My precious!"

"But if you give it to the crazy boy, the crazy boy will stops askings you..." he grunted, his voice now sounding exactly like Gollum's from Lord of the Rings.

"No!" he cried.


Fujitsu finally had it with himself and started chewing on his hand, arm, legs and feet. He even punched himself in the gut, the face, and kicked himself in the butt. He rolled on the ground, fighting himself, trying to keep a hold on the Rare Candy, and trying to throw it at Roy. It took five minutes, but Fujitsu finally threw it at Roy, who was now having second thoughts.

He looked at the candy, then stared at Fujitsu, who was now fighting a new battle to get over to Roy. The candy, Fujitsu. "...Meh, it's not worth it." He threw it back in the trunk.

He looked at Fujitsu's Pichu. "Do you think you can give him a shock?" he asked.

Pichu nodded, scurried over and used a powerful Thundershock on Fujitsu, causing him to freak out and yell out a number of Gollum's lines before fainting.

Conscience whined, "Awww... Why didn't you let me test my Kaio'ken form on him?"

"Because we think it's more fun watching you suffer," replied Ego.

The End

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